Osnet Daily – Your guide through the matrix

Sick and tired of all those useless distractions in mainstream media ?
Fed up with all that disinfo and sensationalism in “alternative media” ?
OSNetDaily.com (The Open Source Intelligence and news daily) is an independent news service tailored for your needs .

Our goal is to cover stories that are often overlooked, to provide in-depth analysis of key events, and to deconstruct fallacies on both sides of the information war. We give you the necessary tools to decode propaganda emanating from the controlled corporate media AND the tools to decode its dialectic counterpart emanating from the controlled opposition, often refered to as “alternative media” in North America. Rest assured, our daily news stream will NOT get its talking points from any of the above.

On a daily basis, we aggregate and analyze the most important news stories, categorized accordingly to four sections: World News, Defense News, Science News, and of course – the Matrix updates, where the true hidden meaning behind many deep-state mysteries is revealed.

We are not affiliated with any government or commercial entity. We do not subscribe to the false left-right paradigm, nor to the false atheist-religious paradigm. We always try to think outside the box and be thought-provoking for our readers.

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