Brzezinski outed as Lord Protector of Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza



Like we’ve shown in a previous article, the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Gaza is directly fronting for the globalist agenda in the Levant, via Qatar and Turkey, as part of Brzezinski’s grand strategy to force the allied Caliphate on the region and drive it into Southern Russia later on, which fits nicely with British Petroleum’s interests in the offshore gas fields facing Gaza. 

In the recent 24 hours it became clear that despite fierce fighting with the Israeli army,the Islamic terrorist death squads are facing medium and long term encirclement and annihilation. This immediately prompted first public reactions from their handlers in Washington when Obama demanded an immediate cease fire and when UN boss Ban-Ki Moon arrived at the region in a private jet funded by Qatar (the main financier of the terrorist death squads). By evening his attempts failed as they were flatly rejected by the Muslim Brotherhood regime, prompting the Israelis to go ahead with the ground offensive,despite ongoing difficulties.

Brzezinski’s demagogic arguments in the interview below are virtually indistinguishable from the cartoonish propaganda talking points used extensively these days by so called “anti-globalists” (controlled opposition Libertards). Now that the globalist cat is out of the bag, it will be very difficult for the controlled opposition to still fake pretense of opposing Brzezinski’s agenda. His final words are quite revealing: He threatens that unless the Israelis agree to surrender , he will order Obama to promote unilateral “Palestinian” measures in the UN. This is the smoking gun that shows you how the “Palestinian cause” and the globalist cause are one and the same thing. They are indistinguishable from each other. Given this revelation the Israelis and the Egyptians have no alternative but to go ahead with routing out the Muslim Brotherhood at all cost, as the price of not doing so will be far greater long term.

Watch the despicable globalist henchman and his media whore on CNN shilling for the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza :

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