Will MAVEN mission to Mars unravel the Easter Mystery?



Easter is derived from the folklore of the North European goddess Eostre  – obviously one of the names for Venus – namely the planet Venus. Likewise, the divine resurrection theme (also relevant to Christmas) is also rooted in archaic planetary lore still embedded in modern religions. As our viral post from last week about the Blood Moon prophecy has shown,the recent history of the solar system and its influence on the collective human consciousness and global archetypes is yet to be fully understood by most people. The lecture in the video below explores the scientific foundations behind the reconstruction of the aforementioned history of the solar system, most notably Saturn, Mars and Venus, as it was preserved in the mytho-historical records, and provides a highly convincing explanation.  


Thunderbolts Project

Wal Thornhill looked critically at the assumptions behind the recent MAVEN Mars Probe (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission.) The probe, NASA says, seeks to measure the loss of volatiles from the Martian atmosphere in order to draw conclusions about the planet’s remote past. He reminded us that all of the scientific objectives of the MAVEN Mission were developed under standard assumptions about a 4 billion-year old solar system. What’s more, Wal showed how, under the inertia of belief systems, evidence can be distorted or ignored and contrasted this with the rapidly accumulating evidence for a highly catastrophic and recent history of Mars

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