Obama’s “humanitarian truce” collapses as Muslim Brotherhood Escalates Gaza Aggression



Merely a day after Obama demanded an immediate “humaitarian truce” to save his Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza,it seems like the Hamas regime has taken advantage of the international boost to this terrorist mob and decided to escalate its aggression to new levels with a renewed wave of bombings reaching even North of Tel Aviv and terror attacks through tunnels on Israeli border communities which resulted in several Israeli casualties. On top of that a couple of false flag attacks have been carried out by Hamas on the Shifa hospital in Gaza (the main Gateway to its own “Fuhrer Bunker”) in a desperate attempt to blame the casualties on the Israelis. According to unverified accounts this may have been a failed attempt to launch heavy rockets of the Fajer-5 class.

Paradoxically this may have saved Netanyahu from yet another shameful surrender to Obama – the only American president in recorded history to openly side with the Muslim terrorists without even attempting to hide it behind this or that rhetorical facade. The same goes for UN henchman Ban Ki Moon who also openly sided with the Muslim Brotherhood which continues to use UN facilities in Gaza as launch pads for illegal aggression against Israel.

By 20:30 hours in July 28, 2014, it became clear that the whole “humanitarian truce” charade collpsed like a house of cards and Netanyahu was forced to expand the miitary campaign inside Gaza to previously untouched regions like Jebalya and Zeitun. As estimated earlier the Israeli-Egyptian alliance has no choice but to go ahead and break the backbone of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza as a prequisite to breaking the backbone of the CIA-MI6-Turkey-Qatar-Iran axis of evil and its plan to force the allied Caliphate on the Middle East. (while Russia is fighting to contain the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq and Syria, and orchestrates the BRICS bank alliance and the south-stream pipeline.Ukraine’s NATO installed government has collapsed, though NATO has captured Slovyanskand the Bulgarian Government has collapsed as well).

In times like this all the masks tend to wither away and the bare ugly face of Anglo-American intelligence and cleptocratic apparatus behind the regional terrorist infrastructure of the Muslim Brotherhood is exposed for all to see. So now we can clearly understand what the ‘humanitarian’ pauses demanded by Obama are realy for: to buy time for Hezbollah to mobilize itself vs. Israel as it has just threatened to do.  Far more important than the actual time-frames of those pauses is the resulting intermittent and indecisive mode of operation of the IDF.

There is also a report about a planned rerun of the 2010 Marmara incident by the Turkish Al Qaeda IHH group intending to attempt another “humanitarian” maritime provocation in Gaza under the cover of the Turkish navy, which would amount to a direct NATO intervention in the conflict on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood – jsut like almost happened in Syria last year. The Israelis would be advised to let the Egyptians handle this particular problem because Turkish intervention not only threatens Egypt’s primacy, but would be check-mate concerning the MB vs. Al-Sisi.

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