ISIS Target is Christendom



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By Scaliger

ISIS-EMEA is a Geo-strategy against Germany and Russia 

Notably, Ukraine bridges the Northern prongs of ISIS Caliphate, by means of its ‘Yatsies’, which are nick-named after their local Boss Yatseniuk, who is a US asset, reporting to Nuland. Yet most importantly, Ukraine is the RNBC basin for both Yatsies [Link] and by extension ISIS, which has already threatened to use RNBC against the US and Israel.

Obviously, Germany’s position is much more precarious than that of Russia, due to its far smaller size and dependency on the foreign realms of imports and exports.

The remaining and most interesting question is how Germany is going to be dragged into a war, eventually on its own territory. UK-run Golden-dawn in Greece is a likely instigator for that purpose.

1. What happens if Turkey invades Greece?

2. What happens if ISIS-supported Albania invades Greece?

3. What happens when Italy, France, Spain and the UK say

they have no money and no support for intervening in favor of Greece?

– only until Germany got itself involved and accused of falsified atrocities,

like the US-funded Ukrainian pseudo-‘Nazi’ Pogroms.

In spite of consistent sacrifice of the German self-interest at home since 1949, the German full fledged war campaign against Serbia in 1999, which was utterly evil, should suggest at a German tendency to fall into such a trap.

ISIS (much of the CIA’s Gladio B, operating from the US embassy in Turkey) has just declared itself a Caliphate, which would allow it to substantiate its relations with Albania and in Kosovo. Such relations may allow for large dispatches of Chemical weapons, e.g. from Baiji,which will be used in False-flags massacres against Christians.

Such incidents would be blamed on some Greek/Serb/Ukrainian Pseudo-‘Nazis’ in order to excuse another allied war of aggression against Germany, quite likely a final assault which aftermath would find no German nation in existence.

The Chechen network of the CIA [Link] would be of tremendous value in plunging Germany in to mayhem from within, inducing an implosion of the country and eventually forming a splinter of the country which would be annexed to the Caliphate.The Kreuzberg martyr brigade would neutralize the German government in Berlin,while the Offenbach martyr brigade would neutralize the German finance and banking in Frankfurt.

ISIS overrides North-America

The following link suggests that ISIS is tied to Mexican drug Cartels [Link], thus implying it competes against Hezbollah on American Drugs Protection [Link] [Link].

The above chart describes volumes of drugs per main geographical origin,suggesting that what Sinaloa smuggles might be mostly imported by Maritime Gladio [Link].The Asiatic sourcing of the stuff explains the gravitation towards Middle-Eastern tentacles. Kind of an Opium road, like the ancient Silk-road,just larger, stronger and this time all for the worse.

ISIS is branded Al-Qaeda, which in turn is part of the CIA’s Gladio-B. Hezbollah is a collection of foreign legion, much like the Waffen-SS used to be, on Iran’s service. The Mullah regime in Iran stemmed from a CIA revolution in 1979, which replaced the Shah who was himself a revolutionary totalitarian implant of the CIA. Even though both ISIS and Hezbollah are US tentacles, given the Nuclear status the West seeks to grant Iran, it makes sense to fold Iran out of the Americas ASAP.

Unlike in the case of the Syrian Chemical weapons, which production-means were dismantled and the whole lot was removed [Link], the US seeks to grant Iran a full fledged industrial capacity for the entire nuclear cycle up to and including of full-scale nuclear weapons. This intention is detailed in the following article [Link].  Apparently the USA doesn’t care anymore to the existential concerns of Israel and Saudi-Arabia (and Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE) and rather ramps up its ISIS instead of them all, in conjunction with a growing American partnership with Iran, including over Iraq [Link]. Coming 20 July 2014 is the nominal deadline for the NPT negotiations with Iran, which most likely will utterly contradict Israel’s aforementioned requirements to ‘dismantle and remove’ the Iranian nuke stuff,  thus leaving Israel on the verge.

In preparation to this date under a couple of weeks from now, namely in order to bog Israel down both physically and diplomatically, a state-wide violent revolt of the Israeli-Arab Muslim citizens was instigated and is ramping up to the Pogrom level against casual Jewish citizens and against state infrastructure [Link]. This is while Gaza keeps on pouring artillery rockets on Jewish towns. The US has turned its coat on Israel since the USA has turned its skin from within [Link].

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