Will NATO use ‘Grizzly’ missile from Gaza to down the next airliner?



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Is the recent FAA-NATO decision to abruptly halt all flights from and to Tel-Aviv related to an impending follow up to the MH-17 false flag ? As we’ve seen in the previous days, NATO is desperate to save its Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza at all cost, and has even reverted to the extreme tactic of outing Brzezinski himself from behind the scenes to openly threaten the Israelis not to crush his terrorist death squads in that region or else… 

This article presents a likely causation and related machinations.


Essential Intelligence

By Scaliger

SA-17 ‘Grizzly’ in Gaza to down the next airliner?

SA-17 is the size of the Gazan M-75 (Main photo above)

Yesterday, NATO stopped all flights to and from Israel for ’24 Hours’ [Link].

– but Why for such a short a time period???
– what does NATO know and expect, about airliners flying over Israel, that others don’t?

– why only now, after weeks of rockets exploding around Israel’s international Airport?

…Israel had already, from the start of the present Gazan inflammation, distanced the flight-paths
away from Gaza [Link], having approach (from the north) and take-off (eastwards)?

– Could it really be because 5 days earlier to that decision, MH-17 was downed, like the Christian Science Monitor suggests [Link]?

This recent FAA decision clearly seems like a NATO strategy in order to push Israel to the wall, facing Israel with an ultimatum, to choose between 2 possible gruesome results:

1. An all out Israeli attack on Gaza, acting on ALARP [Link], which means prioritizing the final extermination of the Hamas above its safety. This means a huge anti-Israeli protest wave, due to  imminent results of Hamas’ human-shield practices, which are already dissected by us [Link].  These protests combine the Muslims inside Europe with the Worker-Unions, and with the Neo-Nazis in order to cause Pogroms in the large cities against all Jews.  The Proletariat mob is being agitated from the USA by means of such Propaganda: Half of Europe’s Jobs Threatened by Machines [Link]. This deterioration has already begun across Europe [Link]. It’s like 1938, says Israeli ambassador to Germany: Outbreaks of anti-Semitism on the rise across Europe [Link].

Yet Israel has always been built on Pogroms abroad, which provided it with Personnel and with a tangible raison-d’etre. France has forbidden such demonstrations since the one in Paris made that city become a copy of Gaza [Link]. Germany hasn’t forbidden such demonstrations, thus its major cities have become de-facto sisters of Gaza, thus providing a glimpse in to the shape of things to come across Eurabia.

2. Stopping the Operation in Gaza, having acknowledged that Hamas can cripple Israel strategically within minutes from its own discretion. Namely – Israel will be a per-Se Zombie out in the open. NATO’s policy towards Israel since 1987 is to unwind it, in favour of a direct NATO overtake of the country, which comprises a transfer of Jerusalem to the Vatican. This is what the entire Middle-East is undergoing for a generation by now – the return of explicit imperialism.

It seems NATO had been trying to lure Russians to down a passenger jet for over a month before MH-17 was downed [Link]. NATO needed this downing in a short order, due to its pre-scheduled strategic moves against Russia, thus it must have placed a back-up bomb on-board the MH-17. Even were a ground-launched interceptor to strike the MH-17, the on-board bomb would boost the damage conclusively. Thus we expect NATO, perhaps via its Jihadi Proxies like Hamas/Hezbollah, to down another large airliner around TLV very soon.  This time round,the airliner shall drop in to the sea, thus no damage-control will be available for us from the open media, like was with MH-17.

Last week MH-17 flight of a Boeing 777 was downed over south-eastern Ukraine, by means of an on-board bomb, like we have described [Link], yet it was falsely blamed by the USA on an imaginary SA-11 ‘Gadfly’ that the poor ‘rebels’ would have stolen and somehow also would have managed to operate successfully. The SA-17 ‘Grizzly’ is the later edition of the SA-11, looking strikingly similar, yet with a maximal interception range at high-altitude of 50km instead of the former 35 km. Thus when launched from the Gaza strip it wouldn’t reach an aircraft flying at high-altitude aircraft over Israel’s international airport, named after Ben-Gurion, which is located some 10 miles to the south-east of Tel-Aviv.

Yet, with a ballistic trajectory it may reach 100km,while reserving some manoeuvrability which suffices against the cumbersomeness of an airliner. It seems quite likely that Iran supplied the Hamas in Gaza with at least one SA-17 piece of its own making [Link]. Before exposing the SA-17, both mechanically and magnetically concerning the activation of its radar, its operators need to receive some initial detection of its intended target.

This can be achieved by means of a Lebanese traffic-control radar which reports to Hezbollah.

Hezbollah has declared on 21.07.2014 it stands with Hamas [Link], ending the stand-off between these two organisations, which resulted from Hamas’ unwillingness to support the Assad regime. Hamas was supported financially by Qatar, which supports the opposition to the Syrian regime. Qatar ended that support just before the present inflammation in and with Gaza started. This support includes operating a joint situation room in the Lebanon with Hamas, which may also coordinate the resupply of the Hamas with Iranian Rockets, e.g. via Sudan: Israel and Iran are back at war [Link].

Hezbollah has always been an Iranian prong, thus its move is an Iranian one.  This Iranian change of sea in favor of Hamas followed very shortly yet another great concession to Iran by NATO:
Iran nuclear talks deadline extended until November [Link], thus Iran is expected to support NATO.

We have already dissected in detail NATO’s interest in maintaining the Hamas in power in Gaza [Link], thus it is clear that NATO expects Iran/Hezbollah to support the Hamas militarily, with all it would possibly take to keep it on top of its situation. We can only wonder what Ms. Merkel meant when she said: Hamas has new weapon [Link], yet it now seems plausible she pointed to reports about an SA-17 delivered to the Hamas from a Hezbollah store, located quite likely either inside Gaza itself or in the Sinai to which it is connected by means of underground tunnels, some of which serve delivery trucks, namely vehicles and shape and size of an SA-17 piece. 

The End of the TV-Era and the Rise of the Internet-Era

Television is a medium which allows the Regime a full-spectrum control, thus TV is a brain-wash machination, by definition and practice alike. The last prime example of which was 9/11.The Internet era rather proves itself very effective in debunking fallacies, fables and charades, with the first prime example being the systematic and scientific debunking of the official 9/11 narrative. The Internet allows to put all the evidence together, thus to distinctly present the tremendous inconsistencies between the official narrative and between the tangible physicality of the subject matter. The Internet’s recent victory is yesterday’s admission by the USG that it has got  no  evidence that MH-17 was downed by a rocket [Link].

Since the beginning of 2014, western TV has become genuinely Orwellian, to an extent only comparable with that of North-Korea. This statement holds mostly to the events in the Ukraine,but also to 14 years of claiming that perfectly healthy, unwounded and relaxed Arabs were ‘badly wounded Palestinians’, because the wore snow-white bandages and/or red-tainted clothes.

What will happen when Israel can only survive itself by means of decisively winning over the suicidal urban society of Gaza?


While the outlines of NATO’s purpose and methods against Russia are quite clear, the fine details of implementation are yet to be seen. While the Arab empire rests safely all the way between Yemen on the shores of the Pacific ocean and between Morocco on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, tiny Israel is sinking quickly in to an awkward and gruesome multi-phased and multi-faceted battle for its very survival. Israel is backed by its Karma-comrades Egypt, Saudi-Arabia, Jordan and the UAE, which are targeted by the same enemies: Anglo-America, Turkey, Iran including its Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood including its Hamas. This battle is integral to NATO’s present day world-war, in articular to its current surge. It intertwined the psychological and the international with the terrestrial and with the militant. It is now a battle of awareness and of willingness not less than ever before.

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