Boom! – Will Obama Choose Nuclear Immigration Option to create Second Revolutionary War?



The Free Patriot

With each ticking moment the president may be counting down to a decision that could very well be the launch pad of the Second Revolutionary War in America. Obama announced this week that he is prepared to ignore Congress and go it alone in an effort to do what no other president has done before, possibly let loose millions of illegal aliens into America as quasi-citizens of this nation by executive order. With this action can impeachment and the very battle lines of American society be any more clearly drawn?

According to the Hill, Obama is seeking a way to see just how far he can push the legal envelope in helping to pave a pathway for an estimated 11 million illegal immigrant aliens who are living in the United States. He has claimed in his recent threats about being the lone emancipating “savior” of the literally unwashed millions who have become automatic criminals by stepping foot into America; that he is the chosen one.

Whether it is a Christ or God complex that he is suffering from or maybe fancying himself as the new and improved Abraham Lincoln in setting the “alien slaves” free from the tyranny of the U.S. Constitution and those bothersome congressionally passed laws he is stepping onto a legal minefield. Consider the facts which have led to this constitutional and American societal crisis.

First he signs an executive order in 2012 that negates enforcement of the immigration laws that deal with arresting illegals. This resulted in nearly one million illegal aliens being given a free pass to stay in America without the fear of being deported. Then he orders the Department of Homeland Security to stand down in terms of enforcement by border agents, who cannot be aggressive in attacking threatening illegals. Then beacons are erected to make it easier for illegal aliens to navigate and find assistance from and not capture by border agents.

The cumulative result is that tens of thousands and soon to be hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied children, teens along with cartel members will continue to stream across the border. All of this due to the great presidential “emancipator” who has opened the door for them to pillage the America that you knew and loved.

Now, within a week or two, but most likely before Labor Day, the president will unleash his most devastating executive order that will very well be a game changer for every American as well as for every community, city or state in the union. In a economy that is largely stagnant, his executive order could give these millions upon millions of illegal aliens work permits, and also permission to drive, go to college, and assume legitimacy, all while being legal criminals on the nation’s shores.

This is the nuclear option that Obama has been considering and it is the nuclear option that is the presidential shot that will be heard across the nation. You then will be faced with a very real decision in your life as well as in the life of your family and your community. Where do you stand when a president takes away your freedoms and transfers them to illegal aliens based upon his notion of neutering the laws and the U.S. Constitution? This is certainly more than deciding who to vote for in November in terms of a Republican or Democrat. This is clearly about whether or not a nation of laws and of principles that have stood the test of time until 2009, will be sacrificed upon the grand alter of Obamanized socialism by executive edict.

Remember your child’s schools are the ones which are even at this moment being utilized as change agents for the new “Illegal Americans.” The culture of desecrating even the need to speak English by all children is being destroyed by educators now equipped with “Spanish” being taught as a primary education tool for these illegal alien students. It does not matter to the Obama influenced educators that in pre-Obama America, tens of millions needed to learn English in order to become viable contributors in American society.

This has changed and there are more changes that are just as onerous and all of it is targeted to destroy the very fabric of what American society is and has been. The British were able to place troops in the homes of American colonial citizens with impunity. Obama is attempting to force governors and mayors to take in illegals including children and possible criminals, all without a verification of whom they are and where they are from. They are bringing diseases across the border including TB, scabies, chicken pox, MRSA staph infections, and numerous other viruses, according to ABC15 News.

The America of 2014 is past the halfway point, not just in the calendar year but also in terms of how far can Obama push the American people to keep taking his illegal tactics in the gut, until Americans say NO MORE!

Obama is not Abraham Lincoln, and even in his most lunacy-laced narcissistic mind, can he make a logical connection to by executive order, the inclusion of millions of illegals into the American citizen community. Your freedoms mean nothing if this sweeping mandate by Obama becomes true. Just remember the time, the date and the person who lit the match that ignited this Second Revolutionary War. America’s future is watching.