Exit Polls: Bibi Snookers Obama



Obama sponsored V-15 Cabal fails miserably in attempt to hijack the Israeli elections. US Senate currently investigates Obama’s meddling in the Israeli election process through illegal use of taxpayers money for that purpose.

Israeli voters flatly reject the left-wing conglomerate of the so-called “Zionist Union” (an Orwellian nickname for Labor party leftovers promoted by the left CIA from abroad and the Ynet tabloid empire at home).

While Both the Likud and the Labor party got an identical number of votes, only the Likud is positioned to form a feasible coalition in the near future. [Post Elections Update: Eventually Bibi won in a landslide, far outperforming Labor’s 24 seats with the Likud’s 30 seats, a major blow to Leftist pollsters].

This a major setback for the globalist agenda in Israel, especially now that Obama is in deep trouble in his own home front where even Democrat senators reject his lunatic “Peace deal” with the Iranian regime. 


Exit polls in graphs

Channel 10 exit poll, March 17, 2015.

The Channel 10 exit poll is as follows:

Zionist Union – 27
Likud – 27
Kulanu – 10
Joint List – 13
Jewish Home – 8
Yesh Atid – 11
Shas – 7
UTJ – 7
Meretz – 5
Yisrael Beytenu – 5

The bottom line: with Kulanu and UTJ, Netanyahu has a right-wing coalition.