Did WW3 Just break out in the Middle-East ?



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Attacks on US Tentacles are Timed to Clinton’s Crash

This article presents the flash-point of the open full-scale war in the middle-East between Russia-Iran-Syria-Hezbollah-Hamas-Houthis-China-N.Korea-Laos-Philippines and between NATO-Israel-Jordan-GCC (Saudia & Emirates)-Egypt-Ukraine-S.Korea-Vietnam.

1. Russia has fired a Kaliber missile at SOCOM operations room near Aleppo, killing Turks, US ops, Israeli officers [1].This is the classical gambit of a full-scale war. The destroyer which fired this cruise missile might be a member of a reinforcement naval task-force, which just arrived near to Syria, and which might have set sail (from Crimea?) when Hillary Clinton disappeared from the public stage (and is rumored to be dead).

2. This happens while the Israeli PM is abroad, like in October 1973 [2].

3. Golan war: T-90 tanks, Syria’s Elite 4th Division attacks towards the Border [3].

4. The KS-19 100mm Autocannons deployed in the Syrian Golan over 2 weeks
ago [4], and the attack on them by the Israeli Air force last week.

5. Hezbollah (=Iran) threatened 5 weeks ago to open a total war against Israel:
Hassan Nasrallah: Israel is a cancer and should be removed [5], from: 15th August 2014 10:56

6. For a week now, many frequent knife attacks on Israelis by the “West-Bank” PNA “civilians”.

7. The PNA “court” has suspended the elections, stating imminent victory of Hamas otherwise (it actually won in 2006 already) [6].

8. The recent failed attempt on Putin’s life in Moscow with crashing cars [7].

9. The July failed putsch in Turkey, which was obviously intended against Russian interests.

Weapon Systems

Surely Russia feels reassured given the weakness of the US regime and the failure of modern US airforce models, i.e. F-35 and F-22, in comparison with the Russian successes, i.e. Su-34 & Su-50,its EW success against the USN [8] and Israel [9], its Armata series of modern and sophisticated heavy armoured vehicles and of course its missile systems: Kaliber, Iskander and S-400.

This is while Iran starts manufacturing the Karrar tank [10], which is the Chinese Type-96B [11],a match to the Russian T-90 [12]. This declaration seems to be timed for the business reason:The cause for referring China is the Russian restrictions on Military-technology transfer to Iran,aka politely “technological cooperation”: “Russia’s Uralvagonzavod is willing to allow Iran to license-build the T-90S main battle tank domestically once restrictions are lifted on technical cooperation with Tehran.” [13].

Iran and Hezbollah’s world aggression

1. Iran’s Hezbollah Chief Nassrallah describes his total war on Saudia, which in turn has been ganged by Iran-supported Houthis [14].
2.  Hezbollah’s own genuine footage of itself starting the 2006 war against Israel [15].
3. Iran’s Shiite world revolution [16].
4. “US & Mexico Border & Hezbollah in the Western Hemisphere”, Mr. Jack Pryor [17].

Dead Bitch Switch

The Clintons’ legacy is to sell China and Russia advanced secretive US military technology, be it Chinagate “It involves the transfer of America’s most sensitive technology, including but not limited to nuclear missile and satellite technology, apparently in exchange for millions of dollars in contributions to the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election effort and the Democratic National Committee. “ [18] and be it the “Russian research for military uses” supported by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton [19] for funding her presidential campaign.

It is well known that the left wing in general, and Hillary Clinton in particular, blame the right wing for the crimes of the left wing; this is a sleazy and shameless Psyops (Psychological Warfare Operations) tactic. So, why did she blame Donald Turmp, the Patriot and West-Point (Best Army Officers School) graduate with excellence and call him ‘a Sergeant’ [20] ?

Was it because Hillary Clinton (or at least her surviving body-doubles and namesake)
was already set to launch the arson attack and riots in North Carolina [21],
en route to equating it with Aleppo in Syria, for sake of martial law by Obama [22] ?

Early on August 2016, the world learned, from a premature-death rumor about Edward Snowden,what a Dead man’s Switch is [23]. By now, the NWO legacy of the zombie witch is about to Switch America to the worst of possible political nightmares. The coincidence with Putin’s counter-attacks launched in and possibly around Syria is very synergistic with the US turmoil, not only providing him cover in the US media, but also allowing Obama to allege that the opponents of his martial-law were ‘terrorists’ and to lock them up in FEMA camps, where they will be chipped and drugged.


The long expected and dreaded war has begun, with Hezbollah and Hamas likely to join soon. While the US regime is busy wrecking havoc at home, the Sunnis and Israelis are left to their own devices mitigating for a Eurasian military expansion move, which locally takes the shape of Shiite revolution on the ground, backed by means of Russian high-tech warfare in the air and at sea.

This comes at no surprise, given the Communist background of the CIA director Brennan [24] and Obama’s attempts to commit a putsch against the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu [25] If the UK and France wish anything to be left from NATO, then sending their troops and Navy to Cyprus, opposite to the Russian-Syrian Tartus-Latakia Air-and-Sea military compound , would easily make much operational and strategic sense, both militarily and political alike.


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