Anglo-America takes the Byzantine Pipeline war to the Balkans



Essential Intelligence

By Scaliger

This article presents the colluding tendencies for strategic deterioration across Europe and around the Mediterranean, with the onset of the premature Spring of 2015. All this in line with patterns demonstrated over the past generation and in consistent correlation with the models presented in our articles over the past 3 years, which keep on following the same lines of reasoning, with a growing body of supporting evidence about globalist perpetration.

Recessed Euro – a bad Omen?

The Euro was law between 1997 (when the USA first thought the boom was over) and 2003 (when it at long last to the war it anticipate 6 years earlier).Now it is law again at worrisome level and rate… begging the question: who, where and what is the looming big war going to be fought about? – this time round it seems like pipelines, more than oil fields.

Oil Pipeline Politics – from East to West

Since our recent article: Merkel & Hollande Assist the US Iraqi Deployment,Russia has been rewarded with alleged western consent to stop the butchering in Novorossiya.That was about the eastern end of the Hydrocarbon Pipelines…

Now follow the conflicts about the Western end of those pipelines: Nuland attempts Kiev Version 2.0 in Skopje, Macedonia While… Russia Puts Airborne Troops In Volgograd On Alert.

The West-European Spring

In conjunction with the MI6-driven Syriza phony socialist Revolution [Link] springing to Europe [link], the above seems like the dawn of a new strategic nightmare, that we expected in an article published 3 years ago [Link]. The territory of the Byzantine empire portrayed in that article, spans most of the contested geographic scope of pipeline politics at present. It is the ISIS surge across the Arab-World which prepares the ground for taking the war to Europe.

There’s an interesting parallel between the feeble resistance to NATO’s ISIS across the middle east, by Egypt [Link] and Iran [Link], and between the Russian one in the former Ukraine. This parallel suggests at the great damage potential NATO can readily unleash across Europe.The repeating pattern of False-Flag attacking the Media high-profile targets of Jews & Journalists, first in France (Charlie Hebdo + Supermarket) and in Copenhagen, suggest at a wave of violent distractions from the incumbent TTIP police-state, one of them has been Pegida and its opponents.

European Banks and QE

The implied instability to European banks from the above is substantial and may suggest that the sequel to October 2008 financial disaster is going to happen in Europe this time round. This further explains, though not justifies the newly founded Eurozone QE.


Anglo-America is still powerful enough in order to make foreign countries pay the most for its own misbehaviour.