US Tomahawk missiles destroy Syrian airbase. Russia fails to respond – for now





A major escalation in the Syrian war was noted as two U.S. warships fired 59 cruise missiles from the eastern Mediterranean Sea at the Syrian airbase controlled by forces of President Bashar al-Assad. President Trump has managed to stun the world by launching the missiles shortly after pretending to be confused and indecisive about his next moves in the Middle East – an obvious military deception stratagem, as evident by now.

According to the official version the Russians were warned in advance, confirming the fact that Trump struck targets within the vicinity of the Russian sphere of influence in Syria. Nevertheless, the Russians did not activate their S-400 air defense system (deployed in Syria in 2015 to block NATO airstrikes) or their 600km diameter electronic jamming system to disrupt those Tomahawk missiles, either because they did not want to further escalate the situation by downing US missiles or because the US military succeeded in blocking those systems. In any case the attack makes Russia seem weaker than the US right now on the global chessboard. It remains to be seen for how long Russia can take this humiliation and what Putin’s next move would look like.

It should also be noted that Trump is currently negotiating the Korean crisis with the Chinese president. The attack in Syria is meant also to send a message to China in that respect. North Korea already has some nuclear devices and a formidable array of ballistic missiles and howitzers threatening the South Korean capital city. Tensions in the Korean peninsula have sharply escalated recently between the US and the North Korean regime. By attacking Syria despite the Russian presence Trump is signaling that he may be willing to attack Pyongyang as well.

North Korea is known to fully share its nuclear and ballistic technology with the Iranian regime which de facto controls Assad in Syria and much of Lebanon through its terrorist proxy Hezbollah, as well as Northern Yemen through its Houthi terrorist proxy Ansarulah. Perhaps then it is the beginning of a broader American operation to methodically dismantle this North Korean-Shiite axis altogether.

Watch drone footage showing the aftermath of the strikes:

Watch ISI satellite footage showing the aftermath of the strikes:

Satellite photos (Photo: ISI)
Satellite photos (Photo: ISI)
(Photo: ISI)
(Photo: ISI)