Italian “migrant rescue operation” Exposes NATO’s Mediteranean Gun Running Network



Essential Intelligence 

By Scaliger

Today’s news has coincidentally exposed the existence and operation of a Maritime unit of Gladio-B, namely of the CIA in the Muslim context.

According to this report: Italy rescues more than 3,500 migrants, Renzi asks for help, 3612 passengers have arrived over 11 “boats”, that’s 328 passengers a “boat” in average. Such a boat, actually a ship, must cross the Mediterranean waves, and must be fully motorized. That’s a pretty large steel ship weighing over 100 tonnes and costing millions of Euro anew.It must be professionally operated and would take a few days on the waves from Syria to Italy, meaning at least 2 skippers and quite likely 2 mechanics + a Medical Doctor and a nurse. Never a photo of such a ship or its crew has been published and none of the crew ever arrested or identified.

It can also be that the little wooden boats with black-Africans published on the MSM arriving at Italy, Sicily and Lampedusa, were lowered in to the water from the steel-Sheep,or perhaps from a large cargo ship, on which containers the boats rested.

Those ship which bring invaders to Italy from Syria, might even be the same ship and/or crews which deliver arms from Libya to Syria, and which supply Gladio-B in Libya:

The circle line may comprise of 3 legs:

1. Libya to Syria, carrying arms and other supplies (Medical, Batteries) for the guerilla.

2. Syria to Italy, carrying invaders.

3. Italy to Libya, carrying supplies for the guerrilla

e.g. Medical & Batteries.

This rat line might be docking in Turkey for the Syrian matters [Link].

The circle line may also operate the other way round, carrying rebels from Syria, e.g. via Turkey,to Libya [Link], and may thereafter carry invaders from Libya to Italy, before it heads to Syria with fresh supplies from NATO/CIA.

A complementary and far shorter line would operate directly between Libya and Italy.One lucky ship might be doing all that work.

The phrasing of the above article is ludicrous:

1. An immigrant is only whomever is allowed by the host nation state
to stay for good before he arrives. That’s contrary to an invader.

2. How come the invaders are being “rescued”? What from?

A further complication of this story concerns the introduction of terror attacks and guerilla in to the EU by means of guerrillas and other Muslims arriving in Europe indiscreetly e.g. by means of such dodgy maritime operations. Gladio was the nick-name for the stay-behind secret network of the CIA in the EC/EU during the cold-war. It was based on Anglo-American WWII predecessors, for which Italy was the main arena and its counterpart was in Belgium [Link]. Belgium which has just hosted a murderous terror attack [Link], allegedly carried out by a highly professional Muslim hit-man.

The maritime operations of Gladio-B around the eastern half of the Mediterranean, say between Libya and Syria, may also explain the huge waves of black invasion in to Greece and the prompt arrival of advanced MANPDS and ATGM missiles from the Libyan arsenal to large and rapidly growing arsenal the Hamas in Gaza. The joint government being formed [Link] between the Hamas and the rest of the PNA, with the de-facto blessing of the USA, implies that such weapons are bound to migrate at a larger pace in to the west-Bank and from there into the Galilee too.