Can America under Obama survive until the next 4th of July?



Essential Intelligence

By Scaliger

Summer 2014 sees Obamunism’s final solution

This article presents the simple and decisive arithmetic which clearly shows how the USA will never be able to recover politically, demographically, economically and otherwise.


The purpose of the global operators, who have crowned themselves in recent years under the guise of TBTF, Too-Big To Fail, and TBTJ, Too-Big To Jail, is to maintain their Pharaonic abusive detrimental reign over humanity. Their base of the strength has been the USA,yet the foundation of that strength is also the greatest threat to those world-criminals, namely from the crafty able men of the USA, who are not likely to go down passively. This global dominion used to be anchored in the reserve-currency status of the USD,which was based on the Petro-dollar scheme of militant extortion, and on a straight correlation between currency issuance and between economic growth.

USG indebtedness, at the level of the entire GDP, has undermined the American military might of former world renown, thus the Petrodollar is entering now its throes of death in the hands of the BRICS [ Link] and its influence over the EU  [Link][  Link]. Incessant QE has brought he reserve- currency status of the USD to the brink, thus cannot sustain the stinky carcass of Wall-Street et. al. any more.

Since the public has retained its weapons, while its communication freedoms have mostly improved thanks to the public Internet, the Global Operators choose to compromise the American socio-economy in order to save their own skin from comprehensive justice deep and wide.This is like preferring to be head to the foxes over being peer to the Lions.


Principle of Operation – turning America primitive

The precondition for freedom is a triple-digit IQ average i.e. >= 100 across the population. The lump-sum Minorities, on both ethnic (mostly 70 IQ) and sexual grounds (LGBT), have become the majority of actual voters in the USA.Obama embodies their internal variety and is on the hunt of the old-normative population. That’s very simple Arithmetic, folks.

Replacement of Population

The illuminati have been talking and acting for generations by now about replacing the white-Caucasian people wherever they be found, with any other race.This is because the white-Caucasian race doesn’t submit itself to slavery,which in turn is the proudly declared [ Link] and ostensibly implemented [ Link] policy of the global operators, who are the honchos of the Illuminati control pyramid.

Irreversible Regime-Change

The open borders with Mexico, in conjunction with the welfare benefit to the invaders, are forced upon the already very troubled US socio-economy,in order to guarantee the irreversibility of the regime change.


Minorities Front

With Voter turnout in the United States presidential elections [ Link] at about 62%, then 31% of the voters decide the future of the USA. This is the population share of ethnic minorities in the USA. The fact they are not all united behind the same POTUS (President Of The United States) candidate is balanced-off by the share of sexual minorities, namely LGBT, in the ethnic-majority population. The share of LGBT keeps on rising more than linearly, due to cortisol reach pregnancies, due to feminism, see: Prenatal Androgynous Theory [ Link].

PC is the Abyss

Political Correctness (PC) is the bias in favor of Primitivism:

1. Genetic: Stupidity over Ingenuity.

2. Character: Conformism over Independence.

  1. Cultural: Tolerance over Pedantism.

Tolerance is described in Judges 21, 25: “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”.

4. Sexual: LGBT over real families.

This is why PC is a one-way street, why pushed defects in to successful societies, thus necessarily brings them down to ruination, while forbids on successful people to settle in defunct societies. ‘Lowering of standards’ is one of the names by which PC-induced primitivism is fashioned.

Internal Destruction – leveraging on sectorial interests

1. Common core.

2. Obomunist Deathcare.

3. Forced importation of 3rd world populations.

4. “Founding Fathers Now Racist” [ Link].

5. Homoterror:

Is the abuse of the entire society at the socio-political level like, in Sodom and Gomorrah. It was prescribed by the Banksterite Frankfurter school, its agent are LGBT ‘useful idiots’. It is the knell of death of a terminally ill society, celebrating its LGBT, peaking with a Gay-Transsexual presidential couple [ Link].

6.  Feminist agenda, including destruction of the family, instead of the child’s best interests.

  1. Most female students attend university faculties, which are “dish washers” for demographic decimation.

* “Dish” is slang for a good looking young girl. She might be subjected to brain washing.

8. FUD: Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt


HDI, IQ & Freedom

Freedom exists and evolves hand-in-hand with a high HDI, Human Development Index [ Link]: Not being free is being degenerate, first socially and then over the generations also individually. Being degenerate, either individually or socially, doesn’t provide for freedom.The strong positive correlation between HDI and IQ is clearly evident [ Link] and results from the individual development capacity emanating primarily from intelligence.

Racism is destruction of the Race

Since the word racism exists only in a very bad connotation, then we must ask ourselves what could be the worst possible damage caused to a race. The answer is its extermination on purpose.

That’s racism. In order to be honest, then every term must have a single meaning, at best a very clear meaning, thus racism cannot possibly means anything else.

The human Races, aka the various Genus of the Human Species, are mere genetic configurations, thus in order to exterminate a human Genus, namely in order to conduct a Genocide (Genus-cide), is then suffices to alter that genetic constellation which is the Genus/Race.

Capitalism vs. Political Monopoly

Real Capitalism is a tree-step cycle, in which:

A.  the industry pays its workers

B.  the workers save in commercial banks.

C.  the commercial banks invest in the Industry.

* Don’t confuse with ‘investment banks’ which are speculators.

** Don’t confuse Ponzi schemes like Wall-street and the City of London with Capitalism.

Monopoly cannot be capitalism, because it doesn’t invest in its homeland industry, which is the tale-telling sign of what it really is: Monopoly Politics. Monopoly politics doesn’t invest because in the absence of competition, namely in the absence of a pre-eminent threat, people don’t take major risks. Politics without Industry = degeneration.


America’s last stand

If there’s any chance left for the American civilization to survive, then it is an overwhelming turn out of voters at the coming congressional and presidential elections, with Majority Americans casting the vote for e.g. the Tea-Party.

Then all open illegal matters must be thoroughly reversed and punished. Coming July 4th, exactly 4 months ahead of US house of representatives elections, a Gallup survey reveals that “79% of Americans Will Be OK With Level of Tyranny” [ Link].