Belarusian, North Korean missile specialists killed in Israel’s latest air raid in Syria


Debka File

The Israeli air strike on the Scientific Studies and Research Center in the Syrian town of Masyaf on Saturday, April 13,  is reported by Western intelligence sources to have killed and wounded in addition to Iranian and Syrian military officers, a number foreign missile experts hired to upgrade their missiles.

Among them were missile scientists from Belarus and North Korea who were employed in different departments of the large industrial complex outside Masyaf in western Syria. Those sources disclose that, whereas Israeli has raided the complex before, this time the attack was massive and, unlike before, gutted most of its installations.

Especially targeted were the sections working on the upgrade of Syrian and Hizballah surface missiles, the production of solid fuel for those missiles and the departments focusing on installing new guidance instruments to enhance their precision. North Korean engineers were working on the production of solid fuel, while Belarusians were in the pay of Syria’s Organization of Technological Industries.

Behind the fancy title is an organization that specializes in breaking the UN-US embargo against the employment of expert manpower in Syria’s military production and the sale of military hardware to the Assad regime.

Most of the Belarussians working at Masyaf were provided by the Belvneshprom service whose military ties with Damascus go back years. On Feb. 27, Israel struck Iran’s newly established command centers and weapons stores in Aleppo.