Surprise, surprise… Orlando Terrorist Was ‘on the FBI radar’



Editor’s Note…

Just like in virtually any other major terrorist attack in the west, the recent Orlando terrorist was known to the authorities in advance, yet nothing was done to stop him. Was he an informer radicalized by a shady Federal brainwashing program? 

Naturally, the Left will also exploit this attack to increase demand for “Gun Control” (which could not have prevented the attack, because the terrorist had a licensed gun).  

The fact that he was a licensed security officer, a registered Democrat and of Afghan decent may be viewed as an attempt to boost the Trump campaign, but on the other hand, the fact that ISIS has allegedly claimed responsibility on attacking a Homosexual bar may be used to galvanize Soros Liberals to support foreign meddling in the Middle East and Central Asia, supposedly to “fight ISIS”.

The actual ramifications of the event on the presidential elections remain to be seen.


Epoch Times

Police have identified the man who killed at least 50 people and wounded another 50 at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday morning. The incident has been described now as a “domestic terror incident” by authorities.

Omar Mateen, 29, was identified by officials, including U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, as the alleged gunman. He was born in New York, but his parents are originally from Afghanistan, ABC News reported.

The Daily Beast and TMZ published social media photos of Mateen.

CBS News reported that FBI Agent Ron Hopper told reporters that Mateen might have leanings towards Islamic extremism.

Mateen—who was “on the radar” of U.S. officials for some time—was killed in a shootout with police and other armed forces at around 5 a.m. Sunday morning, local time. He was armed with an assault rifle, a handgun, and a “suspicious device,” said police.

CBS News initially identified Mateen, of Fort Pierce, Florida, who had no apparent criminal record.

Photos of Mateen wearing NYPD shirts were also published online. An NYPD official told TMZ that he has no association with the department, saying the shirts are unofficial and can be purchased at stores.

Mateen’s father, Mir Seddique, told NBC News that the incident “has nothing to do with religion.”

Law enforcement sources told the Daily Beast there is no immediate indication Mateen had direct connection with the Islamic State, or ISIS, terrorist group. This month, ISIS said online that followers should carry out attacks to mark the approach of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month.