Did Flight A320 crash Ukraine into the EU?



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Did Crashing the Germanwings aircraft force Germany to vote the Ukraine into the EU ?

This article is an explicit conclusion from the implicit descriptions found on several mainstream German media venues today. Those descriptions tie together the mysterious crash of the German wings A320 on Tuesday (24 March 2015) with the German overwhelming majority vote the next day to admit the poor and embattled Ukraine in to the EU. The Ukraine is at present at a much worse shape than it was early January 2014 when the US conducted the coup d’etat in Kiev and the proxy war between the US and Russia thus ensued across much of the Ukraine. Prior to that war the Ukraine was in a similar condition to which was left when the USSR collapsed in 1991.

The German existential interest is NOT to annoy Russia with a brutal and wild NATO expansion in to the Russian immediate periphery. (‘Ukraine’ is the Russian word for ‘the Periphery’).

Germany has been most reluctant to play with NATO over the passing year – for all purposes apart from the invasion of Mali – for the sake of robbing its gold. That’s the only way the USA left to Germany for repatriating some of its gold.

On-board the Aircraft

The A320 crash was a kick to the head of the enslaved occupied Germany, to obey its masters (Franco-Anglo-American) orders, or else much worse would be coming Germany’s way sooner than later. The Voice (Acoustic) recorder (apart from the Digital Data recorder) holds sounds of breath till the end, thus heart attack and suicide are out-ruled. The Co-Pilot is said to have locked himself in the cockpit while the Pilot was in the bathroom, and didn’t let him in spite of massive knocking on the door. Most importantly, the Digital-Data Black-box’s Memory-Card is Missing [1].

France and Germany are equal partners in the Airbus programme and are both in similar cahoots with the Chinese financial establishment, apparently lagging behind the UK on that front.

Thus France’s interest would be other than defaming Airbus of dissuading Germany away from very intimate Chinese banking relations.

This Ukrainian article [2] describes the latest strategic escalation of EU/NATO against Russia.

This German article [3] puts these two matters (Ukraine annexation and Airbus crash) together – yet circumstantially, namely without naming them a pair of a means for an end (how German of him).

Article [4] clearly shows that the slightly over 8 degree descent started exactly at entering the French mainland

Updated Analysis on MH370

We are not aware of any evidence that MH370 was destroyed. It is commonly believed that it was hijacked by the factory-installed UAS (unmanned aerial system) on board that Boeing 777 [7].

There’s a theory that a US AWACS gave it stealth (blocked radar) in order to allow it to fly away undetected. It is rumoured to have in landed in the Maldives. It was originally en-route to China, with 20 experts on sensitive spook technology (minuscule MCUs) on board.

They worked for Freescale Ltd (formerly Motorola Semiconductor), which has just been merged with (into) NXP NV, thus perhaps Freescale Ltd was already in trouble and those Asian-born experts attempted (were tempted for) a bonanza in China.

A last-ditch interception proves where they were headed to.

Why were not they stopped on the runway? – perhaps for a lack of subpoena and in order not to expose US intelligence assets in Malaysia. The temporary altitude drop the aircraft experienced is considered a signature of a remote-control overtake. It may point to a flight computer restart,

booting from a RAM dedicated to the remote-control modus operandi. Thus the engines would have to be put on Idle from before until after the restart, in order not to be exposed to unintended signals on the bus from the flight computer to the engines computers. Such unspecified signals might lead to hick-ups and/or asymmetry and thus wild maneuvers.


The recent crash of the A320 is quite likely yet another artefact of international hostilities, which has cost the lives of around a thousand civilians in the passing year [8]. A lesson learned would be to install in the cockpit Knock-out Gas-Detection and Alarm systems [11], connecting their outputs to Cellphone Pagers for independent Telemetry sake, likewise to the Digital-Data flight-recorder Black-box and to passengers-cabin crew alarm indicators.


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