Dramatic escalation following Israeli airstrikes on Iranian targets in Syria



The IDF attacked targets of the Iranian Quds Force in Syria on Sunday night. The attacks come after yesterday’s interception by Iron Dome of a ground-to-ground missile launched by the Iranians from Syrian territory to the Israeli Hermon while it was packed with hundreds of visitors.

Following the missile launch, probably in response to an Iranian attack in Damascus, it was clear to the incoming Chief of Staff, Aviv Kochavi and the political echelon that the IDF must respond forcefully if he wants to retain the red lines set by in May 2018 through Operation “house of cards” after the massive rocket fire carried out by The Iranians to the Golan Heights in retaliation for a series of attacks against their installations, in which dozens of Iranian soldiers from the Islamic Revolutionary Guards were also killed.

Operation “house of cards” was set in motion following a preemptive attack has been perpetrated by Israel on May 8, 2018, following the intelligence information indicating Iran’s intention to deploy rocket launchers at Mohsen al-kiswah base, in order to fulfill their promise to avenge Israel.

On the night of May 10, 2018, shortly after midnight, the Iranian Qods Force dispatched more than 32 Grad and Fajr rockets to the Golan Heights. Four of them were intercepted by Iron Dome, and the rest fell within Syrian territory. There were no casualties and no damage was done. Following that attack, Israeli Air Force planes and guided missiles attacked dozens of military targets belonging to the Iranian Qods Force in Syrian territory.

As part of Operation “House of Cards” in May, 50 targets were hit, including:
• Iranian intelligence sites in southern Syria.
• Logistics complex of the Qods Force in the Jamaria area.
• A military complex and logistics complex of the Qods Force in Al Kiswa.
• Facilities of the Qods Force at the Damascus International Airport.
• Intelligence systems and installations associated with the Qods Force.
• Military positions, missile launchers and anti-aircraft systems of the Syrian army.

According to reports tonight, Israel attacked some of those sites (whose satellite images were shown in May). The Syrian Human Rights Monitoring Center, which monitors developments in Syria, reported that the Israeli air strike (which lasted about half an hour) was “the strongest and most extensive operation carried out in the area of ​​Damascus .”

One of the most significant airstrikes tonight was carried out in the Damascus international airport. This is a complex designed to handle spare parts for Iranian weapons entering and departing through cargo terminals of the international airport in Damascus.

The buildings are very close to the “Glass House” – the Qods Force headquarters in Syria. It is a multi-story headquarters that allows Iranian officers stationed there to manage the intelligence and logistic infrastructure of the Qods Force in Syria.