ISIS hysteria being ramped up to enforce Petro Dollar Hegemony in Syria and Kurdistan



As ISIS hysteria is clearly being ramped up this weekend to 9/11 levels in order to prepare public opinions for intervention in Iraq and Syria, these reports below elaborate on the underlying reasons behind it.

Another clear thing is that globalist intervensionism has shifted gears from “responsibility to protect” all the way back to “preventive war to protect America” in a nearly Neocon manner.

Is Obama still representing the real regime,then, or has he been “Neo-coned” by the behind-the-scenes Bankster strategists to re-adjust US foreign policy to the rapidly aproaching “Black October” of financial meltdown? 


Taking the US fight against IS into Syria would consolidate Assad and his Iranian-Hizballah allies

Debka File

British and German intelligence sources reported Saturday, Aug. 23, that US intelligence aid to the Assad regime, channeled through German BND intelligence, had enabled the Syrian air force to more precisely target al Qaeda units. These reports tie in with proliferating accounts from Washington that President Barack Obama is on the point of a decision to extend military strikes into Syria for targeting the Islamic State’s terrorist base. He has been warned by some top US generals that “IS poses a threat to the United States and cannot be seriously engaged without dealing with the group’s Syrian stronghold”. “We’re not going to be restricted by borders,” said Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser, in a comment Thursday.

debkafile’s military and intelligence sources report that there is no confirmation from the ground in Syria that Washington is indeed passing intelligence to Syria through Berlin to help the Syrian air force reach IS targets. The fact is that Syria is falling well short of arresting the IS advance on two critical fronts:

1. Aleppo. The Islamist threat looms grimly over an approaching Syrian-Hizballah military victory, under Iranian commanders, in Aleppo, Syria’s largest city. They have come close to dislodging rebel forces from their last footholds, only to be faced with a new enemy. In the last fortnight, al Qaeda forces armed with American weapons taken booty in Iraq have surged out of their northern Syrian stronghold of Raqqa to capture dozens of villages around the city. Syrian and Hizballah forces, after completing their takeover of Aleppo, will find themselves encircled by Islamist units.

2. Tabqa Air Base.  IS forces have pinned down some 1,000 Syrian air force and military personnel in the Tabqa air base southwest of Raqqa. They are locked in fierce combat. Every attempt by the Syrian army in the last two weeks to break the siege has been repelled by the Islamists. The latest attempt by the new Syrian Republican Guard’s 124th Brigade to reverse the battle has not so far broken the extremists’ stranglehold.

The fall of Tabqa air base would represent the Islamic State’s next major victory after the capture of Iraq’s second city of Mosul in July. It would open the road to Hama, 480 km to the west, and the main highways to Syria’s most important ports and naval bases in Latakia and Tartus in the Assad clan’s heartland.

In a word, by taking Tabqa, IS would virtually roll back a year of advances made by the Hizballah-backed Syrian military against the insurgency, and replace the former threat to the Assad regime with a new one from the Islamic State. So in any decision to extend US military action from Iraq to Syria, President Obama must take into consideration its likely collateral effect – if successful, which would be to rescue Assad’s rule in Damascus from the Islamist peril and relieve his Hizballah and Iranian allies of this pressure.

After declaring for nearly four years that Bashar Assad must go, the US president may end up sending a US aircraft carrier to save him.This decision by the US president would bear heavily on the security of two of Syria’s neighbors, Israel and Jordan. debkafile’s military and intelligence sources add that, in view of Egyptian president Abdel Fatteh El-Sisi’s recent clandestine contacts with President Assad, an American decision to strike al Qaeda in Syria may also influence El-Sisi’s calculations about hosting diplomacy for an accommodation of the Gaza conflict.


TARP 2.0 – the Preparations

Essential Intelligence

Bracing for impact: Ferguson, Ukraine & the Middle-East

This article examines the militant preparations to TARP 2.0 both side of the Atlantic. Analysis of history involves zooming in on the internal politics of instigators, while zoom-out upon the external politics concerning those being instigated.

This time round the entire instigation seems to have been lying since long in the hands of the Anglo-American Banksters, while the victims are the Middle-East and the Ukraine, with grave implications to Russia on both fronts.

In our previous article Direct Petrodollar [Link] we have examined the outline of preserving the Petro-dollar in a financial multi-polar world, where Oil-sheiks would be reluctant to save in USD and/or GBP.

Coming October is likely to be like in 2008, with TARP 2.0 following suit through a newly elected Congress.This would involve minor civil riots across the rust belt, e.g. St. Louis (Ferguson) and Detroit, which would be leveraged in order to excuse a hardened police-state across the USSA in order to protect the Banksters from any pogrom eventuality.

Then all hell is likely to break loose on Israel from North (Hezbollah) Center (Hamas) and South (AQ in the Sinai) alike, in order to overtake the Natural-Gas resources and in order to Jump at Egypt next, again installing an MB (UK:MI6, BP) regime. This is while ISIS would extend to Saudi-Arabia/UAE.

In order to facilitate this middle-Eastern meddling, the USA admitted its Détente policy with Iran already in December 2013, namely giving Iran a Cart-Blanche concerning its intertwined Nuclear and ICBM strategic programmes.

The Ukraine is going to see a much expanded and extended civil war, also mediated by means of a parliamentary elections. Surely the Putsch regime in Kiev is not going to yield the oligarchical major gains for decency’s sake.

A Shiite-Salafist new Middle-East…In case the US invades the KRG 

The scenario of direct-Petrodollar [Link], which relies on morbid tribalism, rather not on peace-processes between states, would favor the Shiite-Salafist conflict over the century old Sunni-Jewish conflict, which by now rests mostly on ice [Link].

ISIS provides the 1st in 3 stages of the Shiite Fertile crescent: After ISIS has ruined the Kurds, Sunni & Christian (Yezidi) alike, and the Syrian Sunni majority, ISIS demonized itself in public.

Stage 2: The US invades the KRG, boots on the ground with its own military divisions and completes the deep reformatting of the socio-politics turning it pro-Iranian. John Kerry: ISIS ‘Must Be Destroyed’.

Stage 3: Iran controls all the way to Lebanon by means of a Shiite fertile-crescent.That’s why ISIS is neither Sunni (which it destroys) nor Shiite (for which it does the dirty work), but rather a Salafist [Link] machination, described in this article [Link]:ISIS are Sunni Impostors. Would this leave a Salafist-Shiite cut of the M.E., in a Ribbentrop-Molotov style? – this wouldn’t be good for the IHH and Petrodollar, unless it would force the Saudis to remain confined to the Petro-dollar regime.That would be a local cold-war for sake of preserving the Petrodollar, without eradicating Saudi-Arabia and without extending Eurabia.

Iran’s status of a regional power is in keeping with the 1997 “Grand Chessboard” anti-Russian/EU/Eurasia destabilization act authored by Brzezinski.Regardless of where the division-line between the Shiite and the Salafist would pass, Israel and the entire Arab-Sunni world are put in the clutches of morbid globalism.


When the financial crash comes, it would lead to a deluge of brutality across the USA, the Middle-East and the Ukraine. All preparations seem to be deployed and tested by means of preliminary toy conflicts. The timing of coming winter, of US congressional elections and of Ukrainian Parliamentary elections are all scheduled for the coming couple of months, while all the world’s economies are shrinking and while economic bubbles start deflating, e.g. the sub-prime car loans in the USA and the Real-estate bubble in China.

The Banksters seem to be well prepared in order not to let such a “good crisis” go away without furthering their fundamental strategic Agenda of mixing and subjugating the world. Unfortunately, the decisively large majorities of people in both the Ukraine and Israel still believe the US-controlled MSM, enough in order to maintain their unadulterated orientation towards the USA, in spite of having been strapped to the altar of globalisation by it, while its machete is already flipping in the air around their necks, ready for the offering. ISIS seems to be the trump card, also furthering the pretext to a police state across the USSA: GOP Rep: ISIS, Mexican Drug Cartels Are ‘Talking to Each Other’.

Will general winter save Russia again? and will it translate to a stronger stand against ISIS before the USA purges the KRG?