As Greece says NO, do Eurogarchs plan to throw Germany under the ISIS bus ?



Essential Intelligence

By Scaliger


Several Strategic Matters collude right now

This article describes the strategic shadow-war (M$M-censored) waged on Germany on its streets in parallel with dodgy dealing at the globalist corridors of powers. This leaves Germany at the moment in exponentially aggravating dire-straights, which require a fast and decisive strategic response. This response is a bold rescue of Germany from its pursuers, and is planned on several aspects and layers of geo-strategic brinkmanship from nuclear deterrence to financial diffusion.

The Nuclear Duopoly may keep USA at bay

Since the end of WWII Germany feared the USA firstly and mostly due to the American nuclear arsenal which could be used against it.  Once Russia got itself an operational nuclear arsenal in 1949 the USA stopped the ostensible genocide around Germany, aka the Germanocide [2] which started already in summer 1943 [3]. Thus the downfall of the USSR in 1991 has allowed the USA to perform a large-scale effort to replace the German population with foreigners from 3rd world countries who are not compatible either ethnically or culturally.

By now Germany is in bed with the French nuclear submarine program and is shrouded with the Nuclear Balance of Powers between Russia and the USA, resumed due to the US-lead war over the Ukraine and recently exemplified by the test launch of a Russian large ICBM rocket [5].

The Crescent of crisis is the term which until a few months ago fairly described the distribution of Muslim communities around Germany: the Crescent of Hamburg, Hanover, Hildesheim, Bielefeld, NRW, Frankfurt-Main, Heilbronn, Stuttgart and Munich. Since a few months by now, hundreds of thousands of Somalies and other Muslims from around the 3rd world, are being lodged by the local government in every hostel, hotel or city council room which can be made available, likewise in many apartments rented for that purpose.

This has already bankrupted half of the German municipalities – who are the paying agencies for ‘social’ lodging purposes. The decisive majority of those immigrant are of no value to the local economy since are not talented enough for the modern industry – which thus doesn’t exist in their homeland. They are assigned 3 young men per room, spending their mights and days strolling the appalled and shocked neighborhoods. Example calculation: 2 million invaders * 30,000 p.a. = 60 Billion Euro p.a. for a trouble which only grows via importing brides and reproducing the failure like rabbits do. This is under an EU mandate to bring Islam to the driving seat of Europe, aka to implement Political Islam [4].

The groups of e.g. 200 Somalis injected to every odd German community around the country threaten the real-estate market, even where it is mostly not in a bubble condition. This can ruin the German mortgage banks likewise the large commercial banks, imposing a deep socioeconomic crisis across Germany. Such a shock treatment would expedite the sanitation of those finances.

This can easily form the basis for an ISIS expansion into Germany in articular and the EU in general [6], where many countries are already Islamized over their head like UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Finland – mostly with Somalis since the early 1990s. One possible mitigation for such an ISIS outburst, a limited sample of which occurred a few days ago [7], is covert Russian intervention by means of its elite units e.g. the Spetsnaz of the GRU, in order to keep the situation under check like the US claims it does in Novorossiya.

The assignment of so many 3rd world invaders to Germany is done by the EU in conjunction with the financial blueprints of the ECB which hijacked the socioeconomic control from the governments of the Euro-zone’s member states. It resides in Germany yet doesn’t care about it.

Reform of German Governments and Courts of Law

The civil and non-civil administrations of Germany are utterly sick and tired from throwing the country under the wheels of the western, read Anglo-American, regime of Germanocide. Thus they must seek to reform the Federal and local Governments and courts of law in order to comply with the constitution of Germany. The German constitution originating in 19th century Prussia forbids membership of Germany in foreign organizations, because this derogates from the German sovereignty. Since those institutions have been tentacles of the EU, while the Bundesbank a tentacle of the ECB – albeit loud protests from its chiefs, rehabilitating these institutions means seceding from the EU thus also from the Euro-zone.

This happens just when The Euro-zone’s Thraldom of interest has become unsustainable, with Greece being technically bankrupt for a couple of weeks by now. No fabled referendum could possible fix this situation. The collapse of the Eurozone would accelerate the crises in the economies of the USA and China and free Germany to join the BRICS and it AIIB, instead of the dreaded TTIP/TISA/CETA concoction of globalist corporatism hijacking the last vestiges of state machinations across NATO member states. Likewise to escape GMO.

The cashless matrix

The other large clear and present danger is the Cashless society, being a Cybernetic Panopticon [8], which has been decided for recently by the Bilderbergs [9] and prototyped by BitCoin with its exhibitionist BloackChain which shows the whole world till ever after every deal any user has done.

The remaining Eurozone and EU is so much sick and devastated both economically and socially that it cannot do much vs. a German secession and is likely to remain a numb zombie, unless its remaining  members abandon it too. In the absence of competing socioeconomic blocs like the USA and China used to be since late, the EU has become an  impossible burden and liability without any existential justification, thus is now likely to meet its destiny sooner than later.

It needs be noted that Germany has effectively left NATO beginning of 2014, having consistently and repeatedly refused to send its troops to help the USA destroy the Ukraine, Russia and other parts of the world. The volumes of troops the US has in Europe is not in the right order of magnitude in order to impose any American will on a state the size of Germany, in particular while the Czech republic has always refused to become a NATO member, likening NATO to the USSR, and while Hungary is trying to break free from the financial matrix of private central banking and like a few other EU countries has already successfully nationalized, i.e. confiscated, the local private pension funds – which are tentacles of globalist private banking corporations [10].

Since the USA has defaulted on returning the German gold deposited early during the cold war, Germany considers the USA a thief bankrupt morally and financially alike. The USA is since long not an important export market for German companies, which operations and growth are mostly in the BRICS countries like car manufacturing in China, India and Brazil. Russia is the natural-source for natural-gas since it is nearly a neighbor, unlike the ocean-away USA which is a net energy importer and will remain so – especially with the now ostensibly collapsed fracking business.


Another essential reason for rehabilitating the state apparatus is preventing it from becoming a tool for terrible crimes against society like in the USA and Canada, where 11 years old girls are being implanted contraceptive devices by the government [11] and being introduced to the intimate practices of perverts [12]. In Germany the law forbids home-schooling, thus perversion of the governmental school system like was suggested last year for the Baden-Wuertemberg state, would be nation-wide unavoidable for all children without any parental possibility to control the health, education or future of their sons and daughters. The school also force the children to adopt best-friends from those who are very much not like them, take them home and disclose to them all their family secrets. This is not unlike the USSR, which force-married people from different races and cultures e.g. the Yevsektsiya [13] likewise its christian European soldiers stationed in Asia with Muslim Asian women.


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