False flag hack attacks on U.S. used to boost plans for long-range EMP missile



Editor’s Note…

In case you’ve been wandering about the possible motives behind a series of mysterious cyber attacks on American targets lately – the answer has just arrived. Such false flags provide a convenient excuse to boost the budget of the CHAMP program, even though it can’t possibly prevent such attacks. The sole purpose of this technology is aggressive: carrying out EMP attacks on the enemy without resorting to dangerous and unpredictable nuclear means.



For the past five years the U.S. Air Force has been developing, albeit sporadically, a cyber missile, a long-range weapon unlike any in the U.S. arsenal.

CHAMP – the counter-electronic high-powered microwave advanced missile project – was tested successfully in 2012 but recent funding cuts have stalled program development.

Unlike kinetic weapons that destroy their targets, the cyber missile would not inflict physical damage on targets. Rather, its design enables it to send powerful microwave signals that would destroy any nearby computers.

The program was mothballed over the past two years due to budget cuts but several congressmen are spearheading a drive to restore funding.

Responding to the continuing and growing threat posed by cyber attacks against U.S. government organizations and business interests, members of the U.S. Congress have called for development of a new generation of countermeasures.