Exposure: Sony Computers Were Implanted with Trojans Six Months before the Attack



Israel Defense

Israeli sources who are familiar with the details of the Sony cyber-attack investigation told Israel Defense that the Trojans could have been detected at an earlier stage using relatively simple tools

The investigation of the attack on Sony Pictures: Israeli sources reveal that Trojans were implanted on the film company’s computers six months before the attack was executed last November, according to the investigation. This detail shows that the first phase of the attack was carried out by tools that are considered quite primitive.

The investigation of the attack on Sony involves Western and Israeli cyber experts who are following it with great interest. Israeli officials who are familiar with the details of the investigation estimated that North Korea was indeed the one behind the attack, and that there are many similar characteristics to the attack on the Saudi oil company “Aramco” in the past.

As previously published, the main attack was carried out by running Microsoft “Drivers”, however, the new information, first exposed on Israel Defense, shows that for more than six months before the attack the computers of Sony were implanted with Trojans. It is possible that one could find and detect these Trojans with relatively simple tools.

The attack on Sony’s computers caused losses estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars. Scripts of films in production were leaked to websites, as well as employee information. In addition, correspondences between senior officials in the company in which they defame movie stars and the President Obama were also exposed.

Following the attack, the US accused North Korea for being responsible for the act. Last week, the North Korea Internet network crashed and ceased to operate for several hours. Estimates around the world say this was a counterattack that came as a deterrent “punishment” for what had happened to Sony.

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