Satellite images expose huge underwater blast near China’s military base in Djibouti, Africa



The fact that our planet is fully photographed, at any given moment, has led to the revelation of an event that world media is yet to explain.

A photograph of a 110-meter-long explosion deep in the water opposite the port of Djibouti, southwest of the Bab al-Nadab crossing. The explosion took place not far from the pier that the Chinese are setting up at the military base they established at the port of Djibouti in Africa.

The blast region
The blast as captured by Google Earth
Ground zero

In the center of the picture you can see the explosion mushroom with a diameter of 110 meters.

  • The vessel can be seen west of the tank, from which the explosion was apparently detonated by remote control.
  • South of the blast , the pier can be seen at the end of the dock currently under construction – and it emerges from the Chinese military base established there. From the pier to the blast point, one can discern the cable that apparently led the electric signal to detonate the charge to which the cable was connected.
The blast location in regional space
Maritime tower in the vicinity of the blast point

It is possible that the explosion is intended to carry out infrastructure work at the entrance of the Chinese military port that is being built in the port of Djibouti in Africa, but it is also impossible to exclude the possibility that the Chinese are trying to attack underwater intelligence tracking systems that they believe were established against their base in the area. The diameter of the blast area can reach the maritime crossing of the Bab al-Nadav Strait to the southern Yemen coasts.

Aerial photo of construction at the site

Military experts argue that the Chinese have also undoubtedly hit all sensor systems that the various countries have installed off the coast of Djibouti to track the movement of ships in the area, and that they are believed to have been severely damaged by the explosion.