Busted: Soros Behind Some of Trump Sexual Harassment Claims



The New American

Billionaire left-wing globalist George Soros is at it again, this time wielding his financial heft to advance the narrative that President Trump is guilty of sexual harassment and assault.

InfoWars reports that Soros’ Open Society Foundations and Media Matters for America funds Brave New Films, an allegedly non-partisan, non-profit organization that released a film entitled “16 women and Donald Trump,” which detailed the accounts of 16 women who claim to have been sexually harassed and assaulted by the president.

Brave New Films then hosted a press conference on December 11, which proved a forum for the women to share their firsthand accounts of their experiences being harassed by President Trump. The women claimed that they had been forcibly kissed and groped by President Trump before he came to office.

While Brave New Films claims that they do not “expressly advocate for the election or defeat of candidates for public office,” their videos tell a different story:

Stand Up, Senate! The President-elect is a hypocrite.

Protect Public Education — Stop Betsy DeVos!

Indivisible: A Practical Guide For Resisting The Trump Agenda


A statement by CBS announcing the press conference stated that the conference would call for accountability and “an investigation by Congress of sexual misconduct by the president.” CBS’ statement left little room to question the news outlet’s bias: “These brave women have all spoken out individually.” It sounds like CBS has already made up its mind about the accusations.

But despite the media firestorm against Trump over the allegations, there has not been substantial evidence to corroborate the women’s claims or prove the accusers’ credibility. One accuser, Rachel Crooks, who claimed that Trump tried to kiss her on an elevator in 2005, claimed she felt intimidated when Trump asked for her number and begrudgingly gave it to him. Crooks was a public supporter and donor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Another accuser, Jessica Leeds, said she was groped by Trump on a plane, though her story was disputed by an eyewitness. Anthony Gilberthorpe said he was seated across the aisle from Trump and Leeds when the alleged incident took place. Gilberthorpe claimed that Leeds was in fact the “one being flirtatious” and that the event did not unfold as she detailed. He states that when Trump went to the restroom on the plane, Leeds turned and confided in him that “she wanted to marry [Mr Trump].”

Leeds also accused Trump of calling her a c—, which, though distasteful, is not sexual assault.

President Trump has denied the allegations against him, and contends that Democrats are resurrecting the accusations because they have been unable to prove the Russian collusion story. “Despite thousands of hours wasted and many millions of dollars spent, the Democrats have been unable to show any collusion with Russia,” he states. “Now they are moving on to the false accusations and fabricated stories of women who I don’t know and/or have never met.”

The White House released a statement early Monday denying the claims of the women at the press conference: “These false claims, totally disputed in most cases by eyewitness accounts, were addressed at length during last year’s campaign, and the American people voiced their judgment by delivering a decisive victory,” a White House spokesperson said in a statement. “The timing and absurdity of these false claims speaks volumes and the publicity tour that has begun only further confirms the political motives behind them.”

But the mainstream media continues to provide Trump’s accusers an outlet in this new post-Weinstein era in which the accused are guilty until proven innocent.

Critics note that the media has not always been so vigilant on this subject, however. Michael Snyder, a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, points out the mainstream media’s choosy reporting of sexual misconduct claims: “It is funny how the mainstream media never even wanted to address the very serious allegations of sexual misconduct against Bill and Hillary Clinton that kept arising, and yet anyone with any sort of a claim against Trump gets front page coverage.”