3rd in a row: What exactly happened tonight in Tehran?



Yesterday, Iran woke up to reports of a series of explosions west of Tehran. From reports that were not backed up in any documentation, evidence emerged of explosions heard around 2:55 p.m. Later, an official denial has already emerged. So what do we know so far? The blog is trying to put some order.

Social networks have reported what sounds like anti-aircraft missile launching, but no evidence has been identified for this version.

On the map could be labeled as 4 sites in the area that social networking reports have linked to the explosions:

one, a base called Mustafa Khomeini, which according to the National Resistance Council of Iran (NCRI), is used to store missiles and is also affiliated with the IAA. The base was fed by an electric sub-station, which reportedly fell, causing a power outage in a number of other nearby areas too, including the Revolutionary Guards Air Force and Space Command, a missile battery and an Iranian air defense unit. Another site mentioned is the military industry plant, which deals with the production and assembly of missile engines, similar to a facility in eastern Iran, where a sharp explosion occurred on June 28.

Later in the night, it was alleged that the explosions may be the result of work on the construction of a road tunnel, but opposition parties later claimed that this is a cycle of reporting from 2018 and that the administration is trying to hide the circumstances of the blast.

Either way, this time, too, reports of explosions accompanied by power outages began. A basin test confirmed that in an area where an explosion was possible, there is indeed a substation of the type of transformers we saw near the Shiraz explosion, the explosion in Netanz and recently the explosion in the Ahuz power plant.

The fact that something is causing systemic failure in a series of critical infrastructure, in such a short space of time and near sensitive Iranian facilities, raises the suspicion that Iran is experiencing attacks that some of them could also take through the cyber dimension.

Info Map:

The facilities are important in two directions: in yellow – the ballistic missile development route and in red – the Iranian airspace control route (in the case of air strikes).

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