Leftist media silent as Egypt plans to level ‘Palestinian’ city of Rafah in border with Gaza.



Editor’s Note…

Had the Israelis planned something like this, leftist media (and its controlled opposition aka “alternative media”) would be hyperventilating right now with muckraking  rhetoric and comparisons to Nazi Germany non-stop. If we didn’t know any better we might have suspected the Israelis simply subcontracted the Egyptians to do it for them, precisely for the pupose of evading this media blitz from overseas….

The truth, of course, is more prosaic. The Egyptians need to protect themselves from Anglo-American subversion carried out by the Gazan Muslim Brotherhood which functions as a strategic backup of the currently outlawed Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Since leftist media (which provides much of the cover up for the crimes of the Obama regime for its home audience) has no interest in condemning internecine strife betweeen two groups of Arabs, you have hardly heard about it.

Thus, if this plan is carried out, it is expected to reduce the ability of Gazan terrorists to smuggle in strategic weapons that will enable them to engage in illegal agression against both neighboring countries, Egypt and Israel.


World Tribune

Egypt plans to evacuate the divided city of Rafah and build another community five kilometers away.

Egyptian sources said the military plans to destroy Rafah over the next year. They said thousands of residents would be evicted from the city divided between Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

“The proposal requires extensive planning and is expected to begin soon,” a source said.

The sources said the destruction of Rafah was ordered to prevent the smuggling of weapons and fighters from the Gaza Strip. They said the military has won approval from President Abdul Fatah Sisi to evict up to 10,000 residents along the Gaza-Sinai border, with compensation to be determined later.

Sinai tribes have opposed the eviction from Rafah. The removal of border residents has sparked renewed bombings throughout northern Sinai, particularly around the provincial capital of El Arish.

The Egyptian daily Al Masri Al Yom provided details of the Rafah plan. In a report on Nov. 9, the independent newspaper said the new city would contain an agricultural zone and fishing village.

“Houses will be established in a way that suits Bedouin lifestyle, being composed of one story, though constructing an additional story will be allowed,” Al Masri said. “The news homes offered will also have a yard for cattle-breeding.”

The eviction of Rafah has long been discussed by the government. In 2009, the military submitted plans to build another Sinai city to replace Rafah, but the government failed to act.

Egypt, however, has received some $20 billion from Gulf Cooperation Council states to preserve its economy and military. The sources did not rule out additional funds from such GCC members as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for the Rafah plan.

“This development is vital to restore national security,” the source said.