Faster, Deadlier, More accurate: Israel’s new guided missile about to enter service



Sputnik News

A new GPS-guided artillery rocket capable of hitting targets at a distance of 35 kilometers with a precision of less than 10 meters is about to enter Israeli Defense Force service

The Romah, the latest guided missile developed by Israel Military Industries (IMI) firearms manufacturer, will soon be operational, IHS Jane’s reported citing sources at the company.

The rocket is designed for the Israeli army to carry out fast, accurate, and lethal attacks on enemy targets, according to the weapon builder. It is equipped with a 20-kilogram warhead and can reach targets at a distance of 35 kilometers.

Eli Reiter, head of IMI’s Rocket Systems Division, claimed that the new missiles could be fired at pre-programmed co-ordinates within a few seconds from when an order is given.

“If a sector experiences a security escalation, this firepower can be called upon more rapidly compared with scrambling combat helicopters, and they are more accurate than artillery cannons,” he told IHS Jane’s.

The missile is compatible with the Artillery Corps’ upgraded version of M270 Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS), specifically modified for launching a new type of military weapons. A new pod has been mounted on an earlier system to fire rockets of calibers other than that of 227 mm, including the Romah.