What’s the real story behind the Taliban prisoners and Bowe Bergdahl?



Editor’s Note…

Right from the start,something smells very fishy with this story. No, it’s not because “Obama is surrendering to terrorists” or because “Bowe Bergdahl is a defector”. Those are just futile talking points meant to reinforce the false left-right paradigm. We are likely dealing here with a double agent swap scheme which was jump started with the recent “accidental” exposure of the CIA station commander in Afghanistan by the white house and followed with the hasty and very public swap. It seems like Bergdahl was  a deep cover operative  \ liaison officer with the Taliban or even a spec ops trainer – or all of the above.

The released Talibanis come from Guantanamo – the CIA patsy factory. Remember,the head of the Al Qaeda squad behind the Benghazi event in 2012 was released from Guantanamo a while earlier so he could participate in that CIA false flag. This is reinforced by the five patsies’ interim destination – Qatar, which is a well established CIA \ Pentagon playground. Perhaps this is the tip of the iceberg of the Taliban’s planned deployment to Syria on behalf of Langley, though the analyst below believes Ukraine is the target.

By all accounts – this is no ordinary prisoner swap… 

( UPDATE 06-06-2014:  CONFIRMED : Bergdahl Intel came from Benghazi-gate related private contractor )


Essential Intelligence

By Scaliger

This article suggests that the strange story of an awkward release of an American funny-defector in Afghanistan is actually a public and blatant indication that the war in the Ukraine drags and draws in to becoming a long shadow war for the sake of large material gains by both empires directly involved – Russia (former USSR) and the USA (future USSA).

Clues to the news:

  • According to this report those Taliban men are supposed to spend time
    in Qatar (CIA\Pentagon playground) Before going back to Afghanistan.

Our Hypothesis

This may signal deployment of Afghans to Ukraine to beef up NATO’s war against Putin’s Chechen mercenaries aka pro-Russians, though Ramzan Kadirov Denies Sending Chechen Troops to Eastern Ukraine [Link].

Gladio-B mobilizes.

Perhaps the funny-defector was an immersed Gladio-B trainer in Afghanistan and now the whole lot is pulled out of Afghanistan to Qatar en-route to Ukraine. The media coverage might be a threat to Putin saying: ‘here we come to get you’. Muslims vs. Muslims suggests at years of fighting namely without sensitivity to either empire, say a buffer-zone for a proxy-war.

It is reminiscent of the south-park chapter where Canada and USA go to war between them with Blacks at the front; then when the armies come close the blacks see each other and skive the last moment, and then the whites on both sides stand on the brakes – aborting the war altogether.

How a long war would be more profitable?

– It would make both Ukrainian sides dependable on the empires, which could then annex more economic interests to themselves.