US, Russia team up to force Israeli pullback from the Golan Heights



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The Israeli cabinet holds its weekly session Sunday April 17, on the Golan. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit Moscow on Thursday, April 21 to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and to launch the most important battle of his political career, and one of Israel’s most decisive contests of the last 10 years: the battle over the future of the Golan Heights.

debkafile’s intelligence sources and its sources in Moscow report exclusively that Israel’s top political leaders and military commanders were stunned and shocked last weekend when they found out that US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed to support the return of the Golan to Syria. The two presidents gave their top diplomats, Secretary of State John Kerry and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the green light to include such a clause in a proposal being drafted at the Geneva conference on ending the Syrian civil war.

Israel captured the Golan from the Syrian army 49 years ago, during the Six-Day War in 1967 after the Syrian army invaded Israel.

In 1981, during the tenure of then Prime Minister Menachem Begin, Israel passed a law defining the Golan as a territory under Israeli sovereignty. However, it did not state that the area belongs to Israel.

While Israel was preparing for a diplomatic battle over the future of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, Obama and Putin decided to deal a diplomatic blow to Israel and Netanyahu’s government on an unexpected issue, the Golan.

It is part of an endeavor by the two powers to use their diplomatic and military cooperation regarding Syria to impose agreements on neighboring countries, such as Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

For example, Washington and Moscow are trying to impose an agreement regarding the granting of independence to Syrian Kurds, despite Ankara’s adamant opposition. The two presidents are also pressuring Riyadh and Amman to accept the continuation of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s rule, at least for the immediate future.

debkafile’s sources report that just like the other diplomatic or military steps initiated by Obama and Putin in Syria, such as those for Assad’s eventual removal from power, the two powers see a resolution of the Golan issue as a gradual process that may take a long time, perhaps even years. But as far as they are concerned, Israel will have to withdraw from the Golan at the end of that process.

It should be noted that Prime Minister Netanyahu is not traveling to Washington to discuss the Golan issue with Obama. The frequent trips by the prime minister, senior officials and top IDF brass to Moscow in recent months show where the winds are blowing in the Middle East.

However, Moscow is not Washington, and Israel has no lobby in the Russian capital defending its interests.
It should be made very clear that the frequent trips by senior Israeli officials to Moscow have not created an Israeli policy that can influence Putin or other senior members of the Russian leadership. Putin has made occasional concessions to Israel on matters of minimal strategic importance, but on diplomatic and military steps regarding Syria and Iran he has shown little consideration of Jerusalem’s stance.

It should also be noted that there has been no basis for the enthusiasm over the Russian intervention in Syria shown by Netanyahu, Israeli ministers and senior IDF officers.

All of the calls by a number of Russia experts, mainly those of debkafile, for extreme caution in ties with Putin have fallen on deaf ears among the political leadership in Jerusalem and the IDF command in Tel Aviv.

Amid these developments, three regional actors are very pleased by Washington and Moscow’s agreement to demand Israeli withdrawal from the Golan: Syrian President Assad, the Iranian leadership in Tehran and Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah.
Now, they do not need to risk a military confrontation with Israel over the Golan because Obama and Putin have essentially agreed to do the dirty work for them.

  • Oatmealforme

    First, there is hardly any Syrian government, so Golan Heights would go to what entity? Second, I remember very well the 1967 War and what led up to it. In 1967 Syria was constantly using the Golan Heights to shell Israel. Of course, now any shelling would be worse and be coming from ISIS and Al-Nusra Front. There is no way that the security of Israel could be guaranteed from attacks from the high ground of the Golan Heights. Please remember how Israel giving up the Gaza Strip increased its security. It didn’t and has been used as a platform to attack Israel.

  • Mark Volker

    Is Mao-bama making more room for ISIS?

  • Tim

    Why is that diplomatic effort called dirty work?

  • go tell them to f themselves . un is nothing more than an ass wipe society for the demonically insane

  • Jay Manne

    The Golan is of huge strategic importance to Israel and was acquired via Syria’s attack on Israel in 1967. Israel, in no way, should ceded this territory until such time there might be a TOTAL cessation of hostilities between Syria and Israel over a period of some time… which is never going to happen. No more land giveaways for peace… this has shown to be a failed policy in the past. I cannot see Bibi agreeing to this under ANY circumstances…. Geez, look how unstable things are in Syria right now… you’ve got to be kidding!!

  • bobg11

    USA needs stop telling Israel to give back lands

    • john glenn

      As well as protecting them from the consequences of their actions.

  • Bel Phase

    First, USA should return New Mexico and California back to Mexico, Russia should return Crimea to Ukraine, Turkey should leave Northern Cyprus, China should give independency to the Tibetian people, Marocco should leave Western Sahara and so on and so on. When all this countries make the first step than Israel should return Golan Heights to Syria.

    • Hamid

      India should leave Kashmir as per 1948 UN Resolution initiated by Indian Govt.

    • Jay Manne

      Bel…. GREAT reply!

    • Ken Nonickname Nonecknom Under

      Crimea has only been Ukraine’s since Kruschev gave it away. I agree with the rest. 🙂

      • Bel Phase

        But Kaliningrad was part of Germany. Maybe the Russians should return it back to Germany 😉

    • Rev Michael

      Bel Phase Absolutely the best answer I have ever heard. I wish you were at the upcoming meetings to state your case.

    • Rejin Rajan

      And even Pakistan & China occupied Kashmir is part of India.

  • zipi12345789

    First of all, Israel is the one to decide.
    Russia and America have no right Lhitarb about it !!! Personally, I trust Putin more.
    Obama I do not trust at all. Strange I think Putin has even consulted with Obama, relations between America and Russia is not a situation like,,, Putin hates
    Muslim from the White House.

  • jerry

    no way Israel will agree