Explosive Mystery: What really happened in China?



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Western media is clearly using the two massive explosions in China, the nature of which remains a mystery at this point, to drive a wedge between the Chinese regime and the wider population, by undermining public trust in the regime’s messages and explanations. This is classic information warfare, which takes advantage of the regime’s autocratic nature and uses it as a double-edged sword against it. Here is an interesting analysis of the events from a Russian perspective.


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Only 11 days ago in Tianjin was a big explosion, which killed 123 people. You have probably forgotten about it, but that does not mean that it’s forgotten by the Chinese. On the contrary, it is still one of the hottest topics on the Chinese Internet.

Some people believe that authoritarian regimes are better able to cope with all sorts of natural disasters and exceptional occurrences, because these modes have a lot of resources that can be mobilized quickly. Let’s see what happened in Tianjin last few days.

The explosion left terrible landscape in its aftermath: black smoking crater, devastated neighborhood, burned down cars and buildings. The evacuation of residents of neighboring areas.

What really happened in China?
Ground Zero at Tianjin

The city is home to over 11 million people, many of them even know how to shoot video on smartphones. In the early hours people began to spread rumors in “Veybo” about what they saw, share addresses and address of the hospitals receiving the wounded.

However, in the next few days we began to ask questions: “Is it good if the government copes with the task of crisis management? How many people actually died? Is it possible to store hazardous substances placed so close to a residential area? Do not poisoned air and water in the affected area? “

Such questions began to cast a shadow over the images, which the government tried to broadcast the citizens through official media: the party – sure technocrats, keep the situation under control and on the spot – the heroic firefighters who are ready to sacrifice their lives at the request of the Party and the dictates of the spirit.

After thinking a bit, the government tried to organize control over the dissemination of information about the incident, to prevent the emergence of “false rumors”.

State Chancellery for the internet ordered the media to reprint only the messages of news agencies of government, and reporters and editors forbidden even to exchange views about what they tweet at “Veybo”.

About 50 publications have been punished, and more than 400 accounts in the “Veybo” blocked. Ordinary users pointedly reminded Chinese law, according to which the publication of “unverified information” and “rumors” that is gaining more than 500 retweets, and may lead to criminal proceedings!

Ground Zero at Tianjin

At some point, the Chinese Internet has become a popular joke: “The only workable agency in the government of China is a State office for the Internet!”

But there it was. Smart readers will immediately understand that when the government is trying to silence information on emergencies, begin to spread precisely those “rumors”. We do not report accurate data on the victims? Yes, because thousands of them! We do not say anything about the air and water? Because they are deadly!

Many users of the most popular instant messenger in China “Vichat” received such here warning from “the US embassy in China”: “Because of the explosion in Tianjin, may soon begin acid rain, contamination of drinking water! Be careful!”

Many people immediately saw this arm of the State Department, which is trying to rock the boat, only warning was a fake, the site of its embassy there! However, in a crisis of confidence in the official media, which for a long time did not say anything about water contamination, that are fakes and are becoming very popular.

Also popular are all sorts of pictures visits by officials in Tianjin, such (sorry for the quality):


As a result, the authorities were forced to begin to share at least some information. For example, “Reuters”, referring to the Chinese government, said that the water of Tianjin increased cyanide. In the 277 times!

It remains only to find out that this cyanide. Wikipedia says here, in the 20th century used as a cyanide poisons against rodents in agriculture, as well as a chemical weapon in the First World War.

“Of course we understand that not very nice when you tap cyanides flow,” – tried to reassure residents of Tianjin official Wen Rui – “Do not worry you so, I’m just kidding! This figure exceeded the affected area, and tap water in the city clean! In any case, until everything settles, drink “Even”! “

“Xinhua” is also reported that the blast damaged 17 000 dwellings. Many residents wondered whether they will state: “Here in Russia, Putin helps all new apartment after the explosions and floods distributes. But who will help us ?! “- outraged mother of many children Lee Bibi.

Mayor Zong Guoying tried to put the most specific: “That housing is to carry, will be demolished, it can be reconstructed, rebuilt, and that it is necessary to compensate, compensate!”

Residents of the affected regions show a photo of your home.

Chinese Internet users can only shrug their shoulders and draw caricatures here are here:

Smoke comes from Tianjin, but there are many more similar blisters

In other words, you just have to wait until next time to explode.

“The government just wants us does not remember this tragedy, to treat her as an ordinary news,” – wrote in a blog, a local journalist who loves to reflect the dreams generation of the late ’70s – “Soon, we forget how to forget the tragedy recently sunken ship When tragedy killed more than 400 people.

In our China, if you cry, do you remember – means you against the regime. If you do not want to refer to the tragedy as an ordinary news – you have a dissident.

To test the environment, the military put the animals in cages on the streets Tianjin. In the first photo you can see how the military that took cells in the affected area, flees. I worry now, who will feed the bunnies ?! “This situation is normal!” – Assured journalists the vice-mayor. “You’ll see that these cute little animals will hold even more than a week!”



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