Confirmed : Polio scare entirely fabricated by W.H.O. to sell more vaccines



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The Polio Psyop was successfully beta tested on the Israelis last year, as we’ve scooped exclusively back than, and later applied for the rest of the world. Official data now shows we were right. Read the related articles below to see how it was done.


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The sky is falling! The sky is falling! When it comes to infectious disease pandemics, one thing you can always count on is that the World Health Organization will be sounding the alarm whether it’s justified or not. Case in point? The WHO’s new declaration that polio is a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” (PHEIC). (1)

The WHO officially describes this as “an extraordinary event which is determined to constitute a public health risk to other States through the international spread of disease and to potentially require a coordinated international response.”

And just what is this “extraordinary event” of which we should all be so terrified that the entire mainstream media dutifully reports it as a “global health emergency?”

The answer is 68 cases of polio on the planet. (2) And of those 68 cases of polio, 59 of them were in Pakistan.

In other words, if you don’t live in Pakistan — and let’s face it, most people don’t — your odds of having contracted polio so far this year are about one in a billion. If you live in the USA, your odds are exactly ZERO, as there haven’t been any polio cases in the USA since 1979. (What, you didn’t hear this medical fact on the evening news?)

So how does a one in a billion risk of polio translate into “an extraordinary event” which constitutes a global public health risk?

It doesn’t, of course. Unless you are a quack science public health organization trying to use fear tactics to scare the entire planet into buying polio vaccines. That’s what the WHO is best at, of course: declaring false pandemics to cajole governments into stockpiling vaccines they’ll never use. Remember the swine flu pandemic of 2009 during which the WHO declared a phase six pandemic? It turns out most of the WHO’s advisory board members had financial ties to vaccine manufacturers. Governments around the world purchased huge stockpiles of swine flu vaccines, then later had to pay even more to have them destroyed when they weren’t needed.

Is one in a billion really a global pandemic?

When the mainstream media throws around the phrase “global pandemic,” it brings to mind images of mass global death with millions of body bags and a catastrophic contagion. But the more factual reality of near-zero infections in all countries of the world except one doesn’t make for good vaccine propaganda, so the press never reports the real truth: “Hey Americans! You have a million times higher risk of being killed by a pharmaceutical than contracting polio!”

Consider the fact that each year, 80,000 Americans are rushed to emergency rooms due to acetaminophen poisoning from taking over-the-counter painkillers like Tylenol. Around 500 die each year, yet the WHO doesn’t call this an “extraordinary event.”

NSAID painkillers kill at least 16,500 Americans each year according to science published in the New England Journal of Medicine (3). The WHO somehow doesn’t consider this a “global health emergency,” either.

An astonishing 98,000 children are injured each year jumping on trampolines. (4) Yet the WHO has never declared trampolines a global health emergency. Perhaps that’s because there are no “trampoline vaccines” to sell to the public.

Swimming pools result in about 3,880 drownings per year in the USA alone, according to the CDC (5). Yet those thousands of deaths are not declared an “extraordinary event” by the WHO. Once again, there is no vaccine to prevent drowning.

Dare we even look at auto accidents? In the USA, over 25,000 people are killed each year while driving in their automobiles. (6) Clearly this dwarfs all global polio cases by orders of magnitude. Yet the WHO has never declared driving a car to be a “global health emergency.” Could it be because there are no vaccines for sale to immunize people from auto accidents?

The real story: It’s not a “real” pandemic until there’s money to be made from it

If you look at the real story behind the corrupt, anti-science W.H.O. organization, a peculiar pattern emerges: Nothing is declared a global pandemic or health emergency unless there’s sufficient money to be made from it.

The W.H.O. is entirely controlled and dominated by pharmaceutical interests, of course, and it is used as a weapon of fear and control over the people of the world to terrify them into buying medicines they almost never really need.

In all this fear mongering “sky is falling” panic, guess what they aren’t telling you? That the United States of America hasn’t had a single polio case since 1979.

Yep, for 35 years, there has been no polio in America. According to the CDC, the mainstream media, and all vaccine manufacturers, this is entirely because polio vaccines eradicated the disease in America, and therefore this is why everybody should keep getting vaccinated against polio.

Anyone with a functioning brain should immediately see the fault in this logic: if polio is an infectious disease, and nobody in the USA has it, then on what basis should every child in America be vaccinated against it?

In other words, polio is gone but you should get vaccinated against it anyway, even though your odds of even being exposed to polio in the United States are virtually zero.

Alongside this medical sham pushed by the CDC and the WHO, medical authorities never admit that 98 million Americans were injected with polio vaccines containing cancer-causing viruses.

Actually, this was previously admitted by the CDC, but last year the CDC scrubbed this history from its website in a “revisionist history” rewrite that smacks of Orwellian propaganda. (CDC = Ministry of Truth for all things related to disease.)

So now the official story from the CDC — as ludicrous as it sounds — is as follows:

* Polio has been eradicated from America for 35 years and no one has it here.

* But because a few dozen people in Pakistan have it, YOU MIGHT GET IT TOO! (Somehow, perhaps by magic.)

* Therefore, all American children should be immediately vaccinated against polio as if their lives depended on it, even though they really don’t.

* Polio vaccines have never had any problems and never caused cancer, they imply. The real history of polio vaccines causing cancer is no longer “official” history and therefore it never happened. So you’re supposed to believe polio vaccines are now and forever more safe and trustworthy. Because they would never lie to you, would they?

Oh, and pay no attention to the fact that polio vaccines are causing paralysis symptoms in children across India, most likely due to the deadly toxins and heavy metals that are customarily formulated into vaccines.

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