Ukraine set to become the next Syria as CIA backed regime battles Russian secessionists



Editor’s Note…

Following the recent visit of CIA boss Brennan to Ukraine, the Kiev regime has declared its intention to crush what the Russian media now calls “Federalists” (see below) – a code name for Kremlin backed secessionists, dubbed “pro-Russian militias” by the western media. Clearly, both sides will use the same methodology of destabilization and chaos mongering followed by “responsibility to protect” interventionism.

Everything seems ripe for false flags and provocations by both NATO\CIA and the Russian FSB\SVR to try and leverage the crisis to their respective advantage (Propaganda-wise, the first kind will be supported by western MSM dupes, and the second by western “alternative media” dupes). They are not only fighting over the natural resources of the country,but also for the hidden factor of the revolutionary Graphene industry, as reported recently (Link1 and Link2).  

From the Russian point of view,using the local Russian militias is a convenient substitute for direct invasion which could end up in a prolonged guerrilla quagmire badly damaging the Russian army. Since the Kiev regime is nearly bankrupt and so far its own armed forces seem reluctant to carry out its orders, the Russians have the upper hand so far. This may prompt the CIA to deploy once more its Blackwater mercenaries and Nazi terrorists from western Ukraine.

However, this conflict has the potential to become much more volatile than Syria, because of its geographical proximity to Russia and the European heartland, should any of the conventional armies stationed at Ukraine’s borders be dragged into the war zone.  


RIA Novosti

Pro-federalization protesters in southeastern Ukraine have ignored the central regime’s threat of a crackdown if they refuse to lay down arms and relinquish captured government buildings by 9 a.m. Monday, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported from the region.

“We aren’t acting on Kiev’s demand because we believe it to be a provocation,” an activist told RIA Novosti.

On Sunday, Ukrainian security troops launched what they called an “anti-terror operation” to end the federalist rallies in the southeastern town of Slaviansk, where protesters had set up barricades for fear of a government clamp-down.

Demonstrators ramped up their defenses on the roads leading to the town and around the captured police headquarters overnight, according to a RIA Novosti correspondent in Slaviansk. People continued to flock to the protest site Monday, despite it being a working day.

Demonstrations in support of the formation of a Ukrainian federation have been flaring up across the region since last month. On Saturday, the unrest spilled over to several other cities in the Donetsk region, including Mariupol, Yenakiyevo and Kramatorsk.

Ukraine’s acting President Oleksandr Turchinov on Sunday promised to pardon all demonstrators who would lay down their arms and withdraw from the occupied buildings by Monday morning. He also announced the start of a large-scale operation in Ukraine’s southeast involving armed forces.

Ukraine’s decision to dispatch army units against demonstrators has come under a barrage of criticism. Viktor Yanukovych, who insists he remains the country’s only legitimate president, addressed a press conference in Russia’s Rostov-on-Don where he said Ukraine was now in a de facto state of civil war.

The operation came in defiance of warnings by Moscow and international experts that a violent crackdown on the demonstrators – who are seeking increased local autonomy – risked escalating the crisis and plunging the country into civil war.

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