In Nevada and Ukraine, the USG grabs land for China



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By Scaliger

This article shows how the USG sells the actual productive assets of the west to China. This is done in exchange for the capital China has ‘lent’ to the Occidental Banksterite Cabal (OBC), which executive headquarters are in Wall-Street. 

The OBC owns and controls major Chinese assets with that money, likewise with much of the western saver’s funds, with which it jump-started and ramped-up the Chinese industrial State-Capitalism since 1989 [Link]. 

Recent points in view: 

1. The USG robs farmland from white Christians across the Atlantic, in order to sell it to China:  

This breaks from the land grab tradition by which each country was buying for itself and the USA was an investor country [Link], no turned in to a target country.  

2. Germany, which is occupied by the US, has recently signed on a strategic economic pack with China: China and Germany: a new special relationship.

3. Iran becomes the new darling of the western economies, forming an alternative to Russia, in accordance with Prof. Brzezinski’s old plan:

3.2 Iran expects to begin gas exports to Iraq by July 2014, Published on 07 Dec. 2013

In order to secure the western interests in Iran, the west needs to control it. Thus the Iranian Nuclear-arming Jihadist Mullahs regime is going to be challenged in short order by ISIS [Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant], which is overtaking northern Iraq [Link], apart from the Kurdish provinces [Link], and preparing its launching area in to Iran in the Iraqi province of Diyala [Link]. Western Media is reluctant to describe the anti-Iranian nature of the Sunni ISIS and rather suggests it was affiliated with Shiite Iran,in order to cover for the fact the USA has always been the lord and master of Al-Qaeda including ISIS.

ISIS has come to dominate Diyala only recently [Link], having assaulted it since the US Army left Iraq in 2012 [Link]. The Gas pipe from Iran to Baghdad passes through Diyala and had been intended to feed power stations in Diyala too, before ISIS overtook that province.

ISIS is the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham [Link], it was preceded by the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) [Link], and is also named the al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant [Link], because ‘Al-Sham’ is Arabic for ‘the Levant’. 

This combined process increases the empire of the Chinese Pharaonic Synarchy to an extent bordering a global government in itself. The lid on this scheme is blown-off on the eve of Passover, which celebrates deliberation from a pharaonic regime. 

Instead of having Wall-Street yield to the democratic demands of the US citizens, Wall-street attempts to throw them under the Chinese bus, which it drives. 

In order to stop this deterioration in its tracks, armed citizens gather in both Ukraine and the USA, forming militias which hold-down the official robbers. In the Ukraine the popular militias enjoy a military umbrella from Russia, while in the USA the best they can hope for is the nearing congressional elections, which may gain them a better direct representation. 

The alternative to paying China with western productive assets is to issue much more US dollars, thus further devaluating the USD, thus Chinese main interests:

1. Furthering the deterioration of Chinese exports, thus forcing China
to issue more of its own currency, in order to cover for lost tax-income
and in order to cheapen its own exports.

2. The USD-denominated tremendous reserves held by China will be devalued.  

This is a scenario of Currency-Warfare, which in turn has already started, and which provides a mechanism for coordinated global devaluation. Currency-Warfare reflects the fact that the entire humanity is subjected to the same Banking Cabal, which loots it by means of indebting it and then the repayment is settled in part by means of inflation. National-debts are part of that indebtedness, alongside private indebtedness e.g. due to real-estate bubbles, the US student-loan bubble, and the Healthcare bubble provisioned by means of Obamacare, formally ‘affordable healthcare’.

The newly announced German-Chinese Yuan-Hub [Link] alliance is critical in order to make the ends of that scheme meet together, after many years in which each of them was related directly with the USD. Now there’s a complete ring which can be pulled collectively in order to control the rate of impoverishment of the world’s workers. 

The Gas pipe from Russia to China [Link] is also critical in order to facilitate global currency-warfare, in allowing the SCO [Link] to substantially detach itself from the Petro-Dollar platform, in favor of a Gas-Rouble platform. 

In 2014 the main battles are for farmland, held between the citizens and between the Robbing barons, who haven’t arrived even at the grade of the early beginnings of feudal responsibility towards their vassals. The reason for this archaic situation is the persistence and resurgence of the British Empire, which is presented graphically and by means of many research and analysis articles under this excellent Link: It is the British Empire, Stupid!.

It needs be noted that China and Russia are captive to their central banks, which are privately held by the OCB, namely by the British empire.

Britain never managed to occupy more than a fringe of China and now it seems that the British policy towards China is to sandwich it in the role of the new middle-strata, under the ruling British elite and over as much as possible of the productive assets of the remaining countries, in every possible continent of the planet earth. 

For that purpose the USA has been beefing up the Chinese military technology, both directly [Link] and indirectly via Russia and Israel [Link], likewise via France [Link] and Italy [Link].

All the stories of an alleged New World Order (NWO) thus seem to be a misrepresentation of the ongoing development of the Old British Empire. The implications are ever more separate-and-rule, even more power to the OBC, and more [Link: ‘gay’ Jihad] in order to flush us all down the tube.