UK Response to Russia’s Campaign in Syria? Unprecedented Nuclear Drills



Sputnik News

Britain urged NATO to conduct multinational war games which will see thousands of troops, vessels and planes simulating nuclear warfare, Defense Minister Michael Fallon and Britain’s envoy to NATO Sir Adam Thomson said, according to reports in British media. 

If the massive drills are a go, they will mark the first time since the end of the Cold War that Britain will test its nuclear capabilities developed under the Trident program alongside conventional forces from other NATO member states.

Fallon made the remarks during a summit of NATO defense ministers held at the bloc’s headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

The war games will come at a time when some NATO countries have been increasingly critical of Moscow’s foreign policy. The alliance has been using deadly civil wars in Ukraine and Syria, sparked by West-sponsored uprisings, to ramp up its military presence close to Russia’s borders.

The UK is employing the same strategy of overhyping the non-existent Russian threat to push through the nuclear drills.The Trident nuclear deterrence system consists of four Vanguard-class submarines stationed at the Clyde naval base in Scotland, with each carrying a maximum of 16 Trident II missiles. They have not been test fired since 2012.

On Wednesday, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the government would expand the Trident system by adding four Vanguard-class submarines in the years to come.

According to a report issued in February 2015 by the Henry Jackson Society, Russia has been gathering intelligence on Britain’s nuclear capabilities potentially rendering them useless. Specifically, the country is allegedly trying to obtain the information regarding the “acoustic signature” made by the Vanguard-class submarines.

“If Russia were able to obtain a recording of the ‘signature,’ it would have serious implications for the UK’s nuclear deterrent – Russia would be able to track Vanguards and potentially sink them before they could launch their missiles,” the document stated.