US prepares to unleash nuclear color revolution upon Russia



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By Scaliger

USA and Russia are now openly and admittedly preparing for the Russian Nuclear color Revolution, which is likely to be accused for the impending default of the US not-Federal no-reserve uncharted Bank, and to substantially progress the UK towards global control over the planet earth, which it has mostly accomplished already [Link].

By now the suspicion arises, that the purpose of the Odessa massacre,of perhaps even some 300 pious citizens [Link], was intended not just to crash a resistance,but to create a refuges-flood pressure on Putin, even more than  the 14,000 insofar [Link],in order not to cut-off the NatGas (Natural Gas) flow, from Russia in to the Ukraine.

Both the direct consequence of an absence of the NatGas e.g. unemployment and cold,and the indirect ones namely an armed revolt crashed with utter violence,would create a refuge problem in the millions and would ruin the Ukraine,which is exactly according to the Western racist master-plan (an illuminati term).

What bothers Putin most is the continuation of the color-revolution in to Russia based on collaborators assigned long ago inside Russian businesses and branches of establishment:

1. US is militarising Ukraine to invade Russia. Sergei Glazyev [Link].

2. US to attack Russia in 2015. Evgeny Fedorov [Link].

End-time for Russia?

The greatest problem of all, is the possibility the US operated guerrilla inside Russia would resort to nuclear measures, even be it the opening strike: Russia Prepares for an “Expected U.S. Nuclear Attack” [Link].

We still remember the suitcase bombs missing from the former-soviet stockpiles [Links: CauseEffect], 84 of them originally,a few of them we have attributed [Link] to the 9/11 twin-towers basement nuclear explosions.

ABC News interview (Jun 23, 2014):

“Dick Cheney warns of another 9/11 attack far more deadlier than the last”  [Link].

“Jihad emanating from Nuclear proliferation” [Link]

Production of the 5th Generation air-superiority Su-50 coming on stream is slated to enter service in the Russian Air Force in 2016 [Link], thus NATO is frightened of postponing its Brzezinski’s grand-chessboard final-extermination war against Russia [Link]. That’s apart from the critically dire state of the western financial Ponzi-scheme financial system (detailed below).

For all the above, it is not surprising Putin is opting himself out of direct involvement in the Ukrainian fray [Link], and is trying to pacify it altogether [Link].

Military diversions & deceptions in the Levant

Prior to starting the color-revolution inside Russia, the US tries to diverge Russian forces to the Levant, e.g. to Syria where they would replace Iranian and even Hezbollah units, which attempt to protect Baghdad and southern-Iraq from ISIS, or at least ascertain it doesn’t spill in that direction.


1. Israel: the Kidnap was intended to instigate a war which would draw Hezbollah in to the fray.
“US-Iran Axis in Iraq” [Link].

2. The ISIS surge seems to form a Military diversion

Catatonic financial markets

The Fed seem to be facing a dilemma at present, neither having implemented a ‘Bail-in’ in the EU nor having implemented negative interest rates in the EU, thus finding it hard to further taper its QE Ponzi-scheme. This situation has drawn the financial markets, which are anyhow exhausted,to a catatonic situation, where most players sit on the fence awaiting any developments,geo-strategic and/or  monetary/economic alike.


“Public bail-in has become increasingly unpopular” [Link].

“Transatlantic Currency Coalition” [Link]

“Credit Suisse “Fear Barometer” Hits All Time High” [Link].

“”Old” VIX Plunges To Record Low” [Link].

“The Fed’s Hobson’s Choice: End QE/ZIRP Or Destabilize The Dollar & The Treasury Market” [Link].


1. Putin and Moscow should brace for a nuclear impact.

1.1 Putin needs to run for his life to the Nuclear Bunker,because the USA is fed-up playing checkers against a Chess-master.A color revolution typically involves the exile of the former leader, which is not a likely eventuality for Putin, unless it would explain his tremendous financial holdings in the west. What a fine excuse to meet ‘his’ money, then, like the rest of the ‘family’ which brought him to control Russia [Link]; that’s unless he ends up like Qaddafi or like Mubarak, in each case,whose dozens of billions USD held in western banks were immediately and quietly confiscated.

1.2 Nuclear destruction of the capital city of a nuclear super-power seems to have been intended for Washington DC last October, described in our article “False Flag Constitution” [Link], thus this scenario type quite likely remains in the minds of the global operators, concerning Moscow too.

2. Israel should also brace for a nuclear impact.

2.1 Israel is threatened by ISIS with nukes, which would be excused by means of the Russian color-revolution, like the 9/11 suitcase nukes.

2.2 The Israeli  leadership shall find refuge in the gigantic underground nuclear bunker recently completed under a suburb of Jerusalem [Link].

The Israeli leadership at all levels and in all aspects has  always been a bunch of Illuminati members,serving the Anglo-American establishment directly.

2.3 Since Jerusalem itself is earmarked for the Catholic Church of Rome, aka the Vatican [Link 1] [Link 2], then the nuclear bombs would devastate strategic targets along the coastal line, though not likely Tel-Aviv itself, which is the center of globalist influence of all sorts e.g. banking, media, politics and humanistics. Likely targets would be:

2.3.1 The Chemical complex in the Haifa bay, which chemical spills would kill hundreds of thousands of right-wing (read: ‘unwanted’) Jews, mostly: Russians, Moroccans and Ethiopians. Mostly poor and hapless about their lives. It would also destroy most of Rafael [Link] advanced-weapons facilities.

2.3.2 Tel-Nof, the main Airforce base, whereas most other airbases come under tactical rocketry  coverage from Lebanon or Gaza.

The modern state of Israel was created by the west in order to counter the USSR, and ever since its demise in 1991, including the initial occupation of Iraq by NATO, western circles have been talking clearly about there not being any more a need to sustain Israel. Russia and Israel are two of the heirs to the Byzantine empire: Russia by marriage and culture, and Israel through the Ottoman empire. Thus nuking them both to submission would symbolize the final victory of the western Roman empire over the eastern one.