The Most Amazing Stories of 2015



Editor’s Note…

In a nutshell, here are some of the most amazing stories we came upon this year. hopefully we have managed to live up to the task of exploring angles ignored or missed by other media platforms. Enjoy the trip down our memory lane and have a happy new 2016. It’s gonna be a rough ride, and you’ll need every vital piece of information to stay in the picture.


Mysterious Mega Blasts in China


A series of mysterious massive explosions began rocking China during late summer, right after the Chinese surprise devaluation of the Yuan which rocked world economy into the presently volatile equity markets. Was it just a coincidence or a form of covert warfare by the CIA against the Chinese regime? Read our China blast files and decide for yourself.


China constructs Million ton battle stations in the South China Sea


Sino-American tensions grew exponentially this year, long before the aforementioned mysterious blasts, and revolved around China’s amazing (and unprecedented in naval warfare) strategy of rapidly constructing artificial island fortresses across the South China sea, to claim its natural resources before “America’s pacific century” kicks in. China has given a whole new and fluid meaning to the concept of (mobile) national territory, and the South China sea could very well be one of the potential triggers of WW3 sooner or later. Read bout it in our China files.


Israel uses mysterious new Bunker Buster on Iran’s missile base in Yemen


On April 20, The Israelis and their Gulf state allies have managed to come up with a substitute to the American MOAB Bunker Buster and have converted a Boeing 707 tanker to a weaponized platform to carry such bombs. The beta test was carried out on the Iranian missile base in Yemen during the recent Saudi operation against the Iranian proxies (Houthis). This weapon is now believed to be a rocket boosted, hypersonic bunker buster with thermobaric warhead. Read all about it in our archives


The Iran nuclear deal – NOT what you’ve been told


Obviously the aforementioned hypersonic bunker buster should give the Israelis and the Sunnis a credible military option vs. the Iranian nuclear facilities. But what about the Iran deal? Isn’t is supposed to usher in eternal peace on earth, thanks to the benevolent Messiah in the white house? Not so fast. It may very well be that the nuclear deal with Iran is actually the greatest deception operation ever executed. Read our Iran deal files and decide for yourself.


Russian military tech checkmates NATO in Syria


The Russian Secret Weapon Deployed in Syria seems similar to the KRET Richag-AV system, although it apparently functions on a larger scale. NATO supreme commander and US Air Force General Philip Breedlove was probably talking about this new KRET system when he addressed the German Marshall Fund on September 28. Breedlove had warned that Russia was creating an “A2/AD bubble” over the Syrian coast, and the eastern Mediterranean. A2/AD is the abbreviation for anti-access and area denial. Breedlove pointed out that Russia has already established such bubbles over the Baltic Sea at the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, and also over the Crimea and the black Sea. In addition, the Russian military had provided a demonstration of their ability to blind even the sophisticated Aegis phased array radar, which is part of the equipment of modern US cruisers and destroyers. This incident came during the Crimean crisis of spring 2014, when the US sent a destroyer into the Black Sea. This ship was repeatedly buzzed up by a Russian Sukhoi-24 jet fighter, which was able to cripple the radar guidance the systems of the vessel. Read more about Russia’s high-tech systems deployed in the Syrian war front in our archives.


Rosetta mission: The Electric Comet that rocked science


On the scientific cutting edge, the most significant event was the groundbreaking revelation of the Rosetta cometary mission which forever destroyed old mainstream myths about comets and cleared the path for the electric universe paradigm. Read our Rosetta mission files to appreciate the full significance of this for future science and past human and planetary history.