War Clouds gathering: USN heads to North Korea, Russia will “retaliate with force” in Syria




The Global security situation continues to rapidly deteriorate towards possible war on two major flash points: Syria and North Korea. 

As the Trump administration goes ahead with its plan to construct air bases in Kurdish held Northern Syria in preparation for the final assault on the ISIS stronghold in Raqqa, 48 hours after its cruise missile strike on the Syrian airbase , the Russians have notified via their newly formed joint command center in Syria (with the Shiite militias that make up the majority of the ground forces holding the Assad regime from falling apart) that they will retaliate with force to any further US raids on Assad’s forces.

The arrival of the Russian missile frigate back to Syrian shores is widely regarded as a potential war instrument in that respect, assuming the Russians will launch their own Kalibr cruise missiles on CIA sponsored insurgent targets within Syria, should push come to shove (as they had done already in the first phase of their intervention in Syria two years ago). The seriousness of their intent remains to be seen.

On the other side of the world, The USN carrier strike group Carl Vinson is headed to the Korean peninsula , following a high profile media campaign setting the stage (and public opinion) for a military strike on that country amid the ongoing crisis regarding its nuclear and ballistic programs, and while the US and China continue to lock horns over the South China sea.

War in the Korean peninsula is likely to be far riskier and deadlier then anything seen at and discussed with regards to Syria given the firepower involved and the volatile nature of the North Korean regime, especially if pushed tp hard to the corner.

One must hope Trump and his strategists know what they are doing or that the whole thing is just brinkmanship that won’t cross the line of no return, otherwise a third world war of some sort and dimension might well be around the corner.