Gaza Watershed Event: British media Hysterical over Impending downfall of Muslim Brotherhood



Editor’s Note…

Once you let all the media generated hyperbole and disinformation about Gaza sink and clear, a few key facts emerge about this war:

  1. The Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza is directly funded by Qatar – a British protectorate up until 1971 and recently a major regional playground for the CIA and the Pentagon. Qatar’s propaganda network Al-Jazeera played a key role in inciting and encouraging the CIA sponsored Arab spring destabilization campaign across the Middle East.
  2. The Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza is diplomatically backed By the Islamist regime in Turkey – a NATO member – which has recently helped to spawn the ISIS crisis. (ISIS comprises much of the CIA’s Gladio-B division,operating from the US embassy in Turkey). The regime linked IHH (Al Qaeda’s “humanitarian” wing in Turkey) went as far as threatening to commit racist pogroms against the Jewish community in Turkey as “payback for Gaza”. This was echoed by mass Islamist-Leftist rallies in London, openly calling for the destruction of Israel, and by actual attempts at racist pogroms against Jews by Paris Islamists,which prompted the authorities to ban all such “protests” in fear of letting the Muslim genie out of the bottle. 

1+2 create a very simple equation of Anglo-American state terrorism targeting the majority of Israel’s population centers. The vast network of terror tunnels and bunkers hosting thousands of rockets exposed there during the intense battle of Shejaiya were bought and payed for with Petro-Dollars generated by the Anglo-American speculative banking system and its regional proxies in Qatar and Turkey. The alleged “support” for the Israeli operation in Anglo-American leadership should be taken with a huge bag of salt, as they have a well known tendency to stab their “allies” in the back once the balance of power turns against their Petro-Dollar interests.

The large number of armed casualties on both sides in the battle of Shejaiya has already generated mass hysteria about a “massacre” in Anglo-American propaganda organs and their intertwined tentacles (BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, as well as the likes of “Prison Planet” – the British wing of the CIA’s Texas based COINTELPRO division known as “Infowars”). The underlying reason for this hysteria was the total absence of parallel hysteria in the Israeli side of the fence despite a relatively large number of fallen Infantrymen which in the past would have brought about a wave of defeatism.Instead, the Israelis seem at this point determined to go ahead and expand the operation, with the full backing of the Egyptians who are eager to deal a major blow to the Muslim Brotherhood. This poses a major threat to CIA-MI6 Muslim Brotherhood tentacle in the vicinity of the Levant’s offshore gas fields.

Given the prolonged backup by Qatar and its Anglo-American handlers to the Muslim Brotherhood apparatus in Gaza, the regime’s “military wing” decided to continue fighting, which provides the Israelis with the opportunity to go all the way into the heart of the subterranean bunker complex at the heart of Gaza city itself and rout out all those thousands of terrorists who are still located there, solving the Gazan problem in the same way the Russians solved the Chechen problem. This may very well be a prolonged process, but right now it seems like the dialectics of this conflict are leading the events in that direction. The report below elaborates on the tactical details of the campaign ahead:


Debka File 

The IDF Golani Brigades lost 13 soldiers in combat with Hamas early Sunday, July 20, in the Gaza Strip district of Shejayia, the military spokesman announced Sunday evening. The unit’s commander, Col. Rosan Aliyan, was seriously injured. The urban stage of the IDF’s Operation Defensive Edge has taken Israel into one of its most perilous wars, launched as Hamas’ rocket barrage against the Israeli population continued without pause.

After accepting a brief truce, that was requested and then violated by Hamas, Israeli forces went back to the operation begun overnight in the Hamas Sheijaya stronghold, which bristles with large rocket stocks and arms factories and is the site of concealed openings of terrorist tunnels that snake under the border into Israel 2 km away to a point opposite Kibbutz Nahal Oz.

Still ahead of the Israeli operation, after the troops finish cleansing Shejaiya are similar challenges to dismantle Hamas’ offensive capabilities in another three of their Gaza City strongholds: Shaati, Al Bureij and Nuseirat, before Hamas’ terrorist infrastructure can be said to have been disarmed.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz praised the Israeli units fighting in the Gaza Strip and pledged they will carry on for as long as necessary, until Israel is safe from Hamas terror. While regretting the loss of Palestinian civilian life, Gen. Gantz held Hamas responsible for the innocent casualties, by forcing them to stay in place in spite of Israel’s warnings to them to escape. Hamas could have provided the population with shelters, schools and hospitals, instead of investing in rockets and tunnels for Israel’s destruction, he said.

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