Atomic crisis : Iran Defies West on Nuclear Capable Ballistic Misslies



Editor’s Note…

ICBM’s are useful only for carrying nuclear warheads. It makes no military or economic sense to manufacture and deploy them for any other purpose because of the cost to benefit ratio. It also makes no sense to construct Uranium and Plutonium reactors at great cost (as Iran has done) for energy production, because Thorium (which can’t be used to manufacture nuclear weapons) is a much safer and more effective alternative. The current disinfo blitz emanating from the Obama regime (including its treasonous proxies in Israel) trying to convince you otherwise should not distract you from these basic facts.

It remains to be seen, however, how Obama plans to drag his feet all the way through the public humiliation the Ayatollahs are preparing for him, knowing fully well that he has no intention to harm them in any way. It also remains to be seen if the Israeli-Saudi axis is still capable of pulling a last minute surprise and disrupt the unfolding disaster somehow.


Debka File

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei threw a large spanner in the works of nuclear diplomacy Sunday, May 11. Less than a week before the next round of talks with the six powers, he said: “The Revolutionary Guards should definitely… not be satisfied with the present level [of missile production]. They should mass produce.”

Referring to Western concerns that Iran is designing missiles able to carry nuclear warheads, Khamenei said: “They [the West] expect us to limit our missile program while they constantly threaten Iran with military action. So this is a stupid, idiotic expectation.”
Khamenei spoke during a visit to the aeronautics fair organized by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), which are responsible for Iran’s missile and nuclear programs.
In recent weeks, Washington, Tehran, Moscow and the International Atomic Energy in Vienna have pumped out a stream of optimistic reports about the progress made in drafting a comprehensive nuclear accord and Tehran’s faithful observance of the interim deal reach last November.

debkafile’s sources, however, persisted in pointing out that this progress was possibly only because the six powers, led by the US, refrained from addressing the military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program and its planned production of missiles for carrying nuclear warheads. Therefore, the text of the comprehensive accord, drafted in collaboration with the Iranian team under the guidance of President Hassan Rouhani, left the military aspect of the nuclear program untouched.

Of late, mainly under pressure from Israel, Washington informed Tehran that there was no escape from opening a discussion on ways of restricting the weapons dimensions of its nuclear program and its ballistic missile projects.
Hence Khamenei’s furious comeback – intended to force the Obama administration to give ground on these demands or prepare for nuclear diplomacy to be blown out of the sky.

In the last DEBKA Weekly, published Friday, May 9, exclusive Iranian sources revealed another reason for the supreme leader’s pugnacity. The radical Revolutionary Guards chiefs have made it clear that they will never give up on a nuclear weapon. The closer the negotiations come to a deal, the nearer Tehran approaches a military coup that would oust President Rouhani and reduce the supreme leader to a figurehead.
Khamenei read the writing on the wall and, finding himself between a rock and a hard place, decided that he had better stand firm on any further concessions – even this meant sacrificing nuclear diplomacy and its rewards.

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