Israel carries out successful interception test of Barak 8 missile defense system



Defense Update

Indo-Israeli Barak 8 Scores Direct Hit on 1st Sea Launch

Israel’s Ministry of Defense and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) conducted today the first full system flight and intercept test of the Barak 8 missile system developed jointly by Israel and India. Upon the completion of the system verification test series, Barak 8 is expected to achieve initial operational capability next year.

The test was conducted from the Israel Navy SAAR 5 missile corvette INS Lahav, the first Israeli vessel to be equipped with the new air and missile defense system. The scenario began with the launch of a target, representing a reference threat. The MF-STAR on INS LAHAV detected the threat, tracked its course and passed it to the battle management center (BMC) inside the ship. The BMC calculated the optimal interception point, and assigned selected the missile interceptor for the launch. (The Barak-8 system can operate independently, or share assets across several platforms to provide effective area defense for larger battle groups).

Upon receiving the launch command the launcher activated the gas generator pushing the missile upward from the vertical launch canister, once cleared off the vessel the missile employed the thrust vector and aerodynamic controls to turn into its operational trajectory. After a midcourse flight in which the missile received updates about the target’s course and expected position, the missile’s active seeker was activated. Acquiring the target from close range the missile homed in on the target, scoring a direct hit with the target. “This was the second time the missile scores a direct hit, a testament of the system’s capability to deal with highly maneuverable targets” said Boaz Levi, Executive Vice President and General Manager of IAI’s Systems, Missiles & Space Group. “All weapon system’s components successfully met the goals of the test.