Was FDR assasinated to trigger the cold war?



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An interesting Russian theory about the death of FDR and the hidden forces behind it.



70 years ago, on April 12, 1945 died the 32nd President of the United States (1933-1945). Franklin Delano Roosevelt. According to the official version – Roosevelt died of a cerebral hemorrhage. However, there is a version that Roosevelt was killed. According to the testimony of the American president’s personal physician, Dr. Mack Intayr, regular checkups Roosevelt no signs of sclerosis of cerebral arteries were found. Another interesting fact is that no autopsy was performed, and the body has not been exposed to bid farewell, according to a posthumous presidential decree. Already in 1948 in a book by E. Josephson “strange death of Franklin D. Roosevelt”, it was suggested that the President was shot.

Franklin D. Roosevelt – the only one in the history of the United States of a person who was elected to the presidency four consecutive terms. He became the greatest American president in the XX century. His name was included not only in the US but world history. Roosevelt became a member of the “Big Three”. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was naturally endowed with a great love of life and undying optimism. This helped him when Roosevelt contracted polio and would not part with a wheelchair. These traits also helped the US withdraw from the band incredibly severe Great Depression (when only “American Holodomor” killed hundreds of thousands of people) and become victorious in World War II.

Franklin Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882, Franklin came from a wealthy and famous family, whose ancestors came from the Netherlands and the United States have already given President Theodore Roosevelt. The future president was born in the family of James Roosevelt and his second wife Sarah Delano, who belonged to the high society of the United States. As a child, Roosevelt often traveled with his parents to Europe, has mastered a number of languages. Up to 14 years worked with the best teachers at home, then studied at the privileged school in Groton (Massachusetts). In 1900-1904 gg. received a law degree from Harvard University. Then studied at Columbia University. In 1905 he married the girl of his circle, a distant relative, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. Wife has played a huge role in the political career of her husband, especially when he was ill, being his “eyes and ears”.

Successfully started doing political career – in 1910 he was elected to the Senate in New York State Democratic Party. In 1911 he was ordained to the Masons to is commonplace for the American elite. Through various Masonic lodges and similar clubs on the tasks people are “dedication”, “selection”, get the necessary acquaintances. During the presidential campaign in 1912 actively supported the T. Wilson. He was noticed and offered the post of Assistant Minister of the Navy (held this post until 1921). In 1914, unsuccessfully tried to get the US Congress. In 1920, Roosevelt ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic Party’s vice presidential USA. The decline of influence of the Democratic Party and serious illness temporarily removed from Roosevelt’s political career. Roosevelt spent six years in the fight against serious illness.

In 1928 he was elected Governor of New York, which opened the way to the White House. Spent two terms as governor, a unique experience manager. Already as Governor Roosevelt paid great attention to the construction of major facilities. And if the planned dates for any of the objects were violated, should the personal intervention of the governor. Roosevelt and his advisers knew that the future of the planned economy. In the presidential campaign of 1932, during the economic crisis, Roosevelt won a landslide victory over Mr. Hoover. Brilliant orator and journalist, Roosevelt turned to American history, arguing that the state can and should help everyone. During the election campaign, Roosevelt, with the support of a “brain trust,” stated the basic ideas of socio-economic reforms, which were called “New Deal.”

I must say that a number of methods “New Deal” Roosevelt may well be used in the context of the current global crisis and domestic crisis. The essence of the “New Deal” was to curb market forces, profitable little (when the rich get richer and the poor get poorer) and the introduction of the planning principle. Back in 1920 a young politician said: “We are against the influence of money on politics, we are against frequent monitoring of persons over state finances, we are opposed to the treatment of man as a commodity, we are against starvation wages, we are against the power of groups and cliques.” Therefore, the common people supported Roosevelt.

When Roosevelt took office as president in March 1933, States were crushed financial and economic disaster and are under threat of social and political catastrophe in the form of revolution or civil war. Roosevelt then managed to convince the rich class, that it is better to share with the rest of the population with excess profits than lose everything. Prior to Roosevelt in the United States there were no pensions, social security and unemployment benefits. It was during the implementation of the “New Deal” Roosevelt in the United States created a “welfare society”, which made the US “semi-socialist” state, “the sign of capitalism.” This state existed in the United States until Reagan (1980), when “socialism” in the United States began to dismantle, as the threat posed by the Soviet Union was gone. Dismantling the “signs of capitalism” is particularly accelerated in the 1990s. A modern States again brought to the brink of social and political disaster, a detonator which can become a “race riots”.

In fact, under Roosevelt, the United States emerged those that we know. The first economy in the world, rich in military-industrial complex, a huge fleet, a powerful bureaucracy, influential and powerful security services. Then there was an attractive image of the United States – the “American dream”, when a representative of numerous middle class could support a family of several children, give them a good education, have a country house and a few cars per family. At the same time the American nation was a nation of workers, engineers, builders, pilots and sailors, not pampered consumers-degenerate sample 1990-2000-ies.

Roosevelt course very favorably with activities Hoover. When Hoover economists have used methods are well known to us for the practice of liberal 1990s and is now in the Russian Federation. This reduction in government spending (“optimization”), tight control of the budget, the compression of the money supply, and so on. D. All of this led poverty and hunger of millions of people, even though America was a rich country, to ensure the normal life of people.

Roosevelt said, “The people asked me to introduce discipline and specify the path under my leadership. People made me an instrument of his will. In the spirit of the gift I take it …. “ He went to the introduction of elements of the planned economy and socialism. Roosevelt understood that you can not give full power “sharks of capitalism” that the vast majority of which only address their narrow group or task. Necessary to increase the role of the state in the economy. When Roosevelt directive established a minimum wage, introduced a system of social security, trade unions have received legal right to collective bargaining with employers. The state regained control over finances. The president could include the printing press without fear issue which has been used to revive the economy. The money received by the workers and farmers who buy American goods, supports industry, saving the US from the crisis of overproduction.

Much attention was paid to large infrastructure projects, such as the complex transformation Tennessee Valley – TBA (TVA – Tennessi Valley Authority). Tennessee Valley in the early XX century was one of the most backward areas of the state. The basis of the district’s economy was agriculture with primitive farming. Tennessee frequent devastating floods brought huge losses. The industry was extremely weak. The river had rapids which hampered shipping. The level of development of industry, agriculture, transport, communications, education and infrastructure Tennessee Valley Authority was underdeveloped regions.

The first waterworks on the river were built during the First World War. Expanding the production of explosives, the government decided to construct a plant bound nitrogen, which required a large amount of electricity. However, after the war, the project stalled. Ardent opponents of the project were private energy companies, who feared competition with private future hydroelectric power plants, and chemical companies, fearing the competition of state enterprises fertilizers. Private traders were the enemy of the case, which had national significance.

Congress in 1928 and 1931. tried to resume the project because, after the devastating floods of the Mississippi River in 1927 increased interest in the control of the regime of rivers and creating a system of reservoirs on the Tennessee River, which was part of the Mississippi. However, the presidents Coolidge and Hoover vetoed, as the project was allegedly uneconomical. Only the victory of Roosevelt revived the project. The basis of the program was initiated: the creation of a hydraulic unit with a large power plant; regional development watershed; social change in the region. Already in the first year of operation TBA received 28 thousand. Locals, in the second – about 100 thousand., And later – up to 200 thousand. Man.

In the 1930s, built six large dams and many smaller ones. The appearance in the Tennessee Valley powerful energy base automatically caused the development of energy-intensive industries are different, especially the chemical industry, factories for the production of fixed nitrogen fertilizers and explosives, as well as electrometallurgy. During the Second World War, the project is actively developed. TVA power plants have become the largest supplier of electricity to the military industry. Aluminum industry has grown significantly since the aviation industry and other military manufacturers have dramatically increased the demand for this metal. The city was created by rolling Alcoa aluminum smelter, which produced aluminum sheet. Alcoa became the largest center of US aluminum producer during the Second World War. Develop other industries Electrometallurgy: production of manganese metal, ferro-alloys and electric steel. Developing and manufacturing of fertilizers and other. Industry. This “energy heart” helped launch the nuclear program the United States. So the project became a powerful flagship, which gave impetus to a variety of industries and turned a backward region into one of the best.

Roosevelt put a lot of money in the military-industrial complex, the creation of new weapons. That allowed the US to become one of the leading (with the USSR) military powers. American military-industrial complex is still the flagship of the US industry, allowing the country to be a world leader. Actively develop the aircraft and shipbuilding (carrier fleet). DC-3 aircraft “Douglas” laid the foundation for modern passenger and cargo aircraft. The US is building a good fighter and strategic “flying fortress”. US first create a helicopter. Actively developing the automotive industry. With the money the state made a huge step in radar and radio communications in underwater acoustics, telephone and television. MIC will be the pinnacle of the Manhattan Project, 1941-1945., Which will create a nuclear bomb, and open a new era in the history of mankind (atomic). All this has allowed the United States to become a post-1945 “superpower.” If not for Stalin’s empire, which more effectively implement large-scale projects, the US would not be enemies on the planet.

Roosevelt spent the money on public works, taking the unemployed in labor camps. Roosevelt signed the law creating the Federal Emergency Relief Administration hungry and unemployed. In 1934, was created Administration of Civil Works (CWA), which used the work of almost 4 million. Unemployed. The administration of civil works (CWA) was short-lived, but managed to build and repair the tens of thousands of kilometers of roads, thousands of schools, hundreds of airfields. In this case, due to the funds of the Administration paid employment of tens of thousands of teachers and people of intellectual labor that helped preserve the country’s intellectual potential. In addition, the administration of civil works set high enough at the time wage workers 30 cents an hour. This stimulated private traders pay no less.

Not surprisingly, Roosevelt (and his many advisers often use the experience of the Soviet Union) with sympathy for Stalin. Roosevelt and Stalin had to deal with similar problems. Although the problem of the American president was easier, the US had the best starting potential than Russia specimen 1920s. Industrialization in the United States has already been done. Where Stalin had to act tough, Roosevelt could not do emission and state loans. However, to solve the historical tasks of the two leaders acted equally strongly. Stalin and Roosevelt personally go into all the details of military-technical construction, do not skimp on the program of scientific and technical nature. The calculation was simple and wise: now putting money into promising areas of tomorrow will benefit all. Stalin in the summer of 1934 noted that “There is no doubt, of all the captains of the modern capitalist world Roosevelt – the most powerful figure,” and pointed to his “initiative, courage, determination.” It is clear that the US and the USSR were competitors, rivals, but that did not stop Stalin and Roosevelt to understand each other.

By 1936, Roosevelt led the US out of the terrible crisis. It is not surprising that Roosevelt easily won re-election in 1936 and confidently won in 1940. While Roosevelt announced his candidacy for the presidency for the third time since disrupt the George Washington tradition of not more than two terms as president. From this point on Roosevelt almost entirely shifted to foreign policy. During the war, in 1944, Roosevelt was re-elected for a fourth term.

The”New Deal” of Roosevelt was subordinated to a supergoal – US world domination, the American New World Order. To do this, a world war was nessecary. To do this, build a powerful navy and airforce, developed the defense industry, to develop nuclear weapons. The American part of the “International financiers” fomented the war in Europe and throughout the world, including the Pacific Ocean, where the “battering ram” (the instigator of the war) was to become the Empire of Japan. In Europe, the big business supported Adolf Hitler and the project “EU-1” (Third Reich). World War II was to destroy Germany and the Soviet Union-Russia, to destroy the colonial empire. The dollar and US goods were to dominate the planet. Dollar after the war had become a world currency, and the US – the only superpower, which had powerful air and sea fleets, nuclear weapons could be brought to its knees anyone who does not understand the rules of the game. In fact, the US was converted to “American empire” – the main command post “world behind the scenes.”

The program has been implemented, but not for option “maximum” – failed to crush the Soviet Union, to solve the “Russian question”. However, Germany was able to make the semi-colonies (in full after the unification of West and East Germany), Japan, the key powers of Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Managed to uproot the colonial empires of Britain and France. Liberated from colonial rule the country for the most part included in the financial, economic, and often political, scope USA. The dollar became the world’s dominant currency (finally after the murder of Stalin, who had planned to create an alternative currency).

Roosevelt played a huge role in this process, but he was brought to the individual and global policy factor historical figure. Apparently, it has played a fateful role in his life. Roosevelt and Stalin since the personal contact at the Tehran Conference (Roosevelt lived in the Soviet embassy) has developed a certain understanding of the need for peace in the world, solving global and regional problems based on convergence of capitalism and socialism. As a result of the Yalta Conference dealt a blow to the interests of the Western elite, especially in the grievance was the City of London, whose interests Churchill.

Indirectly confirms that Roosevelt was killed, the fact that once (!) After the death of the political line of the United States in its relations with the Soviet Union and changed 180 degrees. West headed for World War III – the “cold war.” Truman headed for a tough confrontation with the USSR. Usually successor while continuing the old political line simply by inertia to the wood without breaking. Truman also immediately changed course. Those American politicians who were not aware of the change of the general course, do not even understand why it is done. So the US special representative in Moscow W. Averell Harriman, said: “President Truman rashly entered an unnecessary confrontation with the Russians.” Although Truman was just doing the will of the owners of these United States. Roosevelt, with his policy of understanding USSR was no longer needed.