Israel just struck strategic target near Damascus for second time in days




According to Syrian state news agency SANA, a military scientific research center on the outskirts of Damascus was targeted late Monday night and the Syrian air defense systems intercepted three of the Israeli missiles.

“Our air defenses are confronting an Israeli missile attack on one of our sites in the Damascus suburbs and three of the targets were downed,” state news agency SANA reported.

According to Hezbollah affiliated Al-Mayadeen site, Israeli warplanes had been flying over southern Lebanon at a low level before launching six missiles towards the research center in the Jamraya area, around 11:30 p.m.

The Jamaraya Biochemical complex was attacked already in 2013 by the Israelis, in what appears to have been the first documented use of high velocity projectiles (hyper-sonic bunker busters) with thermobaric warheads, which have since been widely covered here in multiple articles (see New Type of Israeli EMP-Fuel-Air hybrid weapons used in Syria and Iraq and Stranger Than Fiction: Israeli-Arab secret weapons used in current Mid-East Wars)

Only two days earlier the Iranian base near Damascus was bombed along with numerous Shiite militia commanders who were present there, in what appeared to be a coordinated move with the American military movements in Iraq