America-1st is 21st Century Maccabees



By Lot

Hanukkah Celebrates Victory Over Pedophile Heathens

This article presents the unspoken-depths of the Maccabees-revolt back-then in 167 BCE, which is continued by a similar process at present, which is lead by America-1st [1]. The latter stemmed out of the success of the former. Christian America descended from the victory of early Judaism against the Pedophile empire of the ancient Greeks [2]. Like its predecessor the Maccabees, America-1st is a meritocratic movement lead by elite commanders, determined and devoted to putting an end to a deep-state political network of perverse criminality, thus preventing it from completing its attempted overtake of society.

There are 4 stages to compromising society, in the latter 3 of them the degenerative forces of darkness become visible for all to see:

  1. The slippery slope leading to diversity starts out with homo-terrorism from home,
    where LGBT parents persecute their straight offsprings,
    and similarly LGBT bosses persecute their straight underlings.
  2. Diversity – when creeptures are legitimized at the individual level.
  3. Composition – when the creeptures form no-go enclaves, in particular in city centers and deep-state.
    In 167 BCE the deep-state comprised of Hellenistic Jews.
  4. Immersion – when the new lowly standard is enforced, that’s end-game for descent people.

The Immersion stage of the Hellenistic Heathens in 167 BCE was raping the Jewish maids, in order to prevent them from getting married Virgin, thus from coming in unison with their husbands. So switched were the Antiochus Decrees [3].

The Maccabees revolt was a reaction to a transition from composition to immersion, like America-1st has been in the face of utter depravity in the white-house, federal-court, military, Hollywood, mass-media, universities, schools, kindergartens, workplaces, finance and border security.

Later on, during the reformation of Judaism from cattle-sacrifice to common literacy, Christianity spawned out of that reformation in order to bring that message to the wider audiences beyond the Jews.

This revolution of literacy to the masses might have eventually succeeded with the wide adoption of broad-band Internet, allowing to bypass the Main-Stream-Media fake-news propaganda TV-networks.


Hanukkah celebrates the historically necessary precursor to Christmas, and has been epitomized by the recent complementary act in America to unwind and replace the Hellenistic passions of late. Thus both of these holidays belong in the same month, when darkness is replaced by the light of freedom.


  2. Athens: Cradle of Pedophilia and Mind Control