Russia sends world’s largest submarine, with 200 nukes, to Syria

RFS Dmitry Donskoy TK-208 Russian Submarine Ship 1


Editor’s Note…

Looks like Putin has just raised the stakes in the global game of chicken he’s playing with NATO, especially in light of the latest attempts by certain NATO leaders to use the artificial EU migration crisis as a pretext to intervene militarily in Syria. Things are beginning to remind of the previous major crisis in 2013 following the chemical false flag which nearly triggered a major conflict between the super powers.


Debka File

The world’s largest submarine, the Dmitri Donskoy (TK-208), Nato-coded Typhoon, has set sail for the Mediterranean and is destined for the Syrian coast, debkafile reports exclusively from its military and intelligence sources. Aboard the sub are 20 Bulava (NATO-code SS-N-30) intercontinental ballistic missiles with an estimated up to 200 nuclear warheads. Each missile, with a reported range of 10,000km, carries 6-10 MIRV nuclear warheads.

The Russian sub set sail from its North Sea base on Sept. 4, escorted by two anti-sub warfare ships. Their arrival at destination in 10 days time will top up the new Russian military deployment in Syria.

President Vladimir Putin’s introduction of a nuclear force opposite Syrian shores builds up what first looked like an operation to fortify Assad’s regime in Damascus into a military expedition capable of an air and sea confrontation with US forces in the Middle East.

US Secretary of State John Kerry suggested as much Saturday, Sept. 5, when he expressed concern over reports of Russia’s “increasing military build-up in Syria” in a phone call to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The State Department reported: “The Secretary made clear that if such reports were accurate, these actions could further escalate the conflict, lead to greater loss of innocent life, increase refugee flows and risk confrontation with the anti-ISIL coalition operation in Syria.”

Kerry was referring to potential Russian interference with US-led coalition air strikes against the Islamic State in Syria.

debkafile’s sources in Washington and Moscow report that the dispatch of a nuclear sub to Syrian waters is taken as a strong message that the Kremlin will not let the US impede its military intervention in the Syrian conflict and will go to extreme lengths to keep the way open for the flow of Russian troops to the war-torn country.

This situation has gone a long way beyond Obama administration intentions when US-Russian talks were initially held for US forces posted in Turkey and Iraq, together with the Russian troops arriving in Syria, to launch a combined effort against the Islamic State. Those talks came to naught.

In its coming issue out Friday, Sept. 11, DEBKA Weekly 678 will reveal for the first time how Putin intends to array the Russian forces he is consigning to Syria, their operational planning, their military coordination with Iran and, above all, how the new Russian intervention in Syria may impact US Middle East policy and Israel.

  • Ser Korz

    Russia successfully launches Bulava

    “MOSCOW. (Nikita Petrov for RIA Novosti) – On September 18, the heavy Akula-class Project 941 nuclear submarine cruiser Dmitry Donskoi (NATO’s reporting name Typhoon), side number TK-208, launched an intercontinental ballistic missile, RSM-56 Bulava-M (NATO code SS-NX-30).

    The launch took place from a submerged position in the White Sea and, as a naval spokesman said, “the warhead arrived at the test site Kura in Kamchatka as scheduled.” “Although telemetric data is still being processed, it can be said that the launch and flight proceeded without a hitch,” and the missile successfully hit its intended target, he added.


  • 2star

    One Russian submarine vs a fleet of American war ships

    Result = Russian won.

  • joegillette

    if putting gets out of hand believe it they will wish they never heard of the u,s,a,
    that big sub will go fast

  • Pankaj_Kumar

    good news, the deserts will be deserted for ever

  • golden_thunder

    Volodya Putin is a real hysterical megalomaniac who is pushing humankind to a final war where none will survive, including his own ass and his nation. He is a much higher danger than Adolf Hitler ever was, especially when he is an absolute dictator in Russia with no checks and balances in their system, that worships Tsars and is accustomed to personality cult as a society. The butcher of Chechnya [to win his 2000 elections] is now committing open war crimes and mass murder in support of a 45-year Stalinist looting dictatorship in Syria of an 8% fascist Nusayri minority and its head, fascist mass murderer Bashar al-Assad who has turned over Syria to Iranian and Russian colonialism just to be in power longer.

  • Frank Schiffel

    Fat lot of good a Typhoon will do. Most were sent to the breakers. Russia is broke. Its life expectancy is dropping, and the Muslims are breeding like rabbits.

  • Govindan

    USA,s interest is only to sell their weapons so that their economy will be stable. But Russia has done a marvelous job by supporting Bashar al-Assad. In my opinion Shias are far better Muslims than Sunnis. So far my knowledge goes, Iran has not gone and attacked any neighboring countries. Recently I read a report that Iran was taken a decision to develop nuclear weapons to defeat Saddam Hussein. So my suggestion is that Russia should take the help of Iran to attack ISIS (IS) to eliminate them.

  • Fredsta

    “I got nukes, and I know how to use them!” Vlad the Inhaler, puffing his saggy little tits up, cuz he wants to run with the big dogs, Bilderberger wannabe that he is. Lies lies lies, that is his modus, because he ain’t got the do re mi!

    First make your backwater country productive, then join the civilized world. Fuquetard!

  • Samir Kumar Chakrabarty

    Good. It is the reaction of US’s subversive action, giving Turkey the position of Russian jet and then supporting Turkey for downing the jet.

  • renics nikoros

    The article presents a completely false allegations aimed as a provocation. This submarine is classified as a strategic bomber with nuclear missiles aboard, and goals as well as combat missions in the Mediterranean can not be. This ocean ship used to deter nuclear war against one who wants her to unleash.

  • Darrin Konkin

    I don’t think NATO has any jurisdiction over Russia. The whole NATO pact only applies to countries that have signed on. Syria is not part of NATO, nor is Russia. NATO can only retaliate if one of it’s countries gets attacked. For NATO to make false threats like that is foolish. Let Putin nuke those fuckers and put an end to this bullshit.

  • Chris Bennett

    Friggen nukem em! That’s the only thing those blood thirsty mooooslimes understand and that’s power! And if they want to act up then threaten to take out the mecca during Ramadan!

  • joe

    I for one am glad that russia has the balls to get things done when it comes to groups like isis. I just wish our country would wake up and throw Obama out of office before he does more damage. America needs a leader like Putin. Hell I’d vote for him

  • bobscompound

    I think that the New World order that Bush Sr spoke of is going to under go a fundamentalists change where truth and lies will be exposed. So far we know America is sponsoring terrorism on a large scale across the world. Who runs America. It’s not the Congress or our president like our founding fathers wished, no our government is for sale now, we have been taken over by big business and big business like war because wars makes money.

  • Laura Green

    A very good news. Go, go Russia .

  • Christian Knight

    Since the end of WWII how many wars have the U.S been invovled in.. and you’ll see who are the warmongers…

  • Christian Knight

    The Russians are being attacked for attacking ISIS training camps and taken out munition factories and the oil ISIS are selling to Turkey and Saudi all of this,, then American fighters attack an hospital in Afghanistan and nothing been said double standards,,, The West and it’s Elite are the warmongers not Russia,, Putin is standing up to they’re NWO lets wait and see if the Elite have the bottle to start WWIII… Ezekiel 38 n 39..

  • Jose Bose

    our world is in a perpetual de facto state of war, and most of these comments read like one sided bigotry and antagonism. I understand that you have a point of view, but wouldn’t if be more productive to present a cogent point of DE-escalation than blind name calling and race baiting. This is a world of 6 billion people, how does this ridiculous arrogance help anyone? Few if any of us are rich enough to escape a full scale global conflagration. Can anyone present an argument that is thoughtful enough to plainly say, “stop the damn bullshit.” This is a Bunch of dick measuring contests, for no reason at all. If it happens, then good, I don’t want to live in a world full of assholes.

  • Vic Christian

    This is a Russian ballistic missile submarine. It is capable of sitting on the bottom of the ocean just about anywhere on earth and have its missiles nuke up to 200 targets/cities anywhere in the world. It would be useless sitting in a Syrian port. If it is in fact going to Syria, it is only symbolic.

  • Myocho Kan

    Although I hate war and violence, but when unavoidable and mankind is at the brink of pre-extinction, the only cure is similarly but much more deadly consequences. Of course this is only applicable when all diplomatic alternatives are exhausted. Like the Chinese saying goes, ‘To cure poison is to use poison.’ And the world should credit Putin for taking a bold and affirmative step to flatten terrorism at a cost that will be similarly be the sacrifices brought by terrorism itself in long term. There is no such thing as zero-casualty of war. And since ‘A prolonged war will have the weapons blunt and hopes dampened,’ an affirmative conclusion to the war terrorism brought must come.

  • DavidHamiltonOne

    US and Saudi ‘proxy forces’ in Syria and Iraq. They are paying mercenaries to get rid of Assad, causing mass migration to Europe. We have been told previously that the ‘war’ could go on for years and that Europe could expect many more refugees.

  • DaHitman

    Russia like the west wouldn’t give the position of a Nuclear Sub away

  • All John Taxi

    theres no where to hide no where to run when a nuke goes of in moscow putin will be gone soo will half the world this guy is worse then hitler becouse he is capable of killing way more life on this planet

  • Alex Lim

    If Russia goes there to destroy ISIS, that can only help the US led coalition. So what is the US worried about?

    • Milton D Beattie

      The problem is USA (At least Obama) doesn’t have a mission to destroy ISIS.

      You don’t destroy what you built!

  • Thomas Zampelis

    USA is falling apart you don’t even buy the cars you make very soon everything will be bought by japanese and chinese companies the USA is becoming the next Greece it’s just a matter of time while Russian,Chinese, and Indian leaders care for their nations The only thing US leaders care about is new world order that’s what is destory the US investing in an idea which is a flop so sad

    • Chris

      yes US Under Obama and the Communist agitators..but Russia and Islam will one day make an alliance against 100% Proven to be so …because the Prophet of Israel names all Israel’s last day Enemies..God will Destroy Islam and the Northern Alliance Russia when they Attack Israel.Ezekiel 38& 39 …read and Fear the GOD OF ISRAEL THEN TURN TO THE LORD

      • Elizabeth Bodea

        Its true Chris, but before that, God will take his Bride Home. Not too much time left..

      • renics nikoros

        Already I frightened and I was terrified.

  • RickG

    Ironic that former communists (wink) are showing the progressives what is true evil and how to fight it…Obama is too busy wrecking America to be really concerned with Syria, unless he can use it as a distraction while he causes more chaos stateside….say what you will about Putin, at least he loves his country, unlike the faux president douche bag we have

  • presskeptic

    Can Kerry be any more ignorant of what is really going on? He has just explained the strategy the Russian’s are pursuing, to the Russians, as though the Russians are unaware how their actions are going to effect the current crisis in the region. Obviously he is a complete fool, in a position of incredible responsibility, demonstrating his greatest weakness to the world – intelligence.

    • Milton D Beattie

      That USA still has these infiltraitors and clowns ruling is an indictment on US CITIZENS IQ for NOT removing them BY FORCE!!! (as they are entitled to do)

  • Benny Chen

    Decades ago we called Sovyet as a Godless nation. Now we call America as a Godless nation. While Putin defend and embrace Judeo Christianity value and become closer to orthodox, the obama regime keep trying to erase Judeo Christianity value in every aspect of life including in the family unit. Since God is now taking side with Putin and leaving obama alone, I support Putin..!! Go Russia..!!

  • Zain Shah

    Thats a gr8 news. Well if USA wants the same, that is to now destroy what they created in Syria, obviously I’m referring to ISIS. Then they should come on board with Russia to eliminate the threat to the innocent Syrians. I’ve so many Syrian friends, Sunni and Shia, both support Assad’s government.

  • Shiloh

    Good Russian strategy with collateral damage to Europe via mass “refugees” which the European cowards won’t turn back or detain in “refugee camps”.

  • Scudder

    Is it the “Kursk” ?

    • claspur

      Oh, that would be Highlarious. lol
      The bigger they are, that harder they sink. :o/

  • Petri Krohn

    At first I dismissed the this story by DEBKAfile as impossible and a hoax: this is NOT what you use boomers for! The Typhoon class are ballistic nuclear missile submarines or “boomers”. This only mission is to *hide* in arctic waters or in the Sea of Okhotsk and *never* (hopefully) use any of their missiles. For attack missions like this you would use attack submarines. Sending a boomer to Syrian waters would endanger the nuclear triad.

    On closer inspection this might just be possible. Russia has three new Borei-class missile submarines, enough to have one on constant patrol and thus allow the Dmitri Donskoy (TK-208) to retire, or to be sent to other type of missions.

    Russia might be sending a strong signal about its commitment to defend Syria. I have privately argued that to compensate for Syria’s loss of chemical weapons and to send a message Russia would in the end need to deploy short range nuclear missiles to Syria. Stationing a boomer off Syria or in Tartus would send a similar message. The Typhoon-class has six 21-inch torpedo tubes and can fire many of the same weapons a dedicated attack submarine like the Щука-Б/Akula-class could. Still, 20 Bulava-type intercontinental ballistic missiles in Syrian waters is absolute overkill.

  • Jow Galea

    somebody has to make the first step and the EU has not shown any support for its people at all. As for America. Get rid of that faggot Obama

  • Peter Bonfil

    This type of Sub can also fire non Nuclear Warheads and sink ships,also land Marine commandos.

    • MrRexRedux

      We can only hope that it uses all these excellent attributes against the moslem hordes.

      • There is no such thing as “moslem hordes.” ISIS was a joint effort of the US and israel to destabilize the region. Those people are not Moslems, they are just Wahabbi takfiri garbage.

        • Chris

          Islam is the devil’s religion,Period

        • Chris

          God will Judge Russia and Iran and the rest of the Muslim world when they try and Take over Israel in the final war before Jesus Returns to Jerusalem. Zechariah 12,Ezekiel38&39 Northern Alliance allied to the Muslims and Iran..Open your eyes…God will use this Battle to Turn Israel back to himself and to Once and for all,Destroy cannot argue with Bible Prophecies that are clearly pointing to these days,,names Nations and is like Reading Tomorrow’s headlines..

          • Milton D Beattie

            Maybe…Or maybe this is just the prelude…..that will have Damascus obliterated. See my above reply.
            I think Turkey will be the force that goes after Israel.
            It has hated Israel and the God of the Jes and Christians not Russia.
            Who would God firts of all judge?

            And tthe names in Ezekiel 38 are only mistakenly applied to Russia I think. (Rosh (As in Rosh Hoshannah) means Cheif/head or first also, not anything to do with Russians)

        • Chris

          go back to sleep Liza..don’t defend the Religion which Muhammad himself led..look at Muhammad,married a young 6 Year old raped many women so did all True Muslims that came after him..women choosing to follow Islam is an Oxymoron!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Istentuggya Majd

    Obama vs. Putyin – Kennedy vs. Hruscsov

  • Braca Cobra Djacic

    “Imagine ISIS getting complete Control of this Submarine”…you are a fan of Hans Christian Andersen…..right?

  • Imre Thököly

    This is a Russian submarine. It is not, repeat, not an American submarine. So it won’t become ISIS property. America sends money and arms ISIS. It is known to everybody with IQ more than 90. Only brainwashed Americans believe their monkey president is somebody good. The Russians will solve the problems America creates for decades now. That black monkey and that idiot called Bush screwed up everything they touched. Puppets of Jerusalem, wake up.

    • Luke Porter

      Were are you from Russia usa dosnt support isis get republicans in to finish this isis off Obama is soft

      • gull42Slovakia


      • Joyce Wingo

        USA organized, pays, and arms them.

      • Robert Bielik

        Obviously < 90…

      • RedTickAlert

        WTF are you on about – do you read or watch any news other than CNN

        • maxi031

          Like CNN have anything to do with the news ^^

          • RedTickAlert

            That is what I said

    • tomfilochowski

      What a lot of lying Russian propaganda. Bullshit. Get out Syria. Get out of Ukraine. Go back to Moscow or NATO will bomb you.

      • woodyl1011fl

        NATO is toothless, the west is has the Neville Chamberlain mindset and we a president that hates western civilization. This Demoncrat’s red line will be 5 miles off both coasts of the US. The Iran deal means at the outside the world has ten years to prepare for WWIII. Obama’s and his Demoncrats destructive policies have so weakened us both morally, spiritually and militarily we will be a phantom power. The Demoncrat Senators have proven themselves to be traitors to the survival of the nation and the world. Peace in our time these morons cry stupid voters in blue states keep electing those who will enslave them them destroy them. Dr. Gruber was correct.

        • John M

          Obama is not perfect, but let’s not forget Bush got the US into the Iraq war. Bush was not a Democrat. He was a Republican.

          • Howard Brodsky

            There’s no difference. Don’t you get it? Obama has bombed 8 countries. He’s droned thousands of civilians. He’s toppled constitutional democracies replacing them with the world’s most brutal dictatorships. He’s supported proxy terrorist armies while pretending to fight them. He’s amassing the largest strike force since WWII along the borders of the Russian frontier. The Dems are the war party now.

          • John M

            I did a lot more digging since posting this a while back. I agree with you. There’s no difference. But, what’s the solution? Not Hillary, not Trump. Ultimately countries battle over hegemony. The US wants to dominate over Russia. Theoretically Russia would do the same thing the US is doing if they could. So how do we end the power game?

          • Greg Bailey

            Yep and Obama screwed that up, didn’t he (isis) Still blaming Bush! Unbelievable!

      • More appropriately it could be said to you and all NATO garbage, get out of the former ukraine, IT IS NOT YOUR COLONY as you have attempted while committing genocide of its people in Donbass that want you and your puppets GONE.

        Russia is NOT in the former ukraine, what you’re doing is MURDERING THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE THERE BECAUSE THEY WANT YOU GONE!!

        STOP arming and sending terrorists to Syria, STOP SUPPORTING ISIS. The people voted overwhelmingly for President Assad and Syria IS NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS, NOR IS UKRAINE!!


        Every year the American historian William Blum publishes his “updated summary of the record of US foreign policy” which shows that, since 1945, the US has tried to overthrow more than 50 governments, many of them democratically elected; grossly interfered in elections in 30 countries; bombed the civilian populations of 30 countries; used chemical and biological weapons; and attempted to assassinate foreign leaders.

        • Chris

          whatever the truth,the Bible Predict a Russian Invasion of Israel which
          God will have to intervene and shock the Jews into turning back to the
          Lord. Ezekiel 38&39 .even the alliance is accurate.. Ch 38:5 Persian
          with them…and many peoples..but I love the way God will deal with these evil forces…..Anti-Christ’ forces

          • Milton D Beattie

            Not sure Russia is the evil rather than Turkey coming in later but bang on with Persia….

            Is this the hook in the jaw?

            Or is this that which will have Damascus nuked by a Sunni Bomb? (From the Saudi backed Pakistan arsenal…..

            Then Mecca the city in the desert by the sea nuked in response.

            THEN after all that mess I believe Turkey and Persia will go after Israel as Jerusalem is then sought as a center for religion….first with a peace treaty wit them for an international religion center for all faiths

            Then when the permitted temple is defiled…. and the Jews revolt….Then the Neo Ottoman Beast/European Islamic empire with nations of the eart will go up to annihilate Israel.

            (And eternally fail).

      • ajay

        russia have enough neuclear to destroy Nato several times if i am not wrong

        • Chris

          whatever the truth,the Bible Predict a Russian Invasion of Israel which God will have to intervene and shock the Jews into turning back to the Lord. Ezekiel 38&39 .even the alliance is accurate.. Ch 38:5 Persian with them…and many peoples..but I love the way God will deal with these evil forces

          • odoyo bingo

            russia also screw pope bitch….n crew vatican n it is told by ur jesus father :p

          • Brenda

            Amen 🙂 I pray JESUS will very soon return for us! This world is too crazy and has lost it’s moral compass!

        • Frank Schiffel

          Americans have enough nukes to waste all of Putin’s dachas and horses…

          • TRG-42

            Unfortunately to the Americans, the Russian anti missile capability (S-400) is extremely effective.

      • Calen Nost

        You honestly have no concept of what Russia is capable of.
        Go read a history book about the USSR.

        • Vic GTX 780Ti

          Ohh ya your very right I’m us citizen I love America but shit men your fuckn right I lived in both countries Russians dont give fuck about anything anyone they will fight to the end that’s one country that the world shouldn’t fuck with or test

      • Katie Anderson

        Nato haven’t the guts to do anything

      • Vasile

        Dude, NATO won’t do shit. 200 nukes is 200 cities from nato deleted from earth. Let’s just hope in good sense , and especially that no one has an interest in a nuclear war.

        Plus mate Russia is there with their allies from China. So act cool and play nice.

      • merci

        wake up! do not choose to be deaf and blind.

      • Silvije Kovacevic

        Right!? But before this, they will send you (Poles, Romanians and Ukrainians) to die for their (USA) interests

      • Justin Ryan

        WTF? Ukraine translates in Russian to “borderlands” because it was Russian land! Kiev was Russia’s first capital city before moscow was even built. Russia gave away Ukraine because commoners effected their voting system. People in Crimea (in the 1950’s) went to bed russians and woke up as ukrainians. The first draft of the UN charter states that all lands and people have the right to self determination (just as kosovo was given from slavs to muslim albanian’s) So if Kosovo can vote to secede then so too can Crimea. Keep in mind that the US broke its word in not expanding NATO towards Russia as another 12 nations including the baltics are now in NATO and ur dumb ass media calls it (russian aggression) why doesnt USA give guantanamo back to cuba? U have bases in over 100 countries. You invade countries under the guise of terrorism (this is ur own skeleton key to invade nations). Crimea is to Russia what Pearl Harbour is to USA. Keep in mind Russia gave that land to ukraine and also gave ukraine its own land. Ukraine got cheap gas in aggreeance with russia being able to station 25 thousand troops in Crimea, so the little green men in Crimea were there protecting Crimea while the vote took place in which u see extreme patriatism for russia there. keep in mind as soon as they become russian their weekly wages were now worth 4 times than what they were so it was a win for all Crimeans. As for Syria, USA is trying to run pipes from saudi arabia into Europe to steal away the energy market from Russia (hence why usa made the coup in ukraine to block oil whenever they want). But USA fucked it, europeans hate usa for making the migrant crisis and soon will join with Russia. Russia is considered a hero to erupeans. Russia will deny ur pipelines from saudi arabia (which is a petro dollar boost) deny ur shale gas (too expensive for european market) and they will continue with the BRICS the AIIB, and u wont do jack about it because the USA is the bad guy. They say Russia is being aggressive when they have john kerry’s son as head of ukraine biggest energy company naftogaz. This is an obvious conflict of interest. Im from Australia and im as white as an aussie can be and im telling, we HATE americans, everyone hates americans becuase ure soooo dumb. U have no idea on geopolitics, ur best geopolitical leaders (who arnt even in the game anymore) have been outplayed by Russia. You are not men because u havent seen what real men are! Go to Siberia and u will see real men! You are all dumb, u are all cowards, u dont know where any country is in the world, u dont know other countries leaders names and u all think Ireland is a make believe place where lepricorns come from. This is how the world see’s u (along with being the fattest and most in debt nation in the world who just prints money to stay afloat…. but not for long)

        • John Smith

          I have been doing alot of research online about Our government of the United States and as much as I wish it were not true I know exactly what you are talking about. Most Americans are believing the lies our government has been telling us but I have seen the truth behind those lies and I wish I were living in another country right now.

    • Amy Rohde

      either that or well all go up in smoke, either way muslims won’t win and that suits me

      • U3O8

        Moose Limbs are the patsie’s in this script.

        • john

          Moose limbs. good one. gotta remember that one.

    • Kat Walden

      most americans know about Obama.. but please erase your adjective of him.. unless of course you wish to have your character in question

      • Milton D Beattie

        Agreed….liked his comment until I could see he was a Jew and bblack hater.

      • Justin Ryan

        Hey, dont start this politicaly correct BS here, a spade is a spade! If u dont like it then go live ur life in a bubble. Life is not always rainbows and butterflies, deal with it!

        • joe

          Nicely put

        • Johnny Kage

          Kat’s comment has nothing to do with political correctness. Taking out the racist portion will just help him win over readers that have more than 2 digits in their iq

        • Greg Fike

          I like it.

        • RE de SynchroniCity

          I agree also. U.S. has had nuclear missiles pointed at Russia and China for decades in strategic positions. Water and oil in the Arctics can “feed” smart and dumb masses into submission. We already gave the dream or illusion of solar visions to China by symbolically crushing it from White House.
          “We met the enemy and the enemy is us.”
          But don’t despair.

      • Prabhu KS

        Hey Kat Walden, Obama may be a good human, but not a good president. All the time America wanna dominate rest of the world, which is none of their business. Soon rest of world will teach US, how the taste of WAR… I am shocked that US Citizens are feeling proud about their govt. Funny American jokers!

        • Brenda

          Not all american’s are happy about the way our government has been handling things! Only people with money and power control things here. Sad to say that corruption has reared it’s ugly head! I pray it isn’t too late to turn things around in our country, America, for the good of it’s people.

        • Greg Bailey

          Obama is not my leader! I reject that piece of shit. US citizens want to live in peace with the rest of the world. The US government is the problem not the people.

    • Starland sound

      No, Americans dont, our oCommunist dictator does against our will.

    • Milton D Beattie

      Puppets of Jerusalem!!! WTF Dimwit!!!

    • Ubwart

      Monkey president is the truth. Sad to see that this SOB has ruined what used to be good relations between the West and Russia. Russia should have been added to NATO back when things were good. The coup in Ukraine was a bad thing, and it looks like it was backed by Bozo.

      • Perry Haralambidis

        Let’s not for get greeces crisis tied to lbj’s backed coup to oust Greek monarchy to give Turks pice of Cyprus

      • Justin Ryan


      • U3O8

        North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO) has always had Nazi elements in it. Russia would never or should remotely consider joining it. It’s mission charter is a lie as the UN’s et al etc. IMF / BIS Runs the circus & Agenda 21 – Global Hegemony is the goal.

      • john

        I agree. I dont want to see war with Russia they are rather powerful.

    • Larry Lull

      It has been one big Puppet Show for over 200 years now. You are correct.

    • angf117

      i 1000% agree with you comrad… svidaniya!

    • Ariel Paz

      You’ve effectively emasculated and discredited your own comment by spewing the same racist, elitist venom of the most reactionary wings of the amerikan/euro imperialist ruling class. Well done, imbecile. Only a virulent racist cracker would descend so fucking dirt low to attempt political critique.

    • Account

      Lol for decades? wrong. the russians destroyed afghanistan and chechnya. troll harder. the u.s. didn’t start messing up the muslim world till 2003.

    • Chris Dalton

      Dont paint with such a broad brush. Obama sucks and many of us would like to see him impeached, tarred, then feathered.

    • U3O8

      Yes indeed 100% spot on. All Bush’s including Presscot Bush are proponents of Global Facism & NWO plans. There is zero doubt that it is long past wake up time.

      • Howard Brodsky

        The Clintons are part of the extended Bush Crime Family. Going back to the 1980s.

    • RE de SynchroniCity

      U.S. has had nuclear weapons pointed at Russia plus China for decades in strategic locations. That is what SuperPowers do. U2 Able Powers
      Uzno Watt India Baghdad. Uzno 007 Seoul Core Persia Airbus Mirage
      Brindle Stark Declaration of Independence. Uzno Watt Amin. Uzno Watt India Anam. Andropov Stalin KhRUSHchev. Raisa MikHail GorBachev Yeltsin Boris Yeltsin Putin TheOdore Terrible.

  • Iamfatman

    I wish the migration crisis was artificial.

    • kampalian

      What makes you think it’s not?

    • Robert Bielik

      I think you confuse artificial with imaginary. The crisis is real, but its inception was artificial.

  • Michael Trädgårdh

    Imagine USA stopping the feed of weapons for ISIS.


    Imagine ISIS getting complete Control of this Submarine…

    • D. C.

      You don’t need ISIS to do stupid things like this. Never forget that the only one country who balance nuclear bombs on civil population is USA !!!

      • Shiloh

        Putin is certainly bold enough to use nukes on ISIS savages …

  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    I hope it’s just a tourist trip for the russian sub.