Middle East Jihad Cup Finals: Israel or Hamas-ISIS?



Editor’s Note…

Regardless of the allegedly upcoming Israeli ground offensive on the Muslim Brotherhood enclave in Gaza (or alternately, an abrupt cease fire) , this current round of hostilities (“Problem”) is likely to end up with yet another stalemate (“Reaction”)  which would “require” foreign meddling by Anglo-American interventionists (“solution”) somehow leading to British Petroleum getting incredibly wealthier. (Several telltale signs of this development were reported very recently when BP related shadow henchmen like UK’s Tony Blair and the Austrian Oligarch Martin Schlaf arrived at the region, probably to supervise the “cease fire” terms in a manner that would secure BP interests.) 

Predictably, in the Mainstream sphere British state funded propaganda networks like BBC have taken the leading role in attacking the Israeli side of the conflict while cushioning their pet Muslim Brotherhood cannibals in Gaza, as they have done during the height of the Syrian civil war involving the very same Muslim Brotherhood.

We were the first and so far only media venue around which predicted this precise outcome right in the beginning of the ISIS crisis. While most prominent “alternative media” (read CIA disifno) operations are hysterically trying to ramp up as much Israelophobic propaganda as they can without offering a single real insight on the situation, this recent report below analyses the main regional hot spots and connects the dots from Mesopotamia to the Levant, elaborating on the current phase of Anglo-American subversion and destabilization. 


Essential Intelligence

By Scaliger

Hamas vs. Israel

Hamas has drawn Israel into a full-fledged attrition war, in order to boost its own status in a pursuit for a decisive vantage point against he PLO/Fatah in the succession struggle of the 79 years-old Mahmoud Abbas on the throne of the PNA, and in a wider and outspoken attempt to eradicate Israel and then to consolidate the full-fledged Jihadist Palestine under its own control.

The Wider Game Plan

The regional Jihad war present situation can be described in an analogy to the Football World-cup, starting with the ‘groups’ stage and concluding with the knock-out stage.

The eastern group is Iraq and eastern Syria, namely in Arabic ‘A-Sham’,with ISIS vs. Baghdad (Maliki) vs. Damascus/Alawite/Assad vs. Iran/Shiite vs. the Kurds. The western group is the Levant, with Israel, Hezbollah (former Lebanon), Hamas and the PNA.

Anglo-American established Jihadist Regimes

The Hamas, which name represents the initials in Arabic for ‘Islamic Resistance Movement’,is a branch of the Muslim-Brotherhood, which in turn is a century old British established guerrilla for the sake of Islamic revolution – namely Jihad in Arabic. The model of the Muslim-Brotherhood was repeated by the CIA’s Muslim division named Gladio-B, establishing the Iranian Mullah regime in Iran, the Taliban, the Hezbollah(through Iran), Al-Qaeda and recently ISIS too.

Anglo-American overtake of Levantine Maritime Natural-Gas Fields

This detailed process, by which Anglo-America conducts its semi-covert and violent overtake of the Levantine Maritime Natural-Gas Fields, we have recently described in detail [ Here].

The internal collapse of the western financial system, involving the throes of death of the American democracy [ Link] and the EU bail-in mechanisms [ Germany] [ UK], drive Anglo-America incessantly to gain much more hydro-carbon wealth in a short order: the Ukrainian coal fields,the Iraqi and Syrian Petroleum fields and the Levantine(Lebanese, Israeli and Gazan) Natural-Gas fields. All those new conquests are intended for resetting the West [ Link] under a Nuclear Caliphate [ Link].

The American time-line:

Since QE is destined to fade in October 2014 [ Link], just a mere few weeks before the elections to the group of representatives, the Obama regime is struggling for power much like its middle-Eastern colleagues in the Muslim-Brotherhood. Its last line of defense is based on its DHS Gay-stapo, administered by a bunch of Muslim-Brotherhood agents [ Link].

Trends in the western group , the Levant

On 02 June 2014, a Palestinian unity government was sworn in by Mahmoud Abbas [ Link], namely the Hamas which holds total control over the Gaza strip has become the official major partner to the PLO/Fatah in the west bank and in the international relations of the PNA. This could be the swan song of the PLO, which contemptible Oligarchical practices removed it from public grace in favor of the feudal Hamas, which practice match the commonplace Arab performance.

The first and last elections in the PNA took place in early 2006, when the Hamas won Gaza and in earnest also the majority vote in the west-bank, which in turn was manipulated in order to keep Mahmoud Abbas in power. By the end of 2014 there should be another regime elections [ Link], yet a date has not been declared, and the present upheaval spreading across the middle east may jeopardize the prospect of elections in the PNA once again, like several times insofar.

The Hamas struggles now on two fronts simultaneously in an intertwined manner:

1. On the home front, the Hamas attempts to inherit the throne of the PNA from the 79 years old Mahmoud Abbas. who has been the Architect, aka the brain, of the PLO since the early 1960s.Mahmoud Abbas has now become a groupie of the Hamas and of the Jihad, saying [ Link]:“ “One God, one homeland, one enemy, one goal” unites Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad”.Likewise in 2011 [ Link]: ”We [PNA] and Hamas Agree: Israel Has No Right to Exist.”. * Fatah is the Arabic for PLO, which has founded the PNA, both headed by Mahmoud Abbas.

2. Against Israel, which it covers with heavy fire carried on ballistic rocket of up to 100 miles range. This coverage represents its aspiration to consolidate the entire country under its own ‘Caliphate of Palestine’ – a first of its kind, since all previous Muslims Caliphates ruling the country were regional empires, which didn’t comprise a Palestine in name or form.

Al-Qaeda, at present operating also under the guise of ISIS, has been very active with Israeli-Arabs since not later than year 2000, claims “Al-Qaida – a challenge for Hamas?” [ Link, pages 39 & 40]: “Iraq you have Shiites and you have Americans. But here in Palestine there are no Shiites and no Americans, so I think the atmosphere is not suitable for them.” The other factor is the presence of an active Palestinian resistance: We have seen that al-Qaida establishes itself in areas where they can dominate the ground because there are no other strong groups. However, in Palestine there are Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and many other armed groups. So why would people join al-Qaida when they already have all these groups fighting the occupation? But we don’t know in the future: If Hamas starts relying more on talking politics and comes very close to recognising Israel and becomes engaged in a dialogue with the US, this would be very beneficial to al-Qaida.

This point suggests that the success of al-Qaida is directly dependent on the fate of the political process that Hamas has sought to be a part of. If that is the case, the most fertile period for al-Qaida to win sympathisers among the Palestinians would be when Hamas is engaged in a political process or international diplomacy, while when it is preoccupied with resistance, there would supposedly be less space for al-Qaida.

Another implication of this reasoning is that Israel, within the green line, constitutes a suitable area of operations for al-Qaida, as there is no armed resistance among the Palestinian minority in Israel. As mentioned above, Israeli police found that the first Palestinian al-Qaida suspect, who was arrested in 2000, had indeed tried to recruit Israeli Arabs. More recently, Israeli police have arrested a number of Israeli Arabs on suspicion of relations with al-Qaida or planning attacks ‘inspired’ by al-Qaida. In December 2007, two Israeli Arabs from Jaljulya in North Israel were arrested for planning “al-Qaida inspired attacks” on Israeli targets. The suspects admitted in interrogation that they had been influenced by surfing global jihad Web sites. [ Link]

In July 2008, two Palestinian Israeli citizens and four Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem were arrested for links with al-Qaida and for planning to attack the helicopter of U.S. President George W. Bush during one of his visits to Israel. [ Link]

Later the same month, two Israeli Bedouin were accused of spying on behalf of al-Qaida by passing strategic inform ation on possible targets for terrorist attacks, including Ben Gurion Airport and towers in Tel Aviv, to al-Qaida contacts abroad. [ Link] Furthermore, in August,yet another Israeli-Palestinian man was indicted on suspicion of trying to set up a suicide operation cell in Israel and for contact with an alleged agent of al-Qaida in Gaza. [ Link]

From an Israeli perspective, these cases are extremely worrisome, not only because of the possible emergence of al-Qaida as a new enemy within its borders. The mobilisation of Israeli-Palestinians into anti-Israeli violence represents in itself a qualitative shift from the security threats posed by guerrilla or terrorist activities originating from the Occupied Palestinian Territories, as it dramatically reduces the value of Israel’s strategy of providing security through physical separation from the territories by walls and fences. Israel’s General Security Service (GSS) has for some time detected increased Israeli-Arab solidarity and identification with enemy organisations such as Hizbullah and Hamas. The GSS reported in 2007 that 21 Arab-Israeli terror cells were uncovered in 2006, up from 17 terror cells in 2005. Based on these findings, an internal GSS document warned that Israel’s Arab population is a “genuine long-range danger to the Jewish character and very existence of the State of Israel.” [ Link]

To the extent that the Palestinian minority in Israel has the potential of developing into a fifth column within the state, they represent a serious weak spot in the state’s defence system. The most recent cases of possible al-Qaida activity among Israeli-Palestinians may indicate a conscious desire on the part of al-Qaida and its affiliates to exploit that weak spot.”

Trends in the eastern group , A-Sham

ISIS in Iraq is reported to have overtaken a chemical weapons depot [ Link] and some 40kg Uranium too [ Link]. Will it use it against the Baghdad, which defense is now augmented by Iranian and Russian detachments, or would it rather smuggle them to Gaza?


In both cases, of the Levant and a-Sham, an intense attrition war is being fought between well armed, well funded and very determined regimes. It is not less than a regional war, which has succeeded the Arab-spring with a desperate last-ditch attempt by Anglo-America to win it all, while throwing under the bus its past allies in Baghdad and in Jerusalem.

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