Trump pulls the plug on “Palestine”, defunds and downgrades PLO regime



Editor’s Note…

Since the establishment of the CIA-NATO front known as the “Palestinian Authority” in 1993, the U.S. government has looted more than $5 billion from the American tax payers and sent them as “assistance” to the Palestinians, who are among the world’s largest per capita recipients of international foreign aid [needless to say, 100% of that “aid” went to their ruling terrorist kleptocracy. The little guys got nothing – unless they were willing to murder Israelis for money sent by the UK, for instance]. Additional billions continue to pour in from the European Union [that is, from the Bilderberg group] and are used to fund illegal seizure of public lands by local Islamic fronts of the EU.

In what appears to be a major blow to the Muslim Brotherhood, its Trilateral Commission \ State department handlers, the Eurocrats and the Vatican, Trump is willing to double down on his historical declaration regarding the status of Jerusalem, and finally put a stop to the senseless funding of their favorite pet project known as “Palestine”.


Debka File

The White House has decided to quietly withdraw from all its ties with the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas.

DEBKAfile’s exclusive sources report that the Trump administration has resolved to scrap all ties with the Palestinian leadership in retaliation for its campaign against US President Donald Trump and his Jerusalem policy. Several warnings to Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) of what was in store if he did not desist from castigating the US president fell on death ears.

Last week, two Arab crown princes, Saudi Muhammed bin Salman and UAE Sheikh Muhammed bin Zayed, summoned Abbas to their capitals and urged him strongly to back away from his attacks on President Trump. He got the same advice from the ruler of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim Al Thani, who conferred with Washington on the subject – all to no avail. The Trump administration has therefore set out an eight-point program of sanctions, which is first revealed here:

  • The Israeli-Palestinian peace plan under preparation in Washington will not be submitted to Ramallah – only to Israel and the relevant Arab governments.
  • US-Palestinian interaction is to be suspended – not just at the senior levels but in day-to-day interchanges. The administration has notified Palestinian and other Arab parties to stop addressing queries on political and economic matters to the US consulate in Jerusalem, because they will not receive answers.
  • The status of the PLO office in Washington will be reevaluated with a view to shutting it down.
  • Palestinian officials will no longer be invited to Washington by the US government, including the State Department and Department of Treasury.
  • Above all, they will not be welcome at the White House or the National Security Council where US Middle East policy is designed. Senior US officials congratulated the senior Palestinian negotiator Saab Erekat, who also holds the PA’s American portfolio, on his recovery from illness, at the same time warning him that he would no longer be received at the White House.
  • The Trump administration will not make any public announcement of the cutoff of financial aid to the Palestinians. Since the funds are mostly earmarked for specific economic projects, each allocation will simply be held back on the pretext of the need for a “reappraisal.”
  • The US will halt its contributions to the UN Work and Relief Organization, an estimated one billion dollars per annum.
  • The US administration moreover intervened with the governments of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Qatar with a request that they freeze or slow their economic aid to the Palestinian Authority.

According DEBKAfile’s sources, Palestinian officials in Ramallah were devastated by news of the sudden cutoff of the main sources of the PA’s revenue. Even the Qatar ruler, whom Abbas visited last week as a last resort to save the PA from economic meltdown, refused to release any more funding.

  • John Kyndesen

    If this proves to be true then it is, finally, a step in the right direction. The undoing of all the poor decisions of Obama will take some time to accomplish but must be done. The alternative is year upon year of the same bloodshed and mayhem we see today.

  • liberman

    Anyhow there’s no heir to Makhmoud Abbas, at the helm of the PNA, other than the Hamas,
    which is a tentacle of the Muslim-Brotherhood and a war-partner of Hezbollah.
    Google Images:
    1. Hamas Salute
    2. Hezbollah Salute