World War III and Civil War in America Unfolding Before Our Very Eyes



The Hagmann Report

The stages are being set and the actors are being cast in their respective roles for two separate yet closely related plays opening in the global and domestic playhouses of pandemonium. From within the United States, racial and socio-economic tensions are growing against the backdrop of the militarization of our police forces. Bullets, body bags, detention centers and depictions of draconian measures against the American people are just a few of the props that have been moved to center stage in the American theater, where a captive audience anxiously awaits the opening narration and introductory scene that will guide the plot forward.

As front row seat spectators of these dual plays, many can be heard asking in hushed tones and murmurs, “What will be the spark that ignites the dry tinder strewn about the stage of our Republic? The world?”

Amid the stage preparations, the stifled conversation of the audience offers many possibilities, including an orchestrated economic collapse, racial tensions and race baiting, growing ideological differences that have been exacerbated by covert means, identifiable to those with spiritual discernment, or to those having the eyes to see and ears to hear.

Watchmen have been ringing the alarm bells for years and decades, only to be scoffed at and ridiculed by those working behind the scenes. What has been done by design, following the script written by the playwright of pandemonium, has too often been ascribed to incompetence. If it is mere incompetence that is responsible for our plights, it only follows that our plights and follies would be eventually corrected rather than worsened, or repaired rather than rendered permanently irreparable. Therefore, the analysis by the most reasonable among us must be conclusive that we are being viciously victimized.

As the crew continues their final preparations of the American stage on orders of the producers of peril, the same global elite are preparing the world stage for their final act this long running play, where the plot themes consist of domination of the future, population reduction and restructuring the world into the much anticipated “New World Order.”

For some time, the scripts for both plays were closely guarded by the writers and producers. As “curtain time” approaches, the plots, with all of their twists and turns, have begun to leak out. It matters not, for the doors to the theater Megaplex have been locked from the outside, making us not just spectators, but unwitting and most unwilling participants in the interlocking productions of which we cannot physically escape.

The playbills, revised as the producers of peril busily recast actors and rewrote portions of the scripts to lure even more people into these theaters of the absurd, displays of depravation, and plays of perversion, are in their final stage of print.

Civil War, Act Two

In America, we are bearing witness to her deliberate destruction from within. Borders continue to be unsecured and open by design and decree. Most people are conditioned to think it’s merely a political maneuver to create a new voting class. Those who adhere to such inside-the-box banalities fail to think big enough, for it is part of a much greater agenda, a more complex plot and scheme.

It is to “Balkanize” our Union, to destroy our national identity and sovereignty. It is to destroy our cultural identity, and our spiritual foundations. It is one scene of one act of the play that leads to global governance. It will not be a government ordained by God, but by the luciferian god of the power elite.

Diseases like Ebola, the enterovirus and other malicious maladies are being imported on a grand scale. Many might ask, to what end? Most assuredly, the answers can be found from the mouths of the globalists and eugenicists, for they are one in the same. The answers exist not in the problems, but the solutions. It is within the solutions that the plans for population reduction and control exist. Holding the solutions, to be forced upon us are the globalists and their facilitators, and anyone pining for a seat at the globalist table.

Also one in the same are the different political parties that exist only for your entertainment on this satanic stage, as we have seen that although their costumes are different, their roles are not. Otherwise, we as Americans would see some positive progression, repair and healing. Instead, we have been locked in a swirling spiral of physical, moral, and spiritual decay. No political solutions exist that can fix our spiritual devolution. Political leaders are no longer statesmen, but whoremongers for the grossly perverse elite class. Regardless of political party or ideological identity, they have sold their very souls to the author of confusion, death and destruction.

Sadly, most Americans spectators to the play that will eventually consume the actors, writers, directors and producers, will remain seated as the entire stage is consumed in a self-fulfilling conflagration, as we reap the “angel of the whirlwind” as the warnings of the watchmen were mocked and marginalized by fellow audience members. This will occur even as flames dance around and before us, for it has been conditioned within us through generations of media manipulation that can be best described as mind control.

As the physical health of our population is being threatened, so too is our economic health as we witness the unfolding of the deliberate destruction of the middle class, or the load bearing beam of the theater in which we occupy. The final act of the American Republic might well be one of self-immolation, just as illustrated by the Phoenix depicted on the obverse of the very financial instrument that will hasten our demise. For it is a Phoenix, not an eagle, that clutches our nation in its talons, despite assertions to the contrary by the intellectual elite. It is they who shill for the elite to convince us that we are debilitated by conspiracies and fooled by watchmen. They continue to mock even as the tinder is ignited, demanding that we remain seated and calm, for they have it all under control. Indeed, it is under their control, and ultimately, the control of the god of their New World Order and one world government, and not our almighty God.

Questions about the militarization of municipal police forces, oppressive domestic legislation such as the Patriot Act and the NDAA are gradually being answered by the clues emerging from the fog of media manipulation. We have front row seats as not merely observers, but as victims to an agenda of that was written a long time ago.

For years, the warnings of the watchmen have been drowned out by the cries of “conspiracy, doom porn and fear mongering” by the play writers known as the global elite, as well as their facilitators of fatality-the complicit corporate media. Just stay in your seats and turn your attention to center stage, for the play on this stage has already begun.

World War III

To the uninformed, assurances that the world is a much safer place now that the star of the global stage, the heavily-promoted messiah, the self-proclaimed “citizen of the world” has been cast in the lead role tickles their ears. To the informed and spiritually attuned, it is difficult to comprehend how so many can be fooled and entranced into believing the lies of the promoters and the promoted alike. Illusions obviously trump reality on the global stage, just as on the domestic stage, as the majority have been conditioned to accept illusion as reality.

The facilitators of the real-life drama that is unfolding before us are busily mopping blood from the stage before the curtain call. It is the blood of the victims of global restructuring, from the lies of the Arab Spring to the blood trail of Benghazi. Meanwhile, we are instructed to remain seated, to await the next act, or the opening act of the play of the millennia, for it is this act that will usher in a new world structured by a new order, one produced and directed by global elite – the elite that exist only in the minds of the marginalized.

We watch as the global stage is being set for conflagration and conflict, as the powers prepare to “burn it all down.” And burn it down they will, while they busily feather their own nests from the feathers of the Phoenix.

It is difficult to comprehend the depravity of the globalists for decent and moral people are not “wired” to think in such terms. It’s all part of the conditioning process, as we have been conditioned to accept that the laws of the immoral supersedes all. For those who don’t believe this is possible or what you read are simply the ramblings of a lunatic, consider those killed not just by war, but by the slaughter of the 56-plus million innocent unborn children over the last forty years. The soil is soaked by their blood, yet we accept it as it is not just legal and therefore acceptable, but a practice that has been exhorted and exported across the planet.

Domestically and globally, the watchmen have not been silent. They have been sounding the alarm for so long that people have become accustomed and desensitized to their warnings, like an apartment resident becomes accustomed to the noises of a noisy, nearby tenant, or the incessant noise of a distant car alarm.

Many suspect that the cries of the watchmen will soon be silenced. We all have center seats to the unfolding of the geopolitical stage, where we watch but don’t see the telltale signs of growing conflict.

We are reassured that we are safe and secure while the dry tinder lining the stage floor is being set ablaze. Most will not be roused from their seats until the fire is upon them, at which time it might be too late. The shackles of mental conditioning at the hands of the complicit media will not permit flight.

In an ironic plot twist worthy of a Shakespearean tragedy, many will curse not the promoters of peril, but the watchmen themselves, as the author of confusion reigns supreme in the earthly plot of these plays of destruction and damnation. In fact, it is happening already.