Does EU Migration crisis reflect a struggle between Rothschild and Rockefeller?



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Food for thought by this Russian analyst.


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Who needed a new migration of Peoples and why?

Migration crisis is shaking Europe. All the famous media stories and incidents make no sense.

We distinguish a few points in what is happening :

– An obvious connection with the influx of migrants is the sequential destruction of Muslim macro-region: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, from where it began a new great migration of Peoples.

– Financial participation in “humanitarian and charitable” foundations of Rothschild, financed and organized the resettlement.

– The explosive nature of the recent influx of migrants.

– The absolute unreadiness to what is happening with regards to structures, procedures, laws of the EU 

We note that with the destruction of the Muslim countries and its impact is more or less clear. People fleeing from war and devastation into the EU in the hope of heavenly life and high benefit.

It is not clear – why “The Rothschilds” artificially and urgently spin migration crisis?

Note that for “The Rothschilds,” the meaning is not one particular family of transnational financial oligarchs, but a conglomerate of families, clans, and pressure groups that promote global project Opposing another global project – colloquially called “Rockefeller” (see below).

So why all this is necessary for “The Rothschilds” ?

First short list now has a sounding version:

1. Using the situation to spur project “tolerance” of transformation of European society.

2. Under the guise of refugees crammed to Europe arrive militants of “Islamic state” and a breeding environment for them. In order to create a tool to blackmail and pressure on EU countries and their political elite.

3. Cause the crisis management structures of the EU in order to inspire them to change in the right direction for “The Rothschilds” key.

4. Cause a shock in European consciousness in order to transform the decrepit, loses appeal and fighting ardor liberal humanist ideology and model of the EU.

5. displease continental Europe in British society on the eve of a referendum on membership in the European Union.

Let us consider them in more detail

1. deepening European project “tolerance.”

An old song about the main globalists all kinds. The project has long and persistently promoted “The Rothschilds,” and not only them, and not only in Europe.

Globalists need to state their sovereignty and authority of national governments have been reduced to a fiction. They must replace global supranational control structures, a majority which will have financial and media oligarch groups.

In order to weaken the resistance of the new control centers, put on the head center of the old state, call the crisis of traditional ways of self-organization, to undermine team spirit and identity of the people, to push the expansion of old value systems, religions, the usual way of life and morality.

Migrants (as well as sexual minorities) here act as a “Trojan horse.” Their mission – to bring to the European (and other) societies alien cultural environment. To then equating indigenous and immigrant culture, religion, life, behavioral and ideological stereotypes, declare them some equivalent convention.

The community of new and old members of the community must be formed not by the addition of the old and the introduced culture, and by subtracting them, eliminate differences.

At the dump at the same time, will Christianity and Islam, European and, say, Arab-Muslim culture – both are not mutually integrated.

Combinations of local and alien cultures may be different, it is important that their components were maximally different. In addition, a prerequisite to be a declarative priority and protection of minorities (not only the national, the role of sexual minorities about the same).

The result of this “unity” becomes a national cultural and zero emasculated “tolerance.”

As a result, it breaks the unity of cultures and value systems of individual nations and the soil is removed, which may be based statesmen and traditionalists, and prevent weakening of the submission of the countries who do not want to dissolve their Peoples to universal broth. Draft old.

What is not docked to the current situation?

The crisis that we are witnessing, is designed not for a smooth, gradual introduction of minimally irritating “Trojan horses” and vice versa.

One gets the feeling that the process operators seek to maximize reared migration wave, which is fraught with shock at the European guinea pigs and a sharp rejection of what is happening. As a result, there is a risk to derail the whole long-term strategic project. That, in the opinion of the globalists – is unacceptable.

2. Flood Europe with ISIS militants and their breeding ground in order to have a lever of pressure on European governments and the political elites.

A popular version. In its favor is the fact that most of the storming of the EU border migrant young Muslims, strong men without families in the regions of influence of the ISIS .

What’s the inconsistencies?

The dominance of men – not an argument, as everywhere and always the first to go to settle in new places more mobile, usually young men. Families with wives and children and then tighten the received status, benefits, work and looking around at the new location.

In addition, the introduction of the militants – a process piece, mass race had nothing to something. Not so much these fighters for stocks need clearly not the hundreds of thousands. Flurry immigrants cause more fear and the attention of special services. The number here is not transformed into quality.

3. Cause a management crisis at the structure of the EU, in order to inspire them to change in the right way for the globalists.

It is likely, as “The Rothschilds” are interested in strengthening supranational superstructures like the EU.

The discontent and resistance to migration wave evince most national governments. Therefore, the need for change is obvious. It needs a boost after which launched the process of restructuring the Office of the EU can be sent on the track. It is important to start, “to engage in a squabble,” as a classic, but we’ll see.

The problem here is one. The means chosen is too strong, the desire for change orders in the EU can go uncontrolled channel.

However, everything is decided by those who hold in their hands the control levers, the media, NGOs and interest groups, it has the ability to manipulate public opinion. All this is more or less under the control of the conditional “Rothschild” to rebuild Europe and beyond a strong alliance of bankers and media moguls.

4. Cause a shock to the European society in order to transform the liberal-humanistic model.

An interesting version. The European model and ideology in crisis, the attractiveness and hence its effectiveness outside the EU, are losing strength. In addition, the need for new buckles to create a “fortress Europe”.

This is especially important on the eve of a showdown with American competitors and the project of trans-Atlantic partnership. The project, running counter to the plans of “Rothschild” to create a financial symbiosis Europe and China (wider Eurasia), as an alternative to the US Federal Reserve (see below).

In addition, the East gets a new dawn of the Russian world, the neighborhood with whom any possible collision, requires the consolidation of unity and series.

The project is the creation of a new form of pan-European nationalism and support it may have a place to be.

The problem here in one. Specificity not. It is necessary to read the tea leaves on the ideological direction of innovations and their consequences.

For us the important thing is that any transformation and any form of “European nationalism” in its new form will inevitably be directed, in particular, raises his head against Russia.

The Americans and the Fed for “The Rothschilds” are rivals. Russia is an enemy for them. Timeless, mystical, at all times.

Only Russia can become a center of attraction for the anti-globalization forces are ready to confront a new world order and universal human apostasy.

From Russia to play geopolitical games, embed it in a tactically convenient scheme of cooperation, but the enemies of this, we do not cease to be.

The crisis of the liberal model is largely caused by discontent among the European nations. Pulses, hope and role models here are from our country, we are dangerous.

5. displease continental Europe in British society on the eve of a referendum on EU membership.

The referendum in the UK with the question of whether to stay in the EU, to be held in 2016. For the Conservative Party, which initiated it, a referendum was needed as a way to attract voters and as a lever to put pressure on the EU to negotiate for his country more favorable conditions for membership in it. Bidding, but not for radical change in the relationship and out of the European Union.

Otherwise the “Rothschild”,  the UK out of the EU may now be at hand as.

The residence of the eldest of the Rothschild family is in London and the UK, they traditionally have considerable influence. But their hopes are not connected with it, and with Europe and China.

To understand why this is so, it is necessary to briefly review the structure of the global rivalry between the two clans – the conventional “Rothschilds” and contingent “Rockefeller”, their financial and political conglomerates.

“Rockefeller” is the US Federal Reserve. Rothschilds Banks are also the shareholders of this machine. The Rothschilds are involved in the process, but it is not exclusively controlled.

You want something his, especially since the future of the Fed and the US hegemony there are more questions.

The purpose of “The Rothschilds” – the creation of their own, an alternative of the Fed, the global financial system.

With the “Rockefellers”, among other things, their hatred and a different understanding of the prospects for globalization.

While the former believe that the center of the main beneficiaries of globalization and the new world order is being built to become the US Federal Reserve and controlling clans, the “Rothschilds” are global in their designs further.

Their model involves the weakening of all states, including the most important states – the United States. A center of world architecture created by them must be separated from any national or regional control of administrative superstructure. Standing over the States and they are not subordinates. Moderators and beneficiaries of the process, of course, should be, in the end, they are.

In tough competition with the “Rockefellers” and, hence, with the United States, “The Rothschilds” are forced to seek alternative support. And they found it. Their main purse and ally – China. It is associated with hopes of creating a new global center, challenging the old American hegemony.

For the sake of an alliance with Beijing “The Rothschilds” ready to go on a temporary cooperation with Russia – because of its obvious geopolitical necessity for China – Russia to build, and more – the Eurasian space, into their global plans.

In general, with China the “Rothschild” no problem. Questions have arisen with Europe.

The Americans, anticipating the fight for global leadership, put the problem consolidation around him close civilizational regions, primarily in Western Europe. To do this, create a trans-Atlantic partnership, whose task is to link the EU to the US.

Rothschild, this situation does not suit. These plans include the creation of a financial symbiosis between China and the EU, and, in the long-term, the establishment on this basis of an alternative US Federal Reserve of the global financial conglomerate.

So, American Euro-Atlantic plans should be Porush. And it will be easier to do if pushed out of the EU’s main ally the Americans – Britain. Union Anglo-Saxons to lose its influence in the EU.

How to do it? A referendum on Britain’s membership in the EU – a suitable case. And the influx of migrants from continental Europe designed to cause maximum annoyance to citizens of the kingdom, to induce them to vote for the exit from the EU.


In all of these versions should be viewed as food for thought. Tasks to present a full explanation man-made migration crisis in the EU was not the author.

In addition, the puppeteers playing the destinies of nations and Peoples are not used to putting all your eggs in one basket, and any combination can be made possible.