SHOCKER: CIA planted bomb on Flight MH-17. No interception occurred over Ukraine.



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By Scaliger

Airliners exploded in order to contain the BRICS development bank

Malaysian Boeing 777 flight MH-17, which crashed dead today on Ukraine’s border with Russia, must have been destroyed by means of an internal explosion:

1.  There was NO smoke trail on the way down to the ground, thus NO interception occurred.

2. The photos of the remains seem to comprise of “small” and smoothly-painted pieces, namely which dispersed over a wide territory prior to anything burning: [Link to photos].

3. All possible parties deny they intercepted it: Russia, Ukraine and the rebels, too.

4. Surely the Russians knew the jet was on its timely path, thus wouldn’t intercept it.


The USA surely planted that bomb in order to blame Russia, in order to back American hostilities against Russia and in the Ukraine. The flight took off from Schiphol in the Netherlands, which itself is a core country for western imperialism like with ‘Royal Dutch-Shell’.

Today’s explosion is thus reminiscent of the Lockerbie false-flag operation by Anglo-America, causing an internal fatal explosion on a Boeing 747, in order to Frame Muammar Gaddafi [ Link]. Gaddafi was eventually assassinated by NATO on October 20, 2011,within context of the Arab-spring, which is itself a False-flag campaign.

Gaddafi challenged the USD and Euro, namely the western bankers, by means of attempting to introduce a pan-African currency to be headed by Libya and to be based on Libya’s gold reserves. The gold reserved of Mali have been robbed by NATO ever since, too.

Why Malaysia?

Much like with the lost Malaysian Boeing 777 flight MH -370, it seems that Malaysia is being targeted in the sense of a ‘shot across the bow’ in order to deter it from making the natural and necessary step of joining the BRICS development bank, which has been funded with BRICS currencies worth $100Billion according to a publication on 15 July 2014 [ Link]: BRICS Announce $100 Billion Reserve To Bypass Fed Developed World Central Banks Similarly the weird crash of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 in Indonesia in 2012 [ Link],an aircraft jointly manufactured and assembled with Boeing [ Link].

Local Cadavers & glitzy Passports, by awaiting “reporters”

The rotting cadavers and the glitzy passports seem like they were inserted in to the crash site just after the fire subsided, augmenting the shrilling impact of the event on the western audiences, in order to boost the bombastic witch hunt against Putin & Russia.

The rotting cadavers were hardly burnt, merely charred, thus they must have originated from a local morgue. This also explains their strong smell of old meat. A standard Morgue practice is to poor the cadavers’ blood to the sewer, in order to slow down the rot and the spread of disease. Since the Ukraine has always been inherently corrupt and since its personnel is cash starved under the present warfare circumstances, it shouldn’t have been difficult to buy some cadavers, and then fill some coffins with stones.

The reporters awaited the downing of the aircraft, thus were the first to film the bonfire and the first to arrive on site before all other people. Perhaps those reporters were escorted by West-Ukrainian Infantrymen pretending to be Russian separatists. Most likely the US sent its people to film the results, being accompanied with a well assimilated militant guard.

The very fact the video of the fireball, arising slowly over the horizon from the aircraft’s main crash site, had started well before the smoke became apparent,suggests the cameramen ought to have been told over some communication device the coordinates of the main wreck. The wreck dropped to the ground at hundreds of kmh without a trail of smoke, thus was hard to spot coincidentally.


The USA keeps on looking more stressed than ever before with its efforts to frame Russia and to fight against it. The fact the MSM, the Main-Stream-Media, including all the allegedly “alternative” websites, doesn’t say a word about the possibility of a bomb planted in the aircraft, only attests to the faux game being played in this case, too.

The same modus operandi is the likeliest explanation for the missing MH-370 too,since radar tracking of which was suddenly lost and no remains have been found till date. Likewise, nobody but us suggests it was bombed from within amidst flight, and that it was a warning to Malaysia to stay out of the BRICS development bank.

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