Conflicts in Middle East, Eastern Europe deteriorating into all-out war



Essential Intelligence

By Scaliger

This article surveys the quickly deteriorating military conflict between NATO & Co. vs. Russia/Iran & Co. all the way from Libya to Iraq and further to the Ukraine, where it may be ‘slipping out of control’, like Germany now warns [Link]. It seems an all-out war is about to break in a short-order.

No doubt that the recent deals of trading Russian Gas for non-USD currencies, and of the emerging Chinese Gold exchange, challenge the entirety of the Anglo-American empire,like we have described half a year ago [Link].

It is unclear if the Kurds and/or the Israelis will survive this war, just like we have described in our recent article: Direct Petrodollar [Link] some 3 weeks ago.

Worrisome Observations:

1. The Kidnapping of UNDOF 43 soldiers by Jihadists in the Syrian part of the Golan heights,

implies at clearing the UN prior to a coming war,

quite like the UN cleared itself from the Sinai in 1967, in advance of the 6-day war.

Although UNDOF has since deployed its reserve in Golan, Irish Defence Minister
Simon Coveney has said that the kidnapping of 43 UN peacekeeping troops
is ’cause for review of the overall UN peacekeeping mission’ [Link].

2. The premature retreat of the IDF from Gaza.

3. The wartime IDF reserve recruits are not being released from duty.

4. The Hezbollah tunnels admitted.

5. The UAE/Egyptian bombing of weapons depots belonging

to the Qatar-backed fundamentalist militia of Misrata in Libya [Link].
This links back to Qatar’s role in funding ISIS & Hamas, within context of Qatar’s pivotal role
in extending the Iranian sphere of influence around the Sunni world [Link].
Both alliances are prompted and monitored by the USA.

6. The Obama-Merkel summit:

6.1 Why did this summit take place when Obama was supposed to be vacating?

6.1.1 Is it really because of ISIS?

Did ISIS really go beyond its usual repertoire or was it a media hype on top of it?

– Yes, in comparison with the recent AQ-ABM beheadings.

6.1.2 What’s the real reason and urgency?

6.2 Merkel told the Baltic states to keep their calm [Link],

perhaps in order not to invite the Americans to invade them.

6.3 Merkel looked very worried at Obama [Link],

did he tell her of a coming war?

7. UK

7.1 David Cameron mulls joining Obama in bombing Isis in Iraq
7.2 UK raises terror threat to ‘severe’, Cameron says ‘attack likely’

8. The countdown towards the Financial Crash

8.1 Schäuble says no more QE in the Eurozone [Link].
This comes amidst Sarkozy’s prolonged failure to reform the french socioeconomic fabric.
8.2 JPMorgan Warns Military Escalation In Ukraine “May Lead To A Lehman-Style Shock”

8.3 Our recent article: TARP 2.0 – the Preparations.

NATO ups the Ante:

1. Russia seems to have won the Battle for Baghdad.

The western media has simply gone silent about this subject.
This forced ISIS to retreat north in to the KRG,
from which it threatens Baghdad with a great flood.

The KRG held on and now it is made public the KRG is supported by Iran.

2. Russian intervention in the Ukraine is now growing militarily.

Given its victory in Baghdad, which allowed it to refocus on the Ukraine.

3. NATO wishes to revitalize its distraction of Russian military

4. Israel is likely to be called to support the Anglo-American effort

on the south-eastern corner of Syria. This resembled ‘Protective shield’

in spring 2002, in step with the US covert stage of its 2nd Iraqi war.

* Israel’s recent operation in Gaza is named similarly in English
‘Protective Edge’, although in Hebrew it is ‘Steadfast Cliff’.

Implications for Israel:

1. A war on all fronts

1.1 Hezbollah from Lebanon.

1.2 Hamas from Gaza, having officially been rejoined by Hezbollah

a few weeks ago during ‘Protective shield’.

1.3 AQ-ABM from Sinai.

1.4 Insurrections of Israeli-citizen Arabs throughout the country

have already begun at levels of violence resembling Autumn 2001.

2. The IDF will be tested vs. Kornet ATGM in the Lebanon mountains.

3. Israel will attempt to survive a barrage of hundreds of accurate heavy

ballistic missiles from Lebanon on its critical installations.

A Sunni-Arab Domino, under ISIS:

A substantial acceleration of the destruction in Syria, in conjunction with the destruction of Lebanon and Israel, shall expose those countries to ISIS & Co. attrition war of many years.This may extend into Jordan, Saudi-Arabia, UAE and Egypt.

Russia and the Ukraine

Since Anglo-America has made just about every possible sign it is about to mobilize itself to plunder a war around the middle-east and in order to wipe out the Russian enclaves south-eastern Ukraine, it might be in Russia’s best of interest to act without unnecessary delays in order to regain the initiative on the ground all the way to Kiev and even to the Ukraine’s western Border.

The right timing for a massive invasion may be though when NATO has already sunk itself in Syria which would happen perhaps in the near future and perhaps only in early 2015, like the USA has scheduled its Iraqi wars to the middle of January 1991 and the middle of March 2003 and the recent Ukrainian Putsch to January 2014. This first-quarter of the year timing protects the year-end commerce and vacation in due American tradition, and America still calls the shots.


Israel is now faced with an acute military threat of a nature that nobody has ever actually faced in combat: the entirety of the tiny country of Israel has turned in to a pinball for Iranian full-fledged, accurate and heavily armed, Ballistic missiles, launched from the Lebanon, which can disable the country until it is fully invaded by droves of hundreds of thousands of Jihadists of both Sunni and Shiite Muslims, whose joint goal is to overtake Jerusalem.s are known to be equipped.