The Venetian Conspiracy and Eurasia: Islam and the Vatican


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By Scaliger


Eurabia is a chapter in Venetian Eurasian Politics

This article presents a steady model of history concerning the western world, extending over the insofar admitted history of the Venetian meddling in Eurasian politics during the last few centuries: The Venetian Conspiracy by Webster Tarpley [1]. It concerns the Invasions to Europe by Islam, by the Mongols and by the Americans, and the regimes of the Monarchies, the Caliphates and the Soviets. It lists approaches and methods which have been applied repeatedly and successfully all along.

The Venetians were a league of globalist traders who originated from the Byzantine elite. Byzantium was the later Greek empire, officially considered the eastern Roman empire. There in Antioch the Justinian Code was written in Latin, while all other professions were still handled in Greek like ever before. According to official history, there would have been an ancient Western Roman empire which succumbed a good Millennium before Byzantium did, thus leaving a through mess in the unfolding of western history, named ‘the middle ages’. Anyhow, the western Roman empire couldn’t have possibly yielded the Renaissance scholars and rulers, who also ‘happened’ to write mostly in Greek – and thus allegedly resurrecting ‘antique’ knowledge – of the recently succumbed Byzantium, which finally fell in 1453 with its capitol Constantinople.

This article shows how on a shortened chronological scale, the Venetians not only used Jihad in order to hammer down Christianity, but rather might have even created Islam including Jihad. These histories can be matched together in a simple and consistent fashion, leading to the present globalist deterioration. This is done on the basis of the last 40 years of thorough, sceptical and cautious scientific examination and reconstruction of global Chronology [2], rather not on the absurdities-riddled official version of history. That “standard” history is clearly a centuries-old Venetian-Jesuit production, which by far preceded modern science, and which is clearly orientated towards political agenda and draws from mystical world-views of yore.

This Scientific Model of Chronology suggests linear development of humanity, rather not a cyclical pattern full of holes and dark periods, which in turn conceal the recent achievements of lately defeated adversaries – to the winners who rewrite history in order to match their own Agendas.

In order to do their bidding, the Venetians have been using all along proxies from the peoples who used to neighbour Byzantium: the Arabs, the Iranians, the Jews and the Mongols. This is primarily in order to fight against, conquer and eliminate the Nordic peoples and Christianity the world over, leading to the coming UNWO of “full spectrum dominance”: Agenda 21 and total surveillance.

  1. Asia-Minor is a mid-sized peninsula, which has been a climatically pleasant and geographically central hub, where a cities-based full-blown civilization of land and seafaring left its writings in Akkadian – one of the very first on planet earth. Much of human history revolves around that land.
  1. Byzantium laid under Russian threat. Constantinople was founded by the Russia Czar Constantine and remained prone to Russian overtake attempt from the north, west and east.
  1. The Venetians circumnavigated Russia, sailing the Indian Ocean [3] and from a red-sea port extended a bit into Mecca, where they started up the Mohammedan movement,which entire dominion on earth it names “dar al-Islam”.
  1. Islam expanded north-eastwards in order to underpin a Mongol invasion of Russia.
  1. Stations in creating Islam

5.1 Mecca – commencement.

5.2 Medina – amplification: acquiring talent.

5.3 Babylon – acquiring mysticism including the deity of deceit: Hermes renamed Allah [4].

5.4 Iran – compiling the Koran: waging eternal war on all non-capitulated.

5.5 Conquest of South-Western Mongolia (present day Eurasian -Stans).

5.6 Mongol invasions of Russia – surely underpinned logistically by the Muslim territories
lying along the southern edge of invasion route.

5.7 Byzantine princess married to the Russian prince who becomes a Czar.

5.8 She advises him to face off the Mongols – which he accomplishes without a fight,
thus most likely she and the Mongols were both controlled by the Venetians.

5.9 Rome annihilated Christian North-Africa because of a schism during the Council of Nicea  [5].

5.10 Byzantium, including Crimea, falls to Islam – in order to attack the central European peoples.

5.11 The Ottomans never really succeeded against Russia/Ukraine proper.

  1. “Protestant” “Reformation”: a controlled opposition? – for the sake of genocidal wars.
  2. Following the 100 and 30 years wars, a clan of “Roman-German” Kings controls entire Europe.
  3. The Industrial Revolution – enabled and driven by means of Venetian printing presses.
  4. The Venetians overtake England, found the illuminati, create Britain and revolutionize France.
  5. Establishment of the private Central Banks which reign by means of a thralldom of interest.
  1. WWI

11.1 The “Russian” Czar abdicates in April 1917 and apparently flees to his relatives in America.

11.2 The USA invades Europe first time ever.
11.3 The ‘Civil’ war inside Russia – which is WWI part 2.

11.4 Establishment of the USSR and the Comintern

  1. WWII

12.1 Barbarossa enabling Stalin (the Orthodox Church) to undo the Comintern,

in order to prevent it form the already fledgling nuclear weapons.

12.2 The USA overtakes the world militarily, economically and politically.

  1. 1950s

13.1 Establishment of the further Soviets: communist China, communist  India,
EUSSR and the USSA. By now also TTIP [6] which is quite a UNWO.

13.2 Establishment of NATO and its cold wars: The Cold War Resumed in 1997 [7].

13.3 The illuminati overtake of the Vatican and invert it in order to support the UNWO.

  1. NATO, EU and Eurabia are scaffoldings for the EUSSR.

14.1 Venetian propaganda involved: the Frankfurt School (FS), Sigmund Freud (SF)
spinned by his cousin Eddie Bernays and eventually Saul Alinsky.

14.2 Venetian Terrorism involved: under the guise of the “communist” RAF

and of “Soviet” supported Secular-Jihad aka Hizb ut Tahrir, PLO and PFLP,

all appearing to have been Gladio: US & USSR Field Manuals for Guerilla [8].
* The USSR was always a US front: The Best Enemies Money Can Buy [9].

  1. Leftist ignition of WW3 [10]:

15.1 Open Jihad: Hezbollah (Shiite CIA), MB & Hamas (Sunni MI6), AQ (Sunni CIA).

15.2 The present Ukrainian war.

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